Warriors & Warrioresses for Peace Arise!


Warriors & Warrioresses for Peace Arise!

 Nana Yaa Asantewaa – Warrioress for the Motherland

Nana Yaa Asantewaa (17 October 1840 – 17 October 1921) became famous for leading the Ashanti rebellion against British

colonialism to defend the Golden stool. She promoted women emancipation as well as gender equality. She was the sister of the Ruler of Ejisu (Ejisuhene) Nana Akwasi Afrane Okpase, an ethnic group in present day Ghana.

What led to the Yaa Asantewaa war? That conflict began when British representative Sr. Frederick Mitchell Hodgson sat on the Golden Stool. Since the Stool was not a throne, when Hodgson’s act became known, Yaa Asantewaa led the rebellion which resulted in the death of 1,000 British and allied African soldiers and 2,000 Ashanti.

The most important and sacred Asante stool is the Golden Stool. It represents the authority of the Asantehene (king), enshrines the soul of the nation, and symbolizes the kingdom’s unity. Made of solid gold, the Golden Stool never touches the ground; it is carried in processionals and has its own throne. Yaa Asantewaa led the famous war known as the War of the Golden Stool in 1900 against the British. She was captured and sent on exile to the Seychelles. Yaa Asantewaa died in exile on the 17th of October 1921. Yaa Asantewaa’s War was the last major war led by an African woman.


Keeping in mind that the full moon on 28 March 2021 sets the spiritual tone for the year, being the first full moon just five days after the Equinox on 20 March. This Libra Full moon on March 28 is about healing, balancing and symbolically powerful in easing the problems we have all been facing, all due to the issues that the Covid-19 pandemic has been posing. Covid-19 pandemic has created social, financial and economic and health crises in our world since its outbreak in 2020.

The BIG ASPECT in this full moon is the SUN and VENUS marriage in ARIES, the ceremony beginning from the Equinox on 20 March 2021. Since then the Sun and Venus have been sailing together hand-in-hand and VENUS was Cazimi at the heart of the Sun, a BEAUTIFUL auspicious aspect on March 26 when Venus at the heart of the Sun was firing blessings, exact on March 26 at 7:58 am GMT. at 5+ degrees ARIES. This alignment of the Sun and Venus serves as an aid for opening our hearts and releasing any negativity, frustration, rage, and resentment which Covid-19 has brought, that is IF we are ready to let go. Venus, the planet of Beauty and Harmony is said to be the the Earth’s Complementary Planet. Venus stands for the emergence of the love principle through the directing power of the mind.

The “superior” conjunction of the Sun and Venus with Chiron…at the Heart of the Sun

The Libra Full Moon coincides with the conjunction of the Sun and Venus in the sign of Aries, the opposite sign to Libra where Venus is the ruler. This is what’s called the “superior” conjunction of the Sun and Venus, when Venus is at its furthest point from Earth, and it is at the midpoint of the Sun/Venus cycle, just as the Full Moon is the midpoint of the Sun/Moon cycle.  There is a sense here of culmination (Full Venus) and highlighting of Venus-related themes: self-esteem, money or what we value, how we feel about our attractiveness, our ability to love, our desire to connect and relate.  The fact that the Sun and Venus are in a tight conjunction to Chiron, Healer of our wounds at a VSP (Venus Star Point) suggests a powerful opportunity to let go of age-old destructive patterns, so deeply entrenched to the point where they seem to be our very nature and to begin to heal ourselves. We have to let-go and let Chiron heal our wounds. Chiron was Cazimi at 9 Aries at the Heart of the Sun at this first Full Moon of the new year, radiating healing and uplifting Wholemaking energies throughout the year to all sensitive to these vibrations.

Sun was conjunct Venus at 6 ARIES, an important Venus Star Point on 26 March enhancing love, peace, beauty and harmony in relationships. Beauty comes not only on the outside but manifests inside as compassion, sympathy, and a strong belief in unity and unconditional love to heal ourselves. We appreciate beauty and work for peace and harmony in our homes and in our relationships, especially to loved ones. We should also appreciate the importance of good food and exercise, a healthy diet to strengthen and heal our weakened immune systems due to stress and the Corona virus should be considered.

The conjunction of the trio of Sun/Venus/Chiron encourages us to be charming and charismatic and charitable, enabling us to compromise easily and help us win over enemies and heal our relationship problems. Sun/Venus/Chiron is all about heart-healing and in order to heal we have to FEEL and SEE all the things we may have been avoiding, denying and pushing under and bring them up to light to be healed. We have to get up and stand up and fight for what is good, true and beautiful. The full moon at 8+ Libra is projected as a powerful healing and balancing time in our lives on this planet at this time. Ultimately the call in this lunar cycle is for Balance and learning to compromise with life. Rebalancing of the scales and living with an open heart with healthy boundaries is the key as we enter the new Aquarian Age.

This Full Moon of Sun/Venus/Chiron in Aries and Moon in Libra offers potential for healing on multiple levels. This full moon of Aries in Libra, marking the Festival of Resurrection brings a massive downpour of spiritual healing energy on mankind. This energy brings opportunities to spiritual seekers and servers of the race for purifying themselves, blessing their family and loved ones, and helping the world move on to a higher ground.

Be Brave & Bold

We find the Full Moon following the Equinox making a grand trine with Mars and Saturn, which is a wealth-producing combination, but at the same time with Saturn making a separating square from Uranus and the latter in quincunx with the Moon. One of readings of this combination is ‘changing fortunes’, and with the Saturn/Uranus square, we have fortunes, meaning fate as well as money, changing from the status quo toward something new. Your talents and financial situation can change for the better! Be Brave and Bold to accept the Changing fortunes that life throws at you.

Mars, the ruler of the Sun in Aries seems to be the mover and shaker in the Aries Ingress/Equinox chart and the Full Moon chart as well; placed in Airy active Gemini conjunct the North Node of destiny and evolution, trine Saturn in Aquarius, transmitting energies from the fixed star Aldebaran, the Eye of the Bull, governed by the Archangel MICHAEL, the Watcher of the East, Mars adds a warrior and active influence to get things going and seeing beyond the falsity that mass media has been projecting.

This full moon brings healing opportunities galore to bring karmic Justice back for any abused, rejected, wrongly accused persons or group. April is the month carrying mostly Aries energies and the first half of the month is very Aries, fiery and impelling with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chiron all in Aries, infusing us with much-needed confidence to break free from the previous 12-month cycle and start afresh! It’s up to us to align with growth and let go of the past.

You may have lost your job or lost a parent or sibling or friend or child, you may have had some breakup or relationship issues, Aries gives you a break or a fresh start and the Aries/Libra polarity encourages you to take your stand and consider where balance is needed in your own life.

Lastly, Mercury is conjunct Neptune in Pisces highlighting Mars on the Moon’s Nodes meaning perhaps a lack of clarity and deception, or deliberate blurring of narratives to suit specific purposes. In world affairs we hear of fake news…..Conspiracy theories…increased efforts at propaganda……problems over waterways….the Suez Canal blockade…but we see beyond what we are made to believe!

April 11th, 2021 – New Moon in Aries conjunct Eris the Activist and Warrior Goddess

On April 11th, 2021 we have a New Moon at 22+° Aries. The New Moon is very “Aries”, featuring 5 planets (Chiron, Mercury, Sun, Moon, Venus) conjunct recently unveiled Dwarf planet Eris, planet of Discord. Eris the activist and warrior Goddess implores us to take a stand and get involved in projects that define the truth of who we have evolved to be. Eris encourages us to start being brave about everything. We are to drive out darkness and be the light and spread the Light. We are to overcome our weaknesses and be the one God wants us to be. The New Moon calls warriors and warrioresses of peace to arise and fight for what is good, true and beautiful, and set the world on fire!

April 12th, 2021 – Venus Square Pluto

On April 12th, 2021 Venus at 26° Aries is square Pluto (at 26° Capricorn). When we have a Venus-Pluto transit, our feelings and emotions run deeper than usual. We may feel more vulnerable, but we can become more “alive” once we purge what’s dead and decayed; we then reconnect with our heart from a more authentic place and we become who God meant us to be

April 14th, 2021 – Venus Enters Taurus

On April 14th, 2021 Venus, our Earth’s Higher Self enters Taurus, the sign of her domicile. While Venus transits Taurus, you will find it easier to connect and honor your Higher Self, the higher version of yourself – without guilt or self-doubt.

April 17th, 2021 – Mercury Square Pluto

On April 17th, 2021 Mercury (at 26° Aries) is square Pluto (at 26° Capricorn). The positive manifestation of Mercury square Pluto is a depth of thought, introspection and a healthy concern with uncovering the truth. This is a great time to do deep intellectual work, investigation or research but Mercury square Pluto can also come with obsessive thoughts and power struggles which we should guard against. “Be transformed by the renewal of your Mind”

April 18th, 2021 – Mercury Conjunct Sun

On April 18th, 2021 Mercury is conjunct Sun at 29° Aries. Mercury-Sun conjunctions (when Mercury is direct) happen in the middle of the Mercury cycle. They are similar to a “Full Moon”, and we can well call them a “Full Mercury”. This is when we manifest what we have started at the beginning of the Mercury cycle from February 8th, 2021.

April 19th, 2021 – Mercury and Sun Enter Taurus

On April 19th, 2021 Sun and Mercury both enter Taurus, so we will experience an energetic shift from Aries energy to Taurus energy. Taurus is all about concrete steps and achieving concrete results if we have initiated the right steps. If in the Aries season we felt inspired and came up with many ideas, now is the time to ground them and make them happen. Taurus gives us the practical intelligence and stamina we need to make our ideas a reality.

April 22nd, 2021 – Venus Conjunct Uranus at 10° Taurus is about receiving the boost from ‘the power that maketh all things new’. The urge to be free to love the new is strong.

April 23rd, 2021 – Mars Enters Cancer

On April 23rd, 2021 Mars enters Cancer. Mars is the planet of action, and Cancer is the sign of privacy and security – our comfort zone. Mars in Cancer may seem emotional and fragile, but he’s hard as a rock and he will fight for the home and protect his tribe.

April 24th, 2021 – Mercury Conjunct Uranus

On April 24th, Mercury is conjunct Uranus at 10° Taurus. When the planet of communication meets the planet of surprises, we can expect insights and breakthroughs in science or engineering, physics, inventions, innovations, seeing through the fog.

April 25th, 2021 – Mercury Conjunct Venus

On April 25th, Mercury is conjunct Venus at 13° Taurus. The mind and the heart become one, which is the subjective purpose of spiritual development. A good aspect for artists, writers and social workers, who are inspired with beauty and grace to produce the good.

April 27th, 2021 – Full Moon in Scorpio. The Wesak Festival

On April 27th, 20219 we have a Full Moon at 8° Scorpio. This Full Moon is opposite Uranus in Taurus and trine Mars in Cancer. This is when we celebrate the Wesak or Buddha’s Festival of Enlightenment. Please refer to Part 2 of the Three Festivals of 2021

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