• THE 2020 SEASON OF SUPERMOONS & the Influence of Mars
  • October 16: Libra Super New Moon @ 24 Libra Opposition Mars- the Warrior planet
  • UN 2020 International Day of Peace & Love: Shaping Peace Together.
  • Understanding & Opening the Solar Plexus Chakra – Its Meaning and Its Elements

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite

–Nelson Mandela 18 July 1918 – 5 Dec, 2013

On October 16, 2020 the closest New Moon Supermoon of 2020.

Happy Supermoons to you all followers of the rhythm of the Sky! But What is a Supermoon? A Supermoon is a new or full moon closely coinciding with perigee, the moon’s closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit. A “season” of 3 Full Moon Supermoons came to pass on March 9, April 7-8 and May 7, 2020. Next, we have a “season” of 3 New Moon Supermoons on September 17, October 16 and November 15, 2020. They mark critical points in the story of this momentous year 2020.

 Full Moon Supermoons:

March 9, 2000: 222,081 miles (357,404 km)

April 7-8, 2020: 221,851 miles (357,035 km)

May 7, 2020: 224,429 miles (361,184 km)

New Moon Supermoons:

September 17, 2020: 223,828 miles (360,216 km)

October 16, 2020: 221,797 miles (356,948 km)

November 15, 2020: 222,666 miles (358,347 km)

Super sky watcher tell us that the second of these New Moon Supermoons, on October 16, 2020, will present the closest new moon supermoon of 2020. This October 2020 New Moon will more closely align with lunar perigee – the moon’s closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit – than any other new moon in 2020, making this month exhilarating and outstanding in many dimensions.

New Moon on October 16, 2020, at 19:31 UTC: 221,851 miles (356,948 km)

Lunar perigee on October 16, 2020 at 23:46 UTC: 221,775 miles (356,912 km)

The closest new moon of the year (like the year’s closest full moon) will not only cause larger-than-usual perigean spring tides but we may also experience tsunami waves of human emotions, expressing as revolts, protests, outbreaks of violence, etc. The March 9 and April 7/8 Full Moon Supermoons synced with the rising effects of Covid-19 worldwide whilst the 16 October Super New Moon sync with the so-called second wave of Covid-19 for the Western world, and also uprisings and protests of the disadvantaged and disenchanted across our globe.

October 13: Mercury Retrograde -ReVerse & Revise for Change

Before this august Super New Moon Mercury on October 13 Mercury went retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, one of the signs which Mars, the Lord of War and Conflict rule and opposes Revolutionary Uranus in Taurus, fanning waves of freedom and urging us to go within to see how we can change our lives and raise it to the next level. This is until November 3 when Mercury stations direct, which also happens to be election day in the USA. This can increase the likelihood of confusion and delays surrounding the election in that nation. Mercury Reverse asks us till November to Review and Revise our ways of morbid self-destructive thought processes.

October 16: Libra Super New Moon @ 24 Libra Opposition Mars- the Warrior planet

Warriors of Peace strive to bring peace to the world

in these whirling times of strife and unrest.

 This is the closest Super New Moon of the year as earlier mentioned. The new moon falls in the sign of Libra, whose symbol is the Scale of Justice and Balance, ruled by Venus; Lady Justice is often depicted with a set of scales typically suspended from one hand, upon which she measures the strengths of a case’s support and opposition. This New Moon calls us to focus on balance and social justice in our relationships. The symbol for Libra is the Scales, the symbol of equity and justice; with so many injustices highlighting the airwaves of 2020, our Super New Moon opposing Mars retrograde could really spark much opposition from disenchanted peoples across the globe who have suffered injustice for a long time; these people across the globe become fed up with the system and they rebel.   Mars rules energy, passion, action, initiative and asserting oneself out in the world, but it must be controlled anger! When Mars, planet of action, desire, and aggression is retrograde, it asks us to review or revise the ways in which we use our energy, thinking before plunging into senseless action Rather than rash and impulsive behavior we should espouse planned calm and orderly action. Rather than launching into anger, war and violence we are practical and fight for the good of all; this reminding us that Mars is exalted in Capricorn where it is most efficient. Warriors of PEACE (People oriented to the Protection of the Environment & All Creatures on planet Earth) strive to bring peace to the world in these whirling times of strife and unrest thru constructive disciplined action for the good of the Whole or the highest good for the greatest number rather for only narrow individual self-interest.

 Libra is an Air sign and is ruled by Venus the planet of beauty & love and the seventh house of partnerships, business contracts & marriage.  A Libra new moon is about finding balance in our lives and serving something greater than ourselves through our Hearts.  Right Relationships is the theme for the Libra Super New Moon.  The relationship you have with yourself, community, nature, as well as the relationship you have with others is highlighted.  This includes business relationships, love relationships, family relationships and how you relate toward current social and world affairs, and beliefs about yourself that form the backbone of your relationships within the world.

There are many challenging aspects to our October 2020 Libra New Moon that rock the very foundations of ALL the relationships within our life.   But these challenges need not be all bad, in fact the broken relationships or internal conflicts that may have risen within us has the power to open golden doors of opportunity for growth for us. For what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Our Libra Super New Moon makes some unsettling aspects to Mars retrograde, Saturn, & Pluto, as well as the Asteroid Ceres, challenging us to arise and fight for balance and justice and fair play. Even though we may notice things changing rapidly around us, under Libra Season we are called to find a state of balance and equilibrium; we are asked to slow down and with Mars and Mercury retrograde are asked to revise and re-think. As Libra is an air sign, we are called to achieve this state of balance through our mind and relationships. It is time to let go of old mental constructs and allow the winds of change to replace them with something new. Old relationships that have outworn their usefulness are broken and let go whilst new ones based on justice and fairness and mutual benefits are made.

Libra is all about balance, fairness, and justice, and these are qualities we have to keep in mind under the intense energies this New Moon brings. As this is a Super New Moon very near to Earth though unseen, we are going to feel the lunar energies strongly, enabling us balance our attitudes to life, for the Queen of fair play and Justice rules this sign.

New Moons are always a time of new beginnings and we may have to start and get creative and think of new ways to approach the relationships in our lives; and there is the especial need to foster Right Relations based on equity and fair play. There is no going back to the way things were, the scales have tipped so we have to start innovating and thinking about how to move forward and make a new start. This New Moon is linked to the April 7 Full Moon. (The Libra full moon on Tuesday, April 7, 2020, increased the risks associated with the coronavirus pandemic. Full moon April 2020 made an aspect to Neptune that is associated with health imbalances posed by Cocid-19; and Neptune is the planet of illness and infections. The April 2020 full moon was made even more dangerous by Mars square Uranus, sparking off the astronomical year. Jupiter conjunct Pluto amplified the risks of the spread of the Corona virus but a positive aspect to Mercury gives understanding and common sense.) What is demanded this time calls for smart thinking and cooperation with friends and neighbors to staying safe and relatively happy during this difficult phase in our planetary history.

October 12th – Jupiter Sextile Neptune – Divine Grace & Intervention

But this New Moon is an explosive New Moon opposition Mars Retrograde in 21 Aries making a T-Square with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This impelling influence can make people impatient, impulsive, rebellious and aggressive. However, this explosive New Moon is assuaged by the Jupiter sextile Neptune in Pisces, the saving Grace of Divine Mercy. Jupiter sextiles Neptune on the 12th of October, and this favorable, harmonious outer planet connection is in effect all month. In the midst of Mars retrograde as well as Mercury retrograde fostering confusion, misinformation miscommunication what would the world need most is this Jupiter sextile Neptune blessings of Spirit; “thank you Lord” aspect! Jupiter sextile Neptune is a blessing and a supporting aspect for all. As we emerge from the Covid-19 burning ground (Mars Square Pluto opposition New Moon) let’s think of the aspect as a “helping hand”, raising us up. It’s like a miracle, it’s a Rebirth! But it will need us surrender our wants and needs to the Grace of Spirit to fulfill for us, for by ourselves we can do naught. We need faith, hope, and love with forgiveness with the Grace of God as we rise from the purificatory fires. What is this Grace but blessings hidden in the clothes of adversity and misfortune. As we emerge, we feel confident and courage from deep inside us wells up, from where we have all the answers. What does not kill us make us stronger. Thankfully, Jupiter and Neptune, the two spiritual, benevolent, and intuitive planets of our solar system related to Pisces help us reconnect with that inner guidance that will uplift us. And from that place, we know how to get out of the rut we find ourselves. This aspect in the New Moon which is about finding balance in our lives asks us to express love and kindness and forgiveness plus a willingness to work and live for something greater than ourselves; working for the common good through our Hearts.

Through our Heart, kindness and goodwill connect us together in oneness.

Covid-19 pandemic has thru the suffering, isolation and deaths it has brought turned many to the Divine to find peace and solace in the midst of suffering. They invoke and turn to God to ask for His Grace and Protection; this Grace, a vibrant Reality lessens the pain and reduces the sense of loss for many of us. Then whatever the strength of the storm, we can surmount and survive it without harm. The Jupiter sextile Neptune speaks of divine help and compassion and understanding. On the collective level Neptune/Jupiter/Venus configuration promotes social welfare and support, relief for the unemployed and the socially disadvantaged. Social help, the Whole caring for its parts becomes necessary as world civilisation unfold. We need to care for one another despite the diversity in colour, race, gender, for we are one. This the Jupiter/ Neptune/Venus configuration inspires and at its spiritual level evokes the Blessings of Spirit, brought home to us by Queen Venus in Virgo opposite her higher octave Neptune placed in self-sacrificing Pisces.

October 17: Our Sun and Arcturus and Spica

2020 has been intense but the capacity for opening our hearts, feeling more empathy and compassion expressed in acts of kindness and being of service to one another has been an offer we can make use of; empathy and kindness relieves the pain. The Sun in Libra wants peace and harmony but Pluto wants to expose what is toxic, stagnant, stuck behind the surface that prevents peace and harmony. Whilst Saturn ensures justice for all, Jupiter encourages us to have faith in the goodness of life and move on despite the obstacles. Still under the influence of the Libra New Moon we have our Star and Sun aligning with the stars Arcturus and Spica. Arcturus is believed to be home to highly intelligent beings of higher consciousness. The energy of Arcturus reminds us of our connection to each other and to the entire cosmos and it can lift our hearts, increase our intuition and liberate us from darkness and slavery to wrong attitudes. According to Ptolemy the influence of the star Arcturus is like Mars and Jupiter. It is said to give prosperity from work, strong desires that bring success although one is to guard against tendency to excess or overconfidence. The Kabbalists associate Arcturus with the Hebrew letter Teth and the 9th Tarot Trump, “The Hermit”, who shines the light on us as we ascend out of darkness into light and out of death into life more abundantly.

As for Spica (α Virginis), it is the alpha star, the brightest in the constellation of Virgo, marking the ear of grain in the celestial Virgo’s left hand; a binary star system made out of two stars that are so close to each other that they are egg-shaped rather than spherical, and they can only be separated by their spectra. Astrologically, Spica is a ‘Good Star. Spica is also noted for its spiritual and religious qualities, as we must expect after all we have seen about Virgo, and indeed people with this star strong in their horoscopes do very often gain high place in those fields of life. Psychic awareness is also above average in such people. To Spica are ascribed honors and fame. Spica is of marked good fortune for scientists, writers, artist-painters, sculptors and musicians. Spica gives spiritual, and religious qualities with psychic or spiritual upliftment and awareness related to the Jupiter/Neptune configuration.

October 22: Commencement of Scorpio Season of Reboot & Rebirth

On October 22 we leave the air sign of Libra and enter into the water sign of Scorpio. The Scorpio season is considered a point of rebirth on the zodiac wheel, from a spiritual perspective. We are shedding our skin and allowing ourselves to be reborn as we make our way through the final seasons of the astrological wheel. With the massive threat to global health, as well as the uprising against racial inequity, the soul of humanity is being challenged to the core. The world is undergoing a rebirth and global initiation or expansion in consciousness to a higher level is imminent. At the heart of this turbulent transformation lies an invitation to reconnect with the inherent balance and intelligence of the spiritual world, the inner world of our shared humanity. The ancient knowledge of our spiritual ancestors and Elder Brothers of humanity is needed now more than ever — as we navigate through these times of illness, painful division, and societal and economic disruption caused by the outbreak of Covid-19. It’s time to call on the world’s spiritual midwives — the Warriors and Warrioresses
of Peace, those who can bridge us to the new paradigm of the new world order. If we are to give birth to the New Earth, the New World order must be based on the sacred practice of kindness, empathy, reverence of each other and reverence of the divinity within us.  There is never a greater time to start the new Life than the present.  The current model is breaking down, so our sacred practices of love or charity, of patience and tolerance of each other’s shortcomings now weave the template of the future which is now!

“Earth is currently sitting at the dawn of a New Earth Era, on the brink of a epic shift toward a Universal Humanity.  Many paths of possible futures are both converging & being birthed.  The choices we make now, what we bring to the world in this moment becomes the creative force that materialises our NEW collective story for Humanity.” -Simon Matthew of www.

UN 2020 International Day of Peace & Love: Shaping Peace Together.

It is evident that what the world needs now more than anything else is PEACE & LOVE. LOVE is what this moment beckons of us to express in acts of kindness, sharing and understanding. Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September. The UN General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, through observing 24 hours of non-violence and cease-fire. This year, it has been clearer than ever that we are not each other’s enemies. Rather, our common enemy is a tireless virus that threatens our health, security and very way of life. COVID-19 has thrown our world into turmoil and forcibly reminded us that what happens in one part of the planet can impact people everywhere. The 2020 theme for the International Day of Peace is “Shaping Peace Together.” We celebrate the day and the year by spreading compassion, kindness and hope in the face of the pandemic. We stand together with the UN against attempts to use the virus to promote discrimination or hatred or selfish gain. We join together so that we can shape and bring peace to our world.

With all the upheaval happening in the world at this moment, we feel that there is the one thing that must never be forgotten. That All of us are a part of this Earth. Not just some of us but ALL of us.  No matter your belief system, no matter your race, color or views and no matter what you have gone thru, we are here on Earth together to learn to love.  And we must work together for Peace and Love and Justice to reign on our Earth for all.

October 31: Halloween Blue Moon in Taurus

The last day of the month in the US is Halloween (All Fools’ Night when fantasy reigns and when the shadowy aspects of the subconscious arise to be integrated in the light of Samhain- Nov 1-6) but in this year we have a Full Moon as well. As this is the second Full Moon of the month, it is referred to as a Blue Moon; a Blue Moon- and that’s because they are super rare! This Blue Moon will heighten the spiritual energies already present at this time of year. We will feel more connected to higher realms, and more in touch with our intuition and psychic abilities. There is also some turbulent energy around this Full Moon. As Uranus, the planet of surprise and transformation, is active at this time, we may receive some shocking or eye-opening information or we can begin the processes of rebirth. The Full Moon at the end of the month in Taurus is promoted by the Sun in Scorpio, the other sign which Mars (and Pluto rule) apart from Aries in which it is transiting in retrograde or seemingly backward motion. The configuration urges us to look inward to cleanse and bring to light those aspect of ourselves that block the free flow of light and love into our world.

Understanding & Opening the Solar Plexus Chakra – Its Meaning and Its Elements

But What Is a Chakra?

Chakra, which means wheel in Sanskrit, refers to spinning wheels of energy located along the spine. Hindus and Buddhists believe that the chakras represent the areas in the body where the spiritual and physical come together. Each chakra rotates at different speeds, which determines their frequency and color. 

The chakras also relate to the physical and emotional aspects of our being. When in balance, we feel healthy and at peace. When blocked, chakras can cause emotional and physical distress. Connecting with our chakras helps us maintain harmony throughout the mind, body, and soul and learn when it’s time to heal parts of ourselves. Read more in the Complete Beginner’s Guide to the Seven Chakras.

The Solar Plexus, or Manipura, refers to the third chakra. It spins in the area around the abdomen above the belly button up to the breastbone. Meaning “lustrous gem” in Sanskrit, the Manipura chakra provides a source of personal power and relates to self-esteem, warrior energy, and the power of transformation. The Solar Plexus, or Manipura chakra is strongly related to the Red planet Mars.

Mars went retrograde on September 9 and will spend a record of 6 months transiting from 29th. -15th degree Aries. On the day Mars slowed down turning backward for us to review and re-evaluate, the Sun (Self) in Virgo made a beneficial trine aspect with Jupiter, the Lord of Abundance as well as with Saturn and Pluto, all three placed in Capricorn. In fact, there was a wide Grand Trine in Earth signs involving also Uranus, the game-changer in Taurus. We should not overlook that the Sun on this day is also opposed to Neptune placed in Pisces, the sign in which Mars is at its perihelion, that is close to the Sun and to the Earth. All these add up to the Universe helping us and offering us opportunity to rise above our challenges. Mars Retrograde is a time of reevaluation in our lives. It is a time where we are guided by the Universe to think about our actions and whether they are aligned with our desires and the highest human ideals of brotherly and sisterly love, of peace and joyful coexistence. Mars rules the Solar Plexus chakra/energy centre just as Venus is related to the Heart/Anahata chakra; both influence our Astral bodies. The feelings and emotional states are stored in the Astral body. Mars also rules the kundalini energy dormant for many at the base chakra waiting to be raised to the thousand-petalled Crown chakra via the Ajna chakra. But on the Way of Ascension the 4 energies of the base chakra must be taken to the 10-petalled Solar Plexus chakra purified first before entering the 12-petalled Heart chakra with all that these entail for the individual and also collectively or globally; we have dwelt on these issues-opening our Heart Chakra: ( ) . We are guided as we walk the path of the Solar Plexus chakra to the Heart chakra which we’ve already awakened and talked about.

Solar Plexus Chakra Meaning And Its Elements


The element of the solar plexus chakra is fire. Its connected to the Sun’s energy of light, heat element associated with the color yellow.

Color: Yellow

The solar plexus chakra is symbolized with the color yellow. It may also be slightly red yellow since its connected with the element of fire.

Solar Plexus Chakra Location:

This chakra is located at the solar plexus level between the navel and lower part of the chest. Strongly associated with the digestive system, it has direct connection with the gastric hypogastric plexi, the main function of this chakra is to convert matter into energy, providing fuel for your body. It’s also linked to your pancreas.

Solar Plexus Chakra Meaning And Symbol

The Symbols associated with this chakra are:

  • Circle with ten petals.
  • Downward pointing triangle

The triangle symbol symbolizes the fire element, a symbol of transformation. Fire turns matter into energy allowing you to move forward. The petals represent the flame.

What Is the Solar Plexus Meaning And What It’s Known For?

The solar plexus chakra is linked to the following psychological and behavior features:

  • Manifestation of will
  • Intellectual skills
  • The plus and minuses in life
  • Personal energy and power
  • Means to create plans and tactics into reality.
  • To convey Wisdom

The primary function of this chakra is to provide energy to move forward and understand personal desires and objectives in the world.

Chakra Symbol

The main elements of the Solar Plexus chakra symbol [LINK] are:

  • A circle with ten petals
  • An downward-pointing triangle

The inverted triangle represents the fire element and the transformative power of this energy center. Fire turns matter into energy that can be used to propel, move forward.

Opening & Balancing Your Solar Plexus Chakra –

Do you often feel insecure? Do you have trouble setting boundaries with people? Do you consider yourself a “people please”? Do you constantly seek approval from others?  On the other hand, maybe you have an overly domineering personality. Do you find yourself bullying others or always angry at little things? Do you tend to manipulate people to get what you want? These signs point to an imbalanced solar plexus chakra. Healing the third chakra will improve self-esteem, release the need to control others, and restore a sense of purpose. We must learn to work through the many ways that unprocessed negative emotions like anger obstructs on the path of Liberation.


There are Seven Deadly Emotions that can Wreck Your Health and you can revisit the issues at: <> . The Seven Deadly Sins, also known as the Capital Vices or Cardinal Sins, is a classification of objectionable vices (part of Christian ethics) that have been used since early Christian times to educate and instruct Christians concerning fallen humanity’s tendency to sin. The currently recognized version of the sins is usually given as anger or wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. The Catholic Church also recognizes seven virtues, which correspond inversely to each of the seven deadly sins.  The Seven Deadly Sins are those transgressions which are fatal to spiritual progress and which must be fervently repudiated by the devotee.

But negative emotions are not only religious matter. Chinese Medicine practiced for several thousand years outline how these negative states undermine human health. But what are the negative emotions to avoid according to Chinese Medicine? The disease-causing emotions in Chinese medicine based on their Five-Element Theory consist of Fear, Anger, Grief, Worry and excessive Stress. Anger is said to inflame the Liver, Fear undermines the proper functioning of the Kidneys, Grief depresses the lungs, whilst Worry causes stomach and digestive issues, excessive stress hampers the heart and brain from optimum functioning. Instead of anger we should cultivate love and we must replace fear with courage, worry with trust, grief with hope, stress and anxiety with thankfulness and a joy of living

Opening & Balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra at a Glance

Name in Sanskrit: Manipura meaning lustrous gem

Location: In the abdomen above the belly button up to the breastbone

Color: Yellow

Element: Fire

Signs of balance: Confident, motivated, purposeful, reliable, responsible

When the solar plexus chakra is in balance, a person exudes confidence (without being arrogant), feels self-motivated, and has a sense of purpose.

Signs of imbalance: When out of balance, someone may suffer from low self-esteem, have trouble making decisions, and have control issues.  Aggression, overly dominating toward others, low self-esteem are imbalances of the solar plexus that can manifest in the physical body such as fatigue, overeating, excessive weight around the stomach, and digestive system disorders such as IBS, ulcers, hypoglycemia, and diabetes.

The Third Chakra is called the Solar Plexus Chakra.

It is located below the sternum and just above the stomach. The Sanskrit name for the Solar Plexus is Manipura.  It is also known as the seat of the soul, for it is our power center.  The parts of the body associated with this Chakra include the muscular system, the skin, the Solar Plexus, the large intestine, stomach, liver (color yellow), and other organs and glands in the region of the Solar Plexus. Also, the face, representing figuratively the face one shows the world.

Parts of our consciousness associated with this Chakra include our perceptions concerning power, control, freedom, and the ease with which one is able to be themselves. The mental activity and mental body are also associated with this Chakra. The Solar Plexus Chakra corresponds to the level of being that we call the personality, or ego. It is the seat of our self-esteem and our will. It is our action in the world, going out and getting what we want.

When there is an overabundance of energy in this center, we will encounter someone who is a workaholic, a perfectionist, domineering, dictatorial and arrogant.

When there is a lack of energy in the Solar Plexus, we appear depressed, we lack confidence, and we worry about what others say (fear of who we are).  We may exhibit insecurity, jealousy, distrust, and a constant need for reassurance.

When this Chakra is balanced, we show self-respect, respect for others, and a sense of personal power. We are outgoing, cheerful, relaxed, spontaneous and very expressive. Here are different natural modalities to bring this most important chakra to balanced functioning.


Yellow is the color associated to this Chakra.   It is the Chakra of the element of fire.  Sun bathing holds benefits for raising the energies of this center, we sit in our offices for most of our life and spend two weeks out of the year in the sun. The best remedy is a regular sunbathing program. Allow the energy of the sun to soak into the Solar Plexus from the front, and a nice warm fire on your back. Think how good it feels to stand in front of a fire with your back to it!


What are Flower Essences? –

Good health is much more than the absence of disease. Good health involves more than just the body; it also involves the emotions, mind and the spirit. Flower essences are liquid extracts used to address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health. They are part of an emerging field of subtle energy medicine, which also includes homeopathy, acupuncture, color therapy, therapeutic touch and similar modalities.

It is important to recognise that mental and emotional well-being is a major component of the total well-being of the whole person. We are once again beginning to understand that emotional well-being is a major component of good health in a whole person. Negative states of emotions and feelings can wreak havoc on the physical body.

Although flowers have been used for healing for many centuries, flower essences in their modern form were first developed in the 1930s by an English physician, Dr. Edward Bach. He prepared 38 remedies, mostly from English wildflowers. In recent decades companies such as Flower Essence Society of California have researched new flower essences from other plant species. Also, Australian Bush Essences, Alaskan Gem Essences, Pacific Essences have all grown in use by Naturopaths worldwide for the healing of the minds, emotions and bodies of their clients.

Flower Essences Help Heal from the past

Many of our past traumas become stored in the body and continue to affect thought patterns and behaviors. People who have experienced a strict upbringing, bullying, or authoritarian parents, or those who have suffered mental or physical abuse tend to have difficulty balancing the third chakra. Therapy, support from loved ones, and other healthy activities can help begin the path to healing from the past and restoring balance to the solar plexus chakra.

Australian Bush Essences Flower Essences have been described as vibrational therapy and the Australian Bush Flower Essences professional range of pure botanical Flower Essences are used all over the world to help manage the emotional demands of everyday life.

The Alaskan Gem Elixirs were co-created by Jane Bell and Steve Johnson in the summer of 1992. Their intention was to prepare a collection of remedies that … Steve Johnson founded the Alaskan Flower Essence Project in 1984 to coordinate the preparation … of 1992 when Jane and I co-created the forty-eight Alaskan Gem Elixirs.

Alaskan Essences have designed a system of vibrational healing that is based on the co-creative relationship that exists between the plant and mineral for total health.

Pacific Essences® formulates pure Flower, Sea and Gem & Crystal Essences as non-invasive, gentle and effective tools for healing. As the leading practitioners and pioneers of Energy Medicine®, we have over 30 years of experience producing, teaching and testing essences on individuals and in case studies.

Essences are a safe, easy to use form of Energy Medicine®. The remedies support rebalancing on the wholistic level, to achieve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual homeostasis. We call it energy medicine because in fact it is through the essences’ relationship and interaction with the energy systems (chakras and meridians) in the human being that healing occurs. Since the visionary work of Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930’s, the development and knowledge of flower essences has been expansive and exciting. Pacific Essences® has been a contributor to the continued growth of Energy Medicine®, with high quality, consciously prepared, flower, sea and gem essences.

Bach Flower Essences

Cerato – Strength to trust one’s own judgement

Larch – Lack of self-confidence

Schleranthus – Inability to come to a decision, indecisiveness

Australian Bush Essences

Old Man Banksia- Counteracts weariness.  This gives us the strength to handle whatever life may bring.

Wild Potato Bush– releases feeling physically encumbered, weighted down

Banksia Robur- For Lethargy, apathy, loss of drive

Bottlebrush – Enhances serenity, letting go.  Handling of changes in life

Alaskan Gem Essences

Carnelian– For burn out, low energy, & weak sense of self. Draws energy back into the body and reconnects energy

Gold-Low self esteem, weak identity, brings strength, solidity and balance, taps into inner joy, beauty and harmony

Pyrite–1st to 3rd Chakras, Easily influenced by others, tension and instability; Strengthens inner truth, self-esteem and self-trust

Topaz–Addictions, inappropriate ways of relating to others; helps one to act decisively, from clear identity and purpose. Helps to clear blockages within the Solar Plexus

Tiger’s Eye– 2nd and 3rd Chakras, Taking things too personally, anger, jealousy. Clears energy blocks, taps into personal energy from the highest level.

 Homeopathic Remedies

With regards to the homeopathic remedies that may be used, we may see the remedies that relate to the digestive tract, the liver, and the gall bladder. They range from Phosphorous, Nux Vomica, Anacardium, Causticum, Lycopodium, Chamomilla, Colocynthis, Staphysagria , Pulsatilla  

Burn Manipura incense and Essential Oils. 

Aromatherapy has the power to awaken our sense of personal power. To open the solar plexus, burn fiery incense and essential oils like saffron, musk, sandalwood, ginger, and cinnamon.

Positive affirmations about personal power. 

By repeating affirmations, either out loud, in our heads, or by writing them down, we help reverse negative thought patterns and replace them with constructive ones. Change the script by repeating affirmations like:

  • As I take on new challenges, I feel calm, confident, and powerful.
  • I feel motivated to pursue my purpose.
  • I am ambitious and capable.
  • I forgive myself for past mistakes, and I learn from them.
  • The only thing I need to control is how I respond to situations.
  • I have the courage to create positive change in my life.
  • I stand in my personal power.

Practice postures that balance the solar plexus chakra

Practicing yoga postures with mindful breathing helps release tension in the solar plexus, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The warrior poses build confidence and align the third chakra. Sun salutations warm up the body and connect with the fiery energy of the sun. Boat pose is another excellent posture for strengthening the abdominal muscles, balancing digestion, and bringing a sense of personal empowerment.

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