THE LUNATIONS OF PISCES 2021-Transcending our Limitations


-Transcending our Limitations


……. Themes of Change & Transformation

The full moon at 8 deg 57 Virgo ON Feb 27 mark the midway point of the lunar cycle that began with the very powerful and profound New Moon of Aquarius on Feb 11, the Transfiguration lunation. The period ends at the New Moon of Pisces on the 13th. March 2021. Exciting February 2021 ended with a Full Moon of the Pisces season in 8+ Virgo on Feb 27. Feb 2021 highlighted the Grand Conjunction of 6 planets + asteroid Pallas Athena all in revolutionary Aquarius, which officially announced that we are in the new age of Aquarius. That New Moon of Feb 11 2021, the Transfiguration New Moon is perfect for new beginnings, urging us to begin to upgrade our lives on various spheres by helping us break away from anything that is holding us down.

That Transfiguration New Moon which involved Saturn square Uranus (which climaxed on Feb.17) continued in the Full Moon in Virgo. Saturn Square Uranus is associated with tension and unexpected changes, rebellion, revolution and freedom. It may bring changes you don’t want or you can actually turn challenges into opportunities to rid yourself of negative and limiting issues in your life. You are forced to grow up whether you want it or not! This configuration is a major challenge in 2021 but if you remain open-minded, flexible and adaptable and patient you can turn your life around for the better. Saturn/Uranus is forcing us to see where we need change or are resisting change and staying stuck in old ways that have outlived their usefulness. Electric Uranus is lighting a fire under our butts forcing us to get up and embrace change!!! You can use this energy to change certain issues in your life and raise your vibration, not just for your own wellbeing, but for the wellbeing of all and if you are in to healing you can use this time not only to raise your vibrational health but also use it to send healing love to your patients and to the entire planet.

Before this Saturn/Uranus tangle, Saturn, Lord of Karma had entered into conjunction with Pluto, Lord of Death and Transformation. Every occurrence of Saturn – Pluto conjunction is an event that happens approximately every 33–38 years and lasts slightly over two years. Saturn – Pluto conjunction can be regarded as a “global Saturn return” of a karmic nature that applies to the whole world. The Saturn and Pluto conjunction kickstarted the lockdown and quarantine season in 2010, and many were confined to their homes and scared because of the coronavirus pandemic. Many countries went into lockdown and social (Aquarius) distancing (Saturn) as a way of containing the COVID-19 pandemic. One positive side-effect of the lockdowns may be the forcing of many to review their lifestyles and to reflect upon their ways of life. Many went into substance and alcohol abuse though, others went into over-consumption of food and we witness a rise in obesity and suicides, and marital and relationship breakdowns sky-rocketed since the Saturn and Pluto conjunction kickstarted the lockdown season a year ago. But there are others who used the period of enforced isolation to develop new skills and heightening their spiritual consciousness.

The Full Moon of Feb 27 @ 8+ Virgo trigger the Saturn square Uranus configuration with a beneficial aspect to Uranus on the one hand and a quincunx to Saturn, demanding adjustment from the old ways of being and doing things. The harmonious influence with Uranus encourages you to make positive changes where you can but you must remain flexible and open-minded and with patience and compromise you can turn challenging situations into opportunities for growth and upgrade; you can turn what appears to be crises into creative breakthroughs and rid yourself of limiting or negative conditions that are long overdue for change. You will have to make some adjustments though, accepting the consequences of previous actions so you can move on. By courageously opening yourself to new ideas while at the same time valuing the usefulness of old ideas and established structures you transform your life.
Yes, you can make that change in the following weeks and months, it will not be easy but Uranus, the Lord of Reformation & Transformation supports you.

Full Moon – Virgo Complements Pisces

The Virgo Full Moon is the last full moon of the zodiacal year and brings to an end the zodiacal circle with the Sun transiting Pisces, the twelfth and last sign of the Zodiac. Virgo is the polarity of Pisces and is a Mutable Earth sign represented by the Virgin-goddess whilst Pisces is a Mutable Water sign alluding to the feelings and emotions. Virgo encourages us to clean our body and mind, sifting and sorting and perfecting the lower self before merging with the higher Self. What is blocking you from accessing your higher Self? Could it be your lifestyle choices, your attitudes or your feelings of inferiority can hold you back. The Full Moon with Saturn in challenging(square) aspect to Uranus can help you release and let go of any blocks that keep you from your higher Self. Your higher Self or Soul (the Christ in you who is the hope of Glory) is your inner divinity and will lead you on your journey forward and upward. The higher Self is the Soul who must arise after experience in the lower worlds and return to the ‘Father’s House’.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac bringing to an end the spiritual year that began in Aries March 2020. Pisces is a sign of completion before the next annual recharge in Aries 2021. Pisces 2020 presented the declaration of the Corona virus a pandemic by the WHO (March 11 2020) whilst 2021 perhaps may bring the COVID-19 to an end because innovative ways of overcoming it are discovered. New truths and awakenings bring new realisations, liberating us from the flood of fear, panic and misinformation. We can overcome as Souls awakened by that New Moon Aquarius barrage of Feb 11 and turn our world around for the better.

The Virgo Full Moon is another completion and releasing cycle. Virgo is the sign of the Virgin Mother and concerns health, harvesting and being of service to one another. Vigo asks us to be humble and work hard to solve our health issues by watching our diet, making us accountable, and thru self-criticism perfect ourselves. The Sign of VIRGO is associated with the Tarot Key #9 the HERMIT and we have all been enforced hermits for the last year. Everything that we have been concerned about for the past year since Covid-19 pertains to Virgo; our health, our work, worries, community, health services, our digestion, and being enforced hermits to review our lives.

The Pisces Season

At a Full Moon, the Moon and the Sun are opposite each other, the Moon reflecting the Sun. Since we are in Pisces season (the Sun is in Pisces), the Moon can only be in the opposite sign, Virgo. We know that a Full Moon is a time of culmination and manifestation. If the New Moon is a symbol for conception, the Full Moon is a symbol for birth. The seed planted at the New Moon reaches its full potential at the Full Moon. If we put it into astrological terms, this means that we can only reach the potential of a sign if we employ the qualities of the opposite sign. We can only birth Pisces qualities through Virgo and vice versa.

Pisces and Virgo are both mutable signs, so they are concerned with movement and change. Virgo rules the intestines and the process of digestion and assimilation. The role of the intestines is to metabolize food and extract what’s nourishing. That’s why Virgo is such an analytical and service-oriented sign. Virgo’s role is to find what’s nourishing and useful and then to pass it on to different areas of the body. Virgo’s role is to move things around when and where they are needed. Here we see Virgo’s mutable quality of moving things around. Pisces has a similar mutable quality but on the emotional and collective and more subtle level. Mutable signs tend to throw off toxins more readily and maintain a faster recovery process. Pisces rules the lymphatic and immunity system whose cells attack and neutralize invading bacteria and viruses. Whilst Virgo purifies, Pisces immunizes and these are the real issues to be strengthened in our fight against Covid-19 disease.

Pisces is the sign of Oneness, that space where we are stripped of our personal identity and become one with All. Psychologists call this realm ‘the invisible world‘. And that’s precisely why we need to counterbalance Pisces’ dreamy, otherworldly qualities with Virgo’s practicality and concern for the physical world. We need the discriminative analysis of Virgo to see through the fogs of illusion and deceptions, the fake news and conspiracy theories spun by sick minds.



The Sun entered PISCES on Feb 18 and will transit Pisces till 20 March. Pisces is the most spiritual, sensitive, dreamy last sign, the behind the scenes and curtain, hiding in the dungeon or the Unconscious. It’s about the secret and karmic influences that affect health and total wellbeing. It’s about hospitals, doctors and nurses and the infections (covid-19) they treat; these are the themes of the time. You can be ‘Blissed out’ or reach self-undoing. Pisces rules the Feet, the sole/soul and hence the whole thought of progress, of attaining the goal, and the treading of the Path of Return. In traditional Astrology the twelfth house is considered to be the house of imprisonment or self-undoing but also of transformation and liberation. Pisces is the last of the signs, the place where all of our lives, successes and failures, loves and hates, past and future, light and dark, are integrated. It is where our soul and our personality finally meet—and join; Pisces has the symbol of the two fishes joined together, the Soul and the lower self. The traditional ruler of Pisces is benevolent Jupiter, the king of the Gods but Neptune is the spiritual ruler and has occupied the sign she rules since February 3, 2012 and will transit through until March 30, 2025. Jupiter offer us new openings and we will have the support of our social circle in executing our ventures this year. Neptune in Pisces grants us the opportunity to develop a unique form of sight; Insight- the ability to truly look through and beyond. As the Piscean focus on emotion and spirit merges with Neptune’s pull to unify all things, a clarity emerges from the fog, shedding light on our own trappings and contradictions. We can see clearly the futility of caring about petty differences in colour, race or tribe, religion, gender etc. and we should eventually arrive at that wisdom that sees the Whole beyond the part and attain that wisdom that passeth understanding.

Sun in Pisces reflects the Moon in Virgo @ 8 degrees on the 27 Feb Full Moon. Pisces is the last of the three water signs and contains the highest level of the feeling realm encouraging us to flow with ‘the stream of consciousness’ with trust and faith that our Soul will guide us forward even if our ego/mind is foggy & unclear about what’s going on!

Venus is exalted in Pisces and she sails with us through the twelfth sign from Feb 26 until March 21 the day after Spring Equinox in 2021. Venus will have an especially powerful influence on the Spring equinox at the 29th Anaretic super critical KARMIC degree of the Zodiac, indicating a major cycle ending which affects our health, money, love and heart issues, highlighting endings and a transition in these areas. Venus in Pisces takes us through an ocean of Bliss, helping us surf over the illusions, delusions, fears and misinformations and ‘conspiracy theories’ that have flooded our lives like ill-winds that blow nobody good. 


The New Moon in Pisces on March 13 sees the New Moon conjoin Pisces’ ruler Neptune with Venus, so it’s like a blessing from the great water Goddess on new beginnings. VENUS is exalted in PISCES and conjoins with Neptune, her higher octave imbuing this lunation with unconditional love, peace and harmony. Esoterically Venus is the Earth’s alter ego and is closely related to the human kingdom. Indeed, Venus is related powerfully to three of the four signs of the mutable cross and is esoterically regarded as the “higher self” to Earth – our “sister planet”. One of the best days for love is on the 13th as the New Moon is conjunct Venus and Neptune at 20+ PISCES.

Spring Equinox – March 20 2021

Fiery energies enter the picture with the Sun’s entry into Aries on March 20. This ingress marks the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and is celebrated as International Astrology Day! A new astrological year begins so you can begin to make resolutions and plant new seeds in your life. Aries is a go-getting sign so one way to step into the new year is to take definitive action towards your personal goals. Let the blossoming of all life around you inspire your creativity to seek new doors. Feel the rush of excitement as Venus helps us begin a new year. On March 21, Venus enters Aries too, making us more direct in matters related to the heart and love and money. We also have the First Quarter Moon on March 21 too with the Moon in Cancer squaring the Sun (and Venus) in Aries, giving us the drive to move on in the new year breaking through all blocks and boundaries.

Full Moon in Libra on March 28

The final main aspect for the month is the Full Moon in Libra on March 28. The Libra Moon will oppose an Aries stellium made up of the Sun, Venus, Chiron and Ceres, which may threaten our equilibrium. However, the Moon in Libra is trine both Mars (in Gemini) and Saturn (in Aquarius), creating a Grand Air Trine pattern in the chart. If we work together, learning tolerance and living in peace with one another we can regain our balance…. sharing the gifts of life……in harmony and unity through love and togetherness.


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