Every 2,000 years or so the Earth moves into a new zodiac influence. Every year around March 20-21, we experience the Equinox, a time of equal hours of night and day. The constellation the Sun is in at the time of the March Equinox is said to determine the Age we are in, with each Age lasting about 2,160 years. We are now moving out of the Age of Pisces and into the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is the dawn of enlightenment, a spiritual re-awakening and liberation. Aquarius stimulates Humanity to a growing urgency to find ways to live in harmony with each other and our planet.

WHAT EFFECT WILL IT HAVE ON US? On a global level, this strong Aquarian energy can create the idea of people working together and coming together for the common good. Our developed individual sparks contribute to this sense of unity and Oneness; the needs of the individual are sacrificed to the good and needs of the whole or the group.

More people uncover their psychic gifts and develop themselves spiritually at a super-fast rate during these times. Healing of the planet intensifies because healers become extra powerful. People are urged to learn how to earn a living in more meaningful and creative ways and the environment is to be made cleaner. People seek better ways to live harmoniously with each other and with the environment. When we pursue what is good both for ourselves and for all, the World becomes a better place for all.

“He who wishes to secure the good of others has already secured his own.” ~ Confucius


The first Full Moon of 2021 is @ 9+ Leo highlighting the Leo/Aquarius polarity in our sphere of consciousness. The fifth Candle of the Advent ( ) was supposed to be lit on Christmas eve but was actually sparked on the Dec 14 New Moon Solar Eclipse @ 23+ Sagittarius. The Solar Eclipse was conjunct our Galactic Center @ 26+ Sag and also conjunct the fixed Star Rasalhague @, Alpha Ophiuchi @ 22°27′ Sagittarius, the binary star and the brightest star in the constellation of Ophiuchus, the Snake-charmer. A sapphire Blue Star on the head of the Serpent bearer or the Snake-Charmer Ophiuchus (Aesculapius), this is the Constellation of healing with the wisdom of the serpent fire. The Sag Galactic Solar Eclipse brought us cosmic healing energies and inspires wisdom to end 2020. Ophiuchus is associated with Healers, Shamans and Keepers of hidden wisdom, with the mystical and secretive; the lower aspect can be jealous and possessive, rebellious and independent.

That Solar Eclipse made harmonious trine aspect to Mars bringing energy and initiative in rebirthing ourselves and encouraging us to take the steps to the next level. The Solar Eclipse challenging aspect to Neptune aggravates the Co19 plandemic issues and the attending confusion and deception and was followed by the last Full Moon of 2020, the December 29 full moon at 08°53′ Cancer making a harmonious sextile aspect to exciting and electrifying Uranus, Lord of Liberation and Ruler of the new Age of Aquarius. This Cancer full moon on Tuesday, December 29, 2020, the last FULL MOON of 2020 was well-aspected to the planet Uranus awakening and encouraging us with hope and that we can better ourselves and that we welcome change, freedom, intuition, with excitement in the coming year.



BEST Full Moon of 2021-Day of Miracles

On Jan. 28 we celebrated the Best and first Full Moon of 2021 with the Sun in Aquarius highlighting the Moon in Leo, setting the tone of the new Aquarian Age of Freedom, Enlightenment with progressive change. Aquarius enlightens us and gives us Freedom from all that hold us bondage to the past. All attitudes and ways of life that have outlived their usefulness stand for transformation and you can begin to upgrade your life or take it to the next level. The Full Moon configuration is in a T-Square configuration with its apex focused in Mars conjunct Revolutionary Uranus, modern Ruler of Aquarius. The ancient ruler of Aquarius is Saturn in a resistant square to Uranus, the modern ruler; change may not be easy but positive change must be!

In this Full Moon our Moon in Leo is reflecting the LIGHT of the Sun in liberating AQUARIUS -an air sign that is ruled by Uranus and weaves qualities of humanitarian pursuits, pioneering skills but can also be rebellious, startling and electrifying in nature. People surprisingly rebel against long-standing oppressive systems of governance in France, Russia, Chad, Burma (Myanmar) responding to the waves of Aquarian freedom.

The first Full Moon of 2021 on January 28 was the Day Of Miracles, aka as the Luckiest Day Of 2021. JUPITER THE GREAT BENEFIC AND THE SUN CONJOINED AT 9 DEGREES 21′ Aquarius on the Full Moon is a rare auspicious event for a Full Moon. JUPITER now being blessed by the SUN’s rays with Saturn also in Aquarius initiates us into this new Age of Aquarius. It all started on the Winter Solstice of 2020 on 21 Dec. 2020 when both Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct exact on the first degree of Aquarius, pulling us out of 2020 and ushering us into the new Aquarian Age.

January 28, 2021 is one of the BEST DAYS and is the BEST Full Moon of 2021 as JUPITER sits in the HEART of the SUN at 9 degrees 21 minutes AQUARIUS called CAZIMI in ancient Astrology, meaning we were flooded with energies from the Golden Star emblazed and embraced in the Heart of the Sun. On January 28, Jupiter and the Sun conjunct, sending lightning bolts of positivity, stardust and good fortune to us all. The planet Jupiter is conjunct the Sun on this Full Moon, creating uplifting & expansive vibrations resonating throughout the year for those who open themselves to these forward-looking energies.   Even though it may have been rough for you in 2020, this Full Moon helps you to ‘see’ through the fog toward opportunities & possibilities and move on as the Jupiter vibrations uplift your awareness from IMPOSSIBLE toward I’M POSSIBLE, lifting you up from your depression, fears and doubts and discouragement. Your dreams, hopes and wishes can become true from this year and on, the Universe will be helping you out in raising your game!

The Day of Miracles is born when the Sun and Jupiter conjunction occur and of course, your first question may be, “What makes this day more special or luckier than all the rest?” It’s all about Jupiter, for Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system known as the Greater Benefic, bringing you major blessings. Jupiter king of the gods is the largest planet in the solar system and most beloved by astrologers for its gifts of luck, goodness, graces, and support. It is the planet they look to see where a client will experience luck and good fortune most easily. Depending on where Jupiter falls in your chart, it can be like having extra, extra support from the universe in that area of your life. Are you ready to receive the breakthroughs and support you need to manifest your goals as Jupiter, planet of luck, expansion and exploration, conjoins with the Sun, ruler of joy, passion and vitality. This lucky AQUARIUS Full moon in Leo of 28 January 2021 in Leo anchors for good the Age of Aquarius in our sphere of planetary consciousness.

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 Our 2021 Aquarius season opens the door to what will be remembered as the most remarkable year of revolution, reform & change in modern history.

Divine weekly forecast- week of 1/25-1/31/2021 tells us that: “The full moon at 9’06 Leo is exact on Thursday January 28th 2021 at 11:17am PST, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle that began with every powerful new moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto and square Eris on January 12th. That new moon activating the Pluto/Eris square let us know that this is a moon cycle to expose shadow, get into wounds, deal with toxicity and do the work to breakdown/transform/release any patriarchal structures- within or without- that hold us back from embodying a Higher Frequency…..this full moon in fiery, creative and passionate Leo is opposite the stellium of Aquarius planets- sun, mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and pallas athena- bringing activation to the polarity between the archetypes of Leo and Aquarius. Leo is ruled by the sun- the center and Source of physical light and life on our planet. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn classically and Uranus contemporarily- Saturn being the furthest visible body from the sun and Uranus being the first invisible transpersonal planet that lies beyond the Gatekeeper Saturn. Saturn is as far as you can get from the sun (in terms of what we can see without technology) and as such he represents the polar opposite to the sun. the sun is Light and life and Saturn is darkness and death. death is not a bad thing- it’s part of the cycle of life. Saturn represents the dark part of the yin and yang and the sun represents the light part. they are two sides of the same coin – as both Light and Shadow are the dance of Love (rumi). the oppositional energy of sun and Saturn is metaphorically brought together in Union with the Sun/Saturn conjunction. and with the Moon opposite the whole configuration we have a mirror for the energies of me (Leo) versus we (Aquarius), what I want and need (Leo) versus my responsibilities to society (Aquarius), me doing my thing (Leo) and me joining forces with others kindred Spirits to realize our goals together (Aquarius). “


The Full Moon at 9+ degrees LEO, is with the asteroid HYGEIA square URANUS and MARS and LILITH highlighting the Fixed Cross of the Heavens, with Saturn, Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius. Hygeia was the ancient Greek goddess of health. She gave her name to the philosophy of hygiene. The cult of Hygeia started in Athens in the 600s BCE, in connection with the cult of Athene, goddess of wisdom and purity. She was named after the Greek goddess of health, daughter of Asclepius (god of medicine). So Astrology adopts her as the personification of health, cleanliness, and sanitation; ideals demanded by the Covid pandemic protocol. Hygeia represents our attitude and belief system concerning health and fitness awareness. Hygeia also rules sanitation and the valuable role hygiene and diet play in health maintenance. She often shows up by transit or appears on a major angle when an individual is experiencing a health issue as she now shows up as we face health challenges following our wrong attitudes to life and the environment.

Full Moon conjunct Hygeia makes health, hygiene, and disease major themes of the weeks following the full moon of 28 January 2021.  The Coronavirus pandemic has brought illness and death, as well as isolation, hypochondria, fears and conspiracy theories and also vaccination issues against the virus itself. With this Hygeian full moon also square Mars and opposite Jupiter, there is suggestion of spike in infections if there is lack of caution, increased socializing and risk-taking against the protocols of masking, handwashing, hygiene, social distancing etc.

As the full moon is conjunct the asteroid Hygeia and Hygeia is opposite the Sun/Jupiter/Saturn conjunction- bringing the matters of health, well-being, illness and healing into focus. When thinking of the Covid pandemic there are so many things contributing to ill-health. It’s not just what you eat or how much you exercise, many other issues of the environment matter- the air you breathe and if you live near pollution, the water you drink and if there is lead or mercury or uranium in your water supply, if the food you eat has been sprayed with pesticides or grown from GMO seeds.

The Hygeia FM is square Mars conjunct Black Moon Lilith urging us to begin to pay more attention to food, agriculture and our polluted environment. Hygeia and Black Moon Lilith are asking us to look deeper if we want true healing. We cannot just stay on the surface; we have to look deeply into our attitudes and belief systems concerning health and fitness awareness. Hygeia rules sanitation and the valuable role hygiene and diet play in health maintenance cannot be overlooked. Nutrition plays a key role in our immune system fight against microbes, it’s not only vaccinations!

With Hygeia on the full moon in Leo- we also need to look at the health and dis-ease of the world culture we are a part of. Are our attitudes to life and our environment toxic and cancerous? Are we the cause of our problems on this planet?

People have to awaken to change what they eat, drink and breathe from the environment; when more people wake up to this and reclaim their power, they will start realizing that it is UP TO US TO EFFECT CHANGE on our planet; we are the change, the ones the planet have been waiting for. We do not need to launch a war against others but we must struggle within ourselves for the change – the change (Uranus)begins with us and it will not be easy (Saturn). it will be hard work to change certain habits and ways of life (Saturn square Uranus), but change and success are guaranteed as the rhythm of the Universe demand and confirms it.


—–As we enter the New Aquarian Age

Jupiter and Saturn were conjunct on the first degree of Aquarius on the Winter Solstice of 21 Dec. 2020. This conjunction in zodiacal Aquarius will shape the themes we will see unfolding in 2021. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of December 2020 is the biggest shift in 20 years – 200 years – 400 years – 600 years – 2,000 years – and 26,000 years.

The Water-Bearer

 When the Sun moves through the sign Aquarius, it affects all of us—even those who aren’t Aquarians. During this time of year, which lasts from about January 21 through February 19, the Sun shines a spotlight on all things Aquarius. Also, because everyone has Aquarius somewhere in their birth charts, this time of year lights up that special area and pushes us to pay attention to the sign of the Water Bearer. Our work is to bring out this sign’s best energies, wherever it appears in our charts.

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The Water Bearer, the 11th sign, is an Air sign. Aquarius’s symbol shows the waters of life flowing from a higher consciousness. From the stars of Tarot Key 17 come the waters of life pouring love, knowledge and wisdom over humanity everywhere on our planet. The Star in the Tarot, the 17th Trump card shows this energy of the Goddess of the Stars, as cosmic vessels of divine light flowing down to the earth to quench our human desire to be connected with cosmic truth and wisdom.  Aquarius brings to light our higher consciousness to bear upon our lower natures. Aquarius brings the age of Revelation and upliftment to universal consciousness.

Our transition to the new Aquarian Age is further confirmed in the New Moon in Aquarius which takes place on the 11 Feb. 2021 with the chart set for this moment showing an unusual number of planets in this sign. These 6 planets (with the asteroid Pallas Athena) square Mars, Uranus, and Lilith in Taurus, which may bring out Aquarius’s more negative traits, including feelings of inferiority, craziness, and bizarre or unpredictable behavior. At their best, the planets in this social networking sign aim for integration, interconnection, and collective action for the good of all.

The chart of the New Moon in Aquarius on Feb 11th highlights the Sun and the Moon with Mercury, Venus, Jupiter + Saturn as well as the asteroid Athena all in humanitarian Aquarius in challenging aspect with Mars & Uranus with Black Moon Lilith in Taurus.

We have not had such a gathering in Aquarius since the New Moon in February 1962! So as we ponder the year ahead we are aware it will be a game changer on so many levels involving the humanitarian, social, economic and environment crisis occurring as Covid is peaking at this time in many parts of the world and the artificial means of solving it thru vaccinations and hygiene (Covid-19 protocols) being enforced in many places across the globe.

The Age of Aquarius represents the return to higher frequency of light and energy which vibrate faster and bring consciousness to higher levels of awareness. Aquarius represents the feminine archetype – the goddess or priestess mediating light and love into our lives. We return to the Feminine Energies in the flow of the collective unconsciousness or grids that form the realities in which we experience life.

Saturn Square Uranus – Massive Transformations

The first of 2021’s Major Astrology aspects of SATURN in AQUARIUS squares URANUS in TAURUS occurs February 17.  Both planets rule AQUARIUS in Traditional and Modern Astrology so they are working together in the struggle between the Old Saturn structure and the New innovative Aquarian energies.

Saturn square Uranus is a major feature of 2021 bringing many shocks and surprises, restlessness and rebellion but also the power to awaken and to change. It brings innovation as well and a complete overhaul of society and its social, climate, economic, political systems.

With progressive Uranus occupying grounded Taurus, we can expect massive changes involving currency, consumption, and the environment to continue through 2026. There has been developments with growing conversations about cryptocurrency, climate change, and agricultural sustainability. Uranus is all about freedom, change, and revolution, whereas Saturn is all about time-honored traditions, responsibility, and boundaries. As these two battles it out, we may see a push-pull between these dynamics in our individual and group life. This alignment also shines a spotlight on the state of the environment, and can potentially trigger natural disasters. We are again reminded to be extra mindful about the consequences of how we are abusing the planet and ourselves in 2021.

Uranus and Saturn form this alignment three times this year: February 17, June 14 and on December 24. It is time to release the past and to let go of all the heavy weight that has kept us stuck, trapped, and bound. Aquarian energies steps in to set us free.

Neptune Square the Lunar Nodes

Another feature of 2021 is Neptune Square the Lunar Nodes. Any time a planet squares the Lunar Nodal Axis, the significance of that planet becomes amplified in the collective or world consciousness. Whenever a planet touches the nodal axis, it also indicates a certain level of fate or destiny unfolding. Neptune aligning with the lunar nodes or nodal axis, indicates deception and illusion, conspiracy theories that all is not as it seems. It brings illusions, delusions, fake news and the struggle to contain the spread of the Covid virus. It guides us to look away from the smoke and mirrors and to instead go within. Whatever illusions or ‘conspiracy theories’ are breaking away are ones that were destined to and when the veil is lifted, deeper truths are revealed at this time. Neptune is the planet of illness, infections and viruses and is associated with health imbalances. Covid issues and vaccinations as well as hidden or suppressed alternatives of counteracting its deadly spread is in global headlines.

“We are open to freedom and change”.

The Aquarian focus during Aquarius time calls us to reflect on how the Water Bearer’s influence manifests in our lives. To make the most of this, however, we must raise our sights to the spiritual realm and work to serve Aquarius’s noble ideals of brotherhood, personal freedom, and innovation. It’s a great time to implement transformation for those willing for change and embracing the new. Aquarius open our minds and hearts to a greater Vision and liberates us from the shackles of the past.

We take time to reflect on how far we’ve come.

We release the past and embrace the future with zeal and enthusiasm.

We take time to reflect on how far we’ve come.

Some experiences may have been painful or difficult but are gifts which we accept with gratitude.

With love we take the best and leave the rest.

We accept the gifts and release what no longer serve our growth.

We take the best and leave the rest and we move on.

We release the past and embrace the future.

With faith we are free to create life anew.

With hope we are free to create our life anew.

With Love we embrace the new and are ready for new endeavours

The love that lives within us and flows around us, fills our space with calm, with peace, and with tranquility transforming our fears, anxieties, disappointments, depression..

As this water flows, it washes away the negative energies and things that we no longer need and releases us from needless burdens. It acts as a cleanser, a shifter, and a changer. It helps to absorb and transmute any negativity, any thought patterns that keep us stuck, and anything that is no longer aligned with our highest good. We let go and let in the refreshing Aquarian energies.

..And the One seated on the Throne said, ‘See, I am making all things new’

Rev 21.05.

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