Twelve Festivals

There are twelve full moons in a year forming twelve Spiritual Festivals for the progress of mankind. Each is uniquely conditioned by the combination of astrological energies flowing through the cosmos at that time. While astrology is not the basis of the full moon meditation work, it is helpful to be aware of the spiritual qualities, opportunities and challenges brought to human consciousness by the subtle influences of the stars and planets during each festival.

Three Spiritual Festivals

Of all the twelve full moons of the year there are three which are of greatest spiritual importance, concentrated in three consecutive months and leading, therefore, to a prolonged annual spiritual effort which will affect the remainder of the year:

The Festival of Easter – the full moon of Aries.

The Wesak Festival – the full moon of Taurus.

The Festival of Goodwill – the full moon of Gemini.

The Festival of Easter is determined by the Full Moon occurring in the Zodiacal division of Aries, the first full moon after the Spring Equinox, often in April. The Wesak Festival occurs at the full moon of Taurus in May, and the Festival of Humanity takes place one month later in June, at the full moon of Gemini. These three Festivals–of Easter, of Wesak and of Humanity–are the three major spiritual events of the year of especial importance. But in this year- 2021- the Moslem month of Ramadan coincides with the season of Taurus.

 Ramadan, also spelled Ramazan, Ramzan, Ramadhan or Ramathan, is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting, prayer, reflection and community. This year’s Ramadan commenced on in the evening of Tuesday, 13 April, one day after the Aries New Moon and ends in the evening of Wednesday, 12 May, one day after the New Moon of Taurus. This is another attestation that religious cycles and festivals are synced to planetary and zodiacal movements.

The Wesak festival is celebrated by followers of the teachings of the Buddha just as Easter is celebrated by Christians who follow the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ. Thus, Lord Buddha is to the East what Lord Jesus Christ is to the West. Celebrated mostly in the Eastern nations of   Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Wesak Day is a Holy Day for Buddhists. In fact, it is considered the holiest day in the Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Calendar; the Indo-Tibetan being the most widespread of the Buddhist traditions and is practiced also in Tibet, parts of North India, Nepal, Bhutan, China and Mongolia. Besides being the time of the year when Buddhist temples sport a beautiful display of lights, it is also the time when Buddhists spend the whole sacred day at temples, meditating and chanting prayers and offering alms. Wesak is important in our World because it marks three key events in Lord Gautama Buddha’s life – his birthday, the enlightenment and his achievement of Nirvana; all under the influence of the Taurus Full moon in Scorpio.

These first three signs of Aries, Taurus and Gemini function as a triangle of subjective energies that condition the remainder of the year. Hence, tuning into their qualities through personal reflection, group meditation and service will reward the seeker.

  • Aries – Easter Festival, the Festival of the Risen Christ or of Resurrection
  • Taurus – Wesak Festival, the Festival of the Buddha or of Illumination.
  • Gemini – Festival of Unification – unifying East-West, carried forward by the Christ/Lord Maitreya.

That which is initiated in Aries, finds its consequence or result in polar opposite sign Libra. Here is the law of cause and effect – or karma, hence the reason for the exaltation of Saturn the Lord of Karma, in Libra. Therefore, the importance of making sure that ideas brought forth and projected in Aries, have a clear and well-defined outline – so that they will have an accurate manifestation in Libra.

The Wesak Festival is the Festival of the Buddha or of Illumination and Enlightenment celebrated at the Taurus Full Moon. The full moon is celebrated with the Sun in Taurus projecting the full moon in Scorpio, wherein the disciple-warrior “slays his lunar body”. The Taurus /Scorpio polarity highlights the need for evolving beings to transform DESIRE for material impermanent things into aspiration for spiritual enlightenment and liberation.

The Five Buddhist Precepts is not only for Buddhists but is encouraged for all who seek to tread the Way of Liberation in this new Aquarian Age we are just entering. They are universal precepts of Respect of life, respect for others’ property because we respect the truth of our pure inner nature with clear mind and free from the intoxication of material living.

The Five precepts & The Eightfold Path enable the 4 Noble Truth

The Eightfold Path of Buddhist philosophy helps Buddhists and non-Buddhists to follow the Five Precepts of Moral code in this new age:

—Do not take the life of anything living

—Do not take anything not freely given

—Abstain from sensual overindulgence

—Refrain from untrue speech

—Avoid intoxication of all forms

The Four Noble Truths of the Buddha exposed the causes of human trouble and suffering and pointed to the cure. His message can be paraphrased in the following words:

  • Cease to identify yourselves with material things;
  • gain a proper sense of the spiritual values;
  • cease regarding possessions and earthly existence as of major importance;
  • follow the Noble Eight-fold Path which is the path of Right Relations—right relations to God and to each other—and thus be happy and Joyful.

The steps on this Path are outlined as:

Right Values                             Right Aspiration

Right Speech                            Right Conduct

Right Mode of Living               Right Effort

Right Thinking                          Right Rapture or true Happiness

His ancient message is as new today as it was when He spoke His words on Earth 500 BCE and a recognition of its truth and value is desperately needed at this time. The following of the “Eight Right Ways of Living” will enable humanity to find liberation from the shackles of its self-bondage. It is on the foundation of His teaching that the Christ raised the superstructure of the brotherhood of man to form an expression of the Love of God. Today, as we view the crumbling, devastated world caused by Covid-19, mankind has a fresh opportunity to reject selfish, materialistic motives and philosophy and to begin those processes which will—steadily and gradually—bring about its liberation. It will then be possible for men to tread the Lighted Way which leads back to the divine Source of light and love.

Enlightenment or illumination is what the world needs now in these times of ‘lies’, fake news, illusions. delusions and so-called ‘Conspiracy theories’. That “the truth will set you free” has never been a truer statement. This is the Aquarian Age of Truth and the timing is perfect for the transformation of human consciousness as Uranus, the Awakener is in mutual reception by exaltation with the Full Moon in transformative Scorpio. Mankind stands in front of the mirror of truth and each of us can see that it is we who have brought all this about and that it is we who will end it if we change the way we look at things; “for if we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” It was a wise one, Wayne Dyer who said, “Change the Way You Look at Things and The Things You Look at Change.” Because when you change the way you see the world; when your intentions are positive and powerful; when you search only for the good, then your life transforms into the amazing adventure it was designed to be.

Our 2021 Wesak Full Moon

The Scorpio Full Moon is called the Wesak Full Moon. The Wesak Full Moon is the first Full Moon of our Sun in Taurus with the Moon in Scorpio reflecting the light of the Sun.  Wesak Full Moon is the second of three powerful Full Moons for the year and is also a Super Full Moon, the Moon close to the Earth.  Together the three Full moons form a trinity, a sacred trine of potential for birthing Heart-n-Soul into physical form.

1. Christ Full Moon March 29, 2021 (Sun in Aries/Moon in Libra) in which we honour the Christ within all of us and within all of Creation. This Full Moon is the initiator of ideas, mental thoughts or ‘sacred envisioning’ from the Heart in the Head; the Planetary Head Center esoterically named Shamballa, the palace of peace.

2. Wesak Super Full Moon –   April 27, 2021 (Sun in Taurus/Moon in Scorpio) The Buddha’s birthday, honouring the God within all of us and within all of Creation. The Forces of Enlightenment channeled by the Lord Buddha are invoked in this festival.
The organiser of the Forces of Enlightenment at this time is the Buddha. He is the symbol of enlightenment or of illumination.

3. Goodwill / World Invocation Day Full Moon May 26, 2021 (Sun in Gemini/Moon in Sagittarius), which this year is also a TOTAL Lunar Eclipse in which we honour the Spiritual Unity of humanity. Christ is the Organizer of the Forces Love and Goodwill.

Wesak is an opportunity for humanity to come together in Heart Quintessence and be of service to self and to each other and Mother Earth; both heavyweights of our solar system, Jupiter and Saturn are both in service -oriented Aquarius since the last Winter Solstice of 21 December 2020. Whilst Wesak is traditionally a Buddhist practice, the celebration of Wesak is for everyone as it focuses on what connects us all – the Truth of LOVE. We are all children of the Living Loving Divine.

The keynote of Taurus for the average personality on the Wheel of Evolution is: ‘Let struggle be undismayed’. The struggle that average personality engage in is the struggle for money, property, position, sex etc. To safeguard oneself from falling into these traps one must struggle towards liberation and perfection by living the four Noble Truths and its eight ideals.

The keynote of Taurus for the disciple on the Path is: I see, and when the eye is opened, all is Light. Disciples on the path would have struggled thru adversities to see thru the glamors, illusions, hang-ups and vanities and have developed deep insight. There is no Illumination except when the Eye is opened: for our great Teacher tells us that when the Eye is opened the body will be full of light. The goals of “clear seeing, pure joyful will and the death of personality desire” lie before us; and as these goals are progressively achieved, it becomes possible to live consciously and constructively in the new Aquarian age we are entering.

The Buddha has always been known as a great Revealer, rendering the mind as a “clear sheet of glass” in order to see the reality of Oneness. His techniques of dispassion, detachment and discrimination help to sweep away all that veils and hinders recognition of this reality. The underlying message is simple: before we can truly see we have to free ourselves from the many forms of desire that impede our vision.

A new world is now being conceived by many – it is being actively looked for, and when the eye of the soul is opened, it will be seen to be more real than the world that is revealed by the five senses. The new light is on its way. The annual Wesak blessing plays a crucial role in the coming of that light. https://www.lucistrust.org/resources/wesakfestival>

The Scorpio Supermoon is Intense Transformation Energy

The first Full Moon after the fiery New Moon of 12 April 2021 is at 7+ Scorpio on the 27th April. The Aries New Moon was at 22+ degrees ARIES APRIL 11/ 12, a rare 7 planets in ARIES providing DIVINE Impulse and an amazing opportunity to burn off old karma and to rage righteously and take arms against injustice and imbalance. Eris or Kali inspired the dissent as she was outraged at the seeming injustice. If old karmic debts are burned up then you are ready to ignite new passions, a new sense of self-identify of your spirit is born and you are about a new mission. This major karmic burn-off was the first real New Year’s Day of 2021 with Sun and Moon in Aries the 1st sign of the Zodiac. Aries symbolizes spirit energy and is a fire sign of life force and initiation, ruled by the Red planet Mars and also Transformative Pluto, its higher octave.

The Full Moon on 27 April is in 7+degree SCORPIO sponsored by the Sun at 7+ Taurus conjunct Uranus, the Awakener taking us to a higher ground, the fiery energies transforming into pragmatic Taurus ways which can give us mastery over the tangible world.

The Full Moon on April 27th is called ‘Super Pink Moon’ because it is indeed one of the first of three Super Moons this year, which means they will be especially big & magnificent as they’re closer to the Earth, energizing all to the max! The Full Moon in Scorpio is trine Mars in Cancer giving courage, initiative, emotional strength and passion to do what you have to do. You will intuitively know what you want and how to get it, especially in righting wrong relationships.

Saturn square Uranus: Tension between the Old and the New

But this Full Moon activates the Uranus square Saturn positing the difficulties adjusting to the demands of the new Aquarian Age. Saturn is the focus of a T-Square involving the Full moon and Sun/Uranus as well as Venus/Mercury; Heart (Venus) and Mind (Mercury) are awakened to make that change!

Saturn square Uranus is the major planetary aspect of 2021 and the main influence on the February 2021 full moon astrology that cried for CHANGE when Saturn square Uranus was exact on February 17. Saturn square Uranus creates tension between the old and the new, between stability and change, duty and freedom, traditional and progressive, obedience and rebellion, routine and excitement, religion and science, responsibility and independence, conservative and liberal, sane and crazy, old and new, and the past and the future. Changes can occur that you don’t want or changes presented are challenging to cope with. It can be harder to make positive changes but you can achieve the kind of changes you do want because you have the emotional strength to carry you through, being inspired by truth and love. Changes in government or corporation rules and laws could restrict your choices or curtail your freedom but you can resist and survive and move to an higher ground.

Full Moon opposition Sun/Uranus saw three days before the full moon on 24 April demonstrators March during an anti-lockdown ‘Unite for Freedom’ protest march in London. They sought freedom from the enforced narrative of Covid-19. Esoteric Astrologer tell us: ‘There may be a global or national standoffs/resistance between those who embrace the new Aquarian principles of which Jupiter is the esoteric ruler, versus those who still cling to the crystallised outworn attitudes. There may be an exacerbation of authoritarian, dominating or predatory trends in all nations – with general populaces falling prey to the glamour of authority and media. The opposite pole is a people’s rebellion/disobedience against those institutions or governments trying to exert too much control.’

Be an agent of Love, Kindness and Compassion

We are all connected in our One Humanity

It’s sometimes easy to imagine ourselves separate from others through constructs of ideology, borders, race, gender, age, etc. As global citizens we have been divided on social media with our posts, opinions and comments. Emotions have flared at times, and our words have been unkind or judgmental.  Recently sequel to the Covid-19 pandemic challenges, our attention has shifted to staying healthy, social distancing, and for many, fear and anxiety due to uncertainty posed by those who seek to gain from the human crises. The planetary pileup at this Full Moon shifts us from the fire of Aries into the solid, reliable, dependable fixed earth sign of Taurus. We still have lots of forward moving momentum, but at the New Moon on 11 May at 22+ Taurus, it’s the perfect time to ground your energy, work toward bringing things into manifestation and nurture the gardens you’ve been growing – both physically and spiritually.

We are reminded that we are not separate after all, we are quite connected. We share the same air, the same space, and the same planet.  What we choose to do now matters.  As we are interconnected let’s choose to unite through acts of kindness with our thoughts, our emotions, our words, our intentions, and our actions. Let us choose to be an agent of love, light, kindness and compassion.

Blessings to All!

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