But what is a Vibrational Health Assessment& Analysis (VHAA)?


Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy, this is physics”   – Albert Einstein


Do You want to Be Healthy + Wealthy + Successful in this New Year of 2018?

Thousands of people wish for peace, health and prosperity and are ready to transform their lives, but how do you go about this? What are your goals and ambitions and what do you need to do to fulfill them? What can you integrate into your life to help you shine and achieve total health and mastery of your life? What do you need to liberate yourself from in order to bring more harmony into your life? What needs to be transformed? What activities, modalities, or exercises can you get into to help empower you and develop you into a stronger personality?  What is blocking your realisation of total health of body, mind and spirit?  What are the vibrational factors or patterns in your aura that are undermining your wholeness?


We urge all to start the year with a Vibrational Health Analysis (VHA) which will increase your self-awareness and help you actualize your potentialities OF total health.  The revelations of a Vibrational HEALTH ASSESMENT (VHA) offer you self-knowledge of your health status which leads to self-empowerment, aligning you with your life purpose, and creating a greater impact on your world.

Your Vibrational Health Assessment & Analysis Profile

We conduct a Vibrational Assessment that aim to identify the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual areas of disharmonies that are undermining your innate sense of wholeness or total well-being. You should request for your Vibrational Assessment from this Centre if you need this kind of dynamic assessment and analysis.

Your Vibrational Health Assessment (VHA) will include results from your Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analysis (QRMA) as well as from your Radionic Analysis (RA). Your VHAA will highlight the following:

Parasites, Worms, Infectious Bacteria and Viruses

A Vibrational Assessment will identify the presence of vibrations of parasites, worms, bacterial infections, and viruses in your body through an assessment of their vibrations.Many living things are so small that they can only be seen through a microscope. These living things are called microorganisms or microbes. There are three main types of microbe: Fungi, bacteria and viruses. Bacteria, virus, fungus and other infectious germs are inescapably everywhere. These germs are the cause for your fever, runny nose, ache, pain and other signs and symptoms of your cold or flu misery.

Not all germs cause harm, but knowing more about the bacteria, viruses and fungus germs that do, will help you avoid their illness causing effects.  It is your immune system that protects you against these infection causing agents, but sometimes they make it across its barrier. When an infection causing germ enters your body and begins to multiply, your immune system immediately goes into action to it fight off.

Parasites, worms or viruses can be eliminated through antibiotics.  However a re-infestation often occurs since these invaders leave a spore, or a reproductive cell in the body which results in new parasites, worms or viruses within 30 days.

Globalization is having many impacts on our lives today.  The lack of purity in drinking water is becoming a more and more serious issue in many parts of the world.  Foods are being grown or handled by individuals who are infected with various parasites, worms and viruses.  Processing, storage, and handling can easily expose foodstuff to various unwelcome invaders.  Travelers are returning from vacations having been exposed to many parasites and worms in their travel environment.Recurrent or persistent bacterial infections such as sinus, vaginal, middle ear, lung and throat infections can undermine or damage your health.


Your VHA will reveal if there are any hidden or suppressed microbes in your system undermining your health. Viruses and bacteria that lie dormant for many years or entire generations in a delicately symbiosis are called Miasms in Homeopathic medicine. Miasms are the vibrational foundation of genetically inherited diseases in the body, which are passed on from generation to generation. They are the root cause of all chronic diseases and can be a contributing factor in most acute illnesses. If you have one in your system, your VHA will reveal it and also indicate the best way to eliminate it completely from your body system.

  Fungus, Candida and Mould

Your Vibrational Assessment can also identify any vibrations of fungus overgrowth in the human body, including candida overgrowth, cellular fungus and fungus growth in any part of your body.  Many types of fungus are normally present in the human body.  Problems occur when fungi grow out of control as an overgrowth within the cells of various organs and systems of the physical body. These fungus overgrowthscan create a variety of problems, symptoms ranging from a lot of intestinal gas, fatigue, depression, lethargy, food sensitivities, and many others.  The imbalance or overgrowth of fungus in the body can create many serious health difficulties.

Chemical and Heavy Metal Poisons. Pesticides

A Vibrational Assessment will identify any metal and chemical poisons present in your body, and the rate of their vibration.  Very often these days we find individuals holding residues of metal and chemical poisons in their physical bodies.  These poisons can create a variety of difficulties including the creation of unusual electro-magnetic vibrations.  The metal and chemical residues in the body can range from chemicals in cigarettes or personal care products, to lead from old piping or Mercury or Arsenic from contaminated fish or pesticides from the food we eat.

Digestive Food Sensitivities 

The Vibrational Assessment will identify if the individual is sensitive to wheat products, dairy products, sugar, yeast and soy bean products.  When vibrational imbalances occur in the human organs and systems, individuals are not able to digest foods and absorb nutrients in the same manner they could when the vibration was high.  The presence of parasites, worms, viruses, fungus and metals can change the chemical balance in the digestive system resulting in serious difficulty digesting certain types of foods.  

Fungus, parasites, and worms feed on certain foods such as sugar, yeast, and certain carbohydrates and individuals may find themselves craving these foods on which these invaders feed.  It’s important to understand the relationship of food vibration and cravings.

Vitamins and Minerals Deficiencies

The Vibrational Assessment will identify deficiencies in vitamins and minerals at the time of the assessment. The body needs a minimum amount of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy.  This is known as the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA).  The food we eat and drink is usually sufficient to provide the vitamins and minerals required on a daily basis.  But invaders such as parasites, worms, viruses and fungus can deplete the body of its vitamins and minerals exacerbating the difficulties and eating up all the good vitamins and minerals. Prolonged stress can also lead to a depletion of your vitamins and minerals.

The present agricultural practices often deplete Mother Earth of the minerals required by a human body for vibrant and energetic health.  In the past two years studies have been published showing a direct relationship between a deficiency in magnesium and conditions such as depression and Attention Deficit Disorder.

Major Organs and Systems

 Each cell, organ and system in the body has its own vibration.  A Vibrational Assessment will identify the degree of efficiency of key organs, major systems, as well as the individual glands of the endocrine system.  This will show you the percentage efficiency of these organs and systems.  This will help to identify the major areas of vibrational weakness.  This includes the cellular system, the bone system, and many other major physical systems. 

The state of your 7 Major Chakra states and your 22 Channels and Meridians will be outlined in your VHAA report.

The Human Aura and Chakras

 The human body is surrounded by energy fields that are called the aura which are layered and interpenetrating.  There are many layers to the aura but the ones which I deal with as part of the Vibrational Assessment are the etheric field, which is a three or four inch aura which surrounds the body, fits it like a glove and is an energetic duplicate of the body; the emotional body which is associated with feelings; the mental body which is associated with our ideas and thoughts;  and the spiritual body which is associated with spiritual aspects of the individual.  Your VHA may indicate any imbalances in any of your bodies or fields.

Negative Emotional & Mental States

Emotional and mental health is critical in maintaining a high energetic force and physical health.  Spiritual health is also a crucial ingredient in this mix of achieving and maintaining a vital energetic force.  Emotions can create blockages or imbalances in the vibration rate of the physical and energetic bodies, lowering its vibration and creating an environment in which illness can occur. Your VHAA will help you identify negative emotional and mental states that are detrimental to your total well-being.

Energies External tothe Body

The Vibrational Assessment identifies if and which external energies are affecting your personal rate of vibration.   There are many external energies influencing the harmonious vibration of the physical and energetic bodies.  These can include energies from electrical appliances in the home, computers, the television set and certain types of lighting.  Electrical wiring can affect the human vibration.  Large electrical towers close to homes can affect the vibration rate of the physical and auric bodies.  We are being bombarded today with electrical and magnetic energies at rates never before experienced by humans.  These can affect the vibrations of the human body, auras and chakras.

 Mother Earth is surrounded by electro-magnetic grids.  Intersections of two of major grids called the Hartman Grid and the Curry Grid, can create difficulties.  Often underground water is running under the office building you work in or your home.  The energies from various grids as well as underground water can seriously affect your personal rate of vibration.

 Human auras and bodies and your own homes and offices are often the resting places of negative energies, entities and spirits. These energies are often drawn to individuals whose vibration is lower.  Vibrations can be lowered by illness, the use of alcohol and recreational drugs and they are especially drawn by emotions such as anger, depression, violence and an overall lack of spirituality.  Spirits and entities can attach to the individual’s aura or body, disrupting the flow of energy, creating imbalances and energetic blockages and at times affecting the personality or behavior of individuals.

Different Types of Vibrational Healing

Vibrational healing is a process whereby vibrations are introduced or transferred into a human being’s physical and energetic bodies, so that the vibrations which have become unbalanced in the human physical or auric body are adjusted.  This is based on the idea that illness or disease in the human and auric body is characterized by blockages and imbalances.   These blockages and imbalances causes a cell, organ, system, or energetic body to slow it’s vibration. Slow vibrations result in disease (dis-ease) or illness. The process of vibrational healing adjusts these unbalanced vibrations.

To be healthy, an individual needs to have a high rate of vibration in their physical and auric bodies. This vibration is nourished in many ways including what we think, feel, believe, see, hear, smell, touch, eat, drink, breathe, and are exposed to.  As an individual becomes ill their rate of vibration lowers.  As the rate of vibration lowers the individual becomes more susceptible to other negative energies and invaders and the cycle of poor health becomes self-perpetuating.

Vibrational healing has been used for thousands of years in ancient civilizations. Egypt is said to have used sound and color for healing and that many of their healing centers had special rooms devoted only to healing with color and sound.  The Chinese have used acupuncture, another form of vibrational healing, for centuries.

In the United States today, acupuncture is becoming a much more common method for dealing with illness. Reiki, another form of vibrational healing is being practiced by many energy practitioners in North America and Europe today.  Homeopathy is another form of vibrational healing.  This uses the principle of “like cures like” and introduces minute amounts of certain substances at varying energy levels to activate the healing vital force of the human body. A simple form of hands on healing is another form of vibrational healing.  An individual places their hands so that their vibration which is stronger is transferred into an individual who has been weakened or fatigued. There are many other examples of vibrational healing which work effectively.

The life we create for ourselves is a reflection of our inner state of being, and the world we create together is the collective reflection of our inner states of being. What is your vibration status? To create change in your own life and collectively on the planet, your mindset and daily focus need to revolve around self-awareness and self-actualization.

Your Vibrational Health Assessment & Analysis (VHAA) profile at Cosmos Total Health provides you with a Vibrational perspective of your health problems and challenges and the best ways and means to overcome them.