About Us

COSMOS TOTAL HEALTH is a Natural Healing Center for the harmonious integration of the Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit of Man. Some of the therapies we employ include Radionics as well as Homeopathy, Nutritional and Herbal medicine, all aspects of natural therapies.

We recognize that in a physically oriented society and civilization such as ours, physical methods of treating illness and diseases employing orthodox clinical technique are valid and have their place in improving health.
However there are a large number of people today, all over the worlds, who are not satisfied with orthodox clinical procedures as their illness or diseases do not respond favorably to such orthodox method of medical treatment. 
Moreover, a vast number of people are becoming increasingly aware that a rapidly-prescribed treatment with drugs and pharmaceuticals in most cases do not solve their health problems in the long term, for such problems disappear only to show up again with different symptoms transferred to new locations.

Such people then turn to alternative forms of healing such as Radionics, Homoeopathy, Herbals, Acupuncture, Dietetics etc as complementary and natural healing techniques that answer to the fact that us humans are multi-dimensional evolving entities. Naturopathy or Natural Healing which Radionics, Homoeopathy, Herbals etc. are aspects aim at a more complete restoration of health to the patient since it considers all factors both seen and unseen, that could affect not only the gross physical form of man but also the subtle and invisible aspects of his existence.

Our therapies are holistic and are complementary in several ways to conventional medical practice and at the same time surpasses it in the treatment of chronic or long-standing ailments.

Naturopathic Medicine — Options for Healing and Wellness
Naturopathy is a system of medicine that promotes health by stimulating and supporting the body’s inherent power to heal. Although the term Naturopathy was first adopted in the early 1900s, its philosophical basis dates back as far as 400 BC.
A Naturopathic practitioner seeks to discover and alleviate the root causes of illness rather than eliminating or suppressing symptoms. S/he works with a patient to create conditions that enhance healing and avoid synthetic drugs and surgery whenever possible. Since physical and psychological elements are recognized to contribute to disease, Naturopathic Medicine generally pay considerable attention to a patient’s lifestyle.  
Treatments may include dietary changes, the use of herbs, vitamins and other supplements, or some form of physical exercise or manipulation may be recommended. Naturopaths may also use a number of alternative therapies including Homeopathy or one or the other form of Oriental Medicine such as Acupuncture. Our Naturopathic approach emphasizes education and endeavors to provide the patient with information on what they can do independently to maintain or improve health.