2020 Reset, Reboot, Re-Align Your Life

If your health or career or finances or relationships have been going in the wrong direction or has been suffering a downturn, the Universe offers you the opportunity this year of 2020 to REBOOT or RESET and RESTORE what has been taken from you.

The first Full Moon of the year and decade was a Lunar Eclipse – a supercharged Full Moon – on 10 January 2020 on the 20th. Degree of zodiacal Cancer, the Mother of the Zodiac. This lunar eclipse culminated the Solar Eclipse at the 5th Deg. of Capricorn on 26 December 2019, the last eclipse of 2019 which also culminated the second decade of the millennium; this was the Lucky Christmas Boxing Day Solar Eclipse. This Eclipse at 4+ degrees Capricorn was conjunct expansive positive Jupiter beneficially aspecting game-changer Uranus in Taurus.  This was a heavy-duty Capricorn Eclipse with worldwide implications, as five planets were all configured in Capricorn conjunct Lunar North Node. The exact SUN and JUPITER conjunction at 5+ CAPRICORN considered the luckiest day of the year 2019 took place two days after the Solar Eclipse on December 27 @ 10:25 am PDT/ 1:25 am EDT and 6:25 pm GMT.


All eclipses are based on the 28/30 -day lunation cycle, the cycle of new Moon to full Moon- the monthly guiding Light of God. The monthly menstrual cycle of human females resonate with this cycle as well as our mental and feeling/emotional states. We all swim in these pulsating waves of energies. We should learn to swim or surf these waves.


The Moon’s cycles affect our moods, emotions and stress levels scientists and especially holistic healers have observed. During the full moon it is common to see dramatic changes in our moods and sometimes erratic behaviour in nature; some full moons or eclipses trigger earthquakes and tsunamis.  But Solar and Lunar eclipses are super New Moons or Full Moons and they can open or close doors in certain areas of life; solar eclipses plant new seeds and offer new beginnings whilst lunar eclipses can open or close doors. Look to the houses ruled by Capricorn and Cancer in your birth chart to find where these doors are.


Eclipses may also quite literally eclipse us in some ways. They can overwhelm or consume, burn or purify and transform us. They coincide with ‘fateful’ events in our lives. What we experience as “fate” is often (not always and not exclusively) the manifestation of our own unconscious material fruiting in such a way that we might be liberated from deeply seated patterns that block our progress. They can be the Grace of the Universe or a curse we have earned.

We live in a sea of subtle energies.  We can become conscious of them and learn to use them to advantage or respond to them unconsciously and helplessly. It is said that the wise rule their stars whereas the ignorant are ruled by them. Ancient cultures understood that we live in a vast sea of energy.  They understood that the planets and stars are conscious beings who communicate with each other and radiate their energies thru us.  It is of major interest for us to know something about these energies and forces which are producing the present international situation and presenting the complex problems with which we individually or collectively are confronted with and have to face and resolve.  The life we create for ourselves is a reflection of our inner states of being, and the world we create together is the collective reflection of our inner states of being.  We literally, like fish in the ocean, swim in a sea of energy. But like the fish many of us have no cognizance of the fact. When we become aware that the life in us and around us is the Life of God, then we truly become alive and we can then swim with freedom and not get caught-up in the nets of illusion or delusion.


Uranus Reboot at the Lunar Eclipse

The New Year and new decade started with a bang! The year 2020 started with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 20th. Degree Cancer on January 10. 2020, almost the same day when Uranus, the Awakener was stationary going direct in 3 Deg. Taurus. Uranus has been retrograde since August 2019 (It will Retro again on I August 2020). This Uranus Reboot commenced on Dec 26 2019 at the last Solar Eclipse of 2019 when it triggered off or ‘sparked off’ the stellium of Sun/Moon/Jupiter/ at the South Node of the Moon.

You can REBOOT your life this year if you open yourself and trust the directions of the Universe. If your health, career, finances or relationship has been awry you can REBOOT this year and move to a higher ground if you want to. But how do you start? You must first evaluate your situation. You will need to let go those things that block your realization of your goals. You will need to Release all attitudes or thoughts of limitation or lack. You will prepare for the new without fears, with hope of a better future. This Uranus/Jupiter configuration encourages or facilitates the release of tension or strain from which you may be suffering. It is the ‘Thank the Lord’ aspect, for it promotes fortunate turns in life or even sudden positive change of destiny.


2020 is set to be a most extraordinary year…

2020 is the year of change we all need; for it is said that change is a constant of life. You can begin to REBOOT, RESET, REALIGN BY RELEASE of all undesirable thoughts, emotions, attitudes that may be blocking you. The Saturn/ Pluto conjunct their respective south nodes encourage us to release and restructure our lives. But lucky Jupiter comes along to conjunct lunar South Node, helping us in this process of Release by giving us a higher vision or far-sightedness on what needs to be done.


 The leap year 2020 promises to be a turning point in our history if only we desire to upgrade our lives and live to the higher vision. When we look back at the period following 2020, we may find ourselves dividing the times between life before 2020 and life after 2020, if only we take the right steps.  The main theme of 2020 is the beginning of a new cycle of Saturn/Pluto Reset just as the main theme of 2019 was the Jupiter/Neptune square that tested our faith in the Divine.

Saturn /Pluto themes speak s of Restructure…Release…Reset. We should  let  go of  obsolete  patterns or attitudes…let go of negative karma or off-load some burden that has been dragging on……Jupiter comes along to help release burdens from the past; but we must be more responsible, filled with hope and goodwill and  enthusiasm and zeal  for a better life .

Building solid foundations is the theme for 2020, and in order to stabilize that framework a little more cathartic excavation work may be necessary to ensure the footings will endure for decades to come.  The WORK calls you to rebuild on more solid footing.  There is much to be done if only we are patient and persevere.   2020 is the year of exceptional change in the structures, values, and natures of our modern world and YOU, every one of us play an important role in bridging this shift into a Universal Humanity. Let us remember that the world we create together is the collective reflection of our inner states of being. If we desire change for the better it happens when we work for it.

In addition, 2020 is a leap year and a Universal 4 Year takes on an even more powerful presence in our lives as it marks the ending of three major planetary cycles of Saturn, Pluto & Jupiter and the beginning of new 30 year, 12 year & 20 year cycle toward 2040. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are the planets of the three major Rays or Vibrations focusing the energies of Capricorn, the sign of Initiation into higher levels of consciousness. But initiation to  a higher level comes with a price.


Important Astrological Cycles of 2020

The year 2020 seems not to let up in intensity. From the first days of the year until the very last ones, each month accrues critically important planetary cycles that will undoubtedly set the tone for many years to come. Here are the most prominent ones. The year begins with the Lunar Eclipse  soon after a powerful total solar eclipse conjunct Jupiter in Capricorn, and this is followed soon after by the mammoth Saturn–Pluto new cycle conjunction on the 12th January, exactly on their own respective nodes, and also tightly conjunct the Sun, Mercury, and Ceres, all in Capricorn.  In April, Jupiter catches up to Pluto for another new cycle conjunction that encourages us to get rid of useless things that don’t work anymore in our lives.  Worldwide social regeneration is in the air. Later in the year, from August until December, Mars entering and retrograding in Aries will square Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in turn activating these archetypes into our consciousness.  Another total solar eclipse takes place on the day of the Northern Hemisphere summer solstice cardinal point of 0° Cancer on…….June 21, 2020: solar eclipse at 0° Cancer ensuring humanity of the need for social regeneration. Lunar North Node ends its sojourn in Cancer and enters Sagittarius.  By May 5, 2020, the North Node and South Node enter in new signs, being the major astrological theme of the second half of 2020. We’ll be moving from a Capricorn/Cancer axis, to the Sagittarius/Gemini energies and polarity. Gemini is connected to information, communication, and technology, as well as with the planet Mercury which energy will be emphasized for the ensuing two years or so.

Key Dates and Configurations of 2020

  • December 26, 2019: solar eclipse at 4° Capricorn, conjunct Jupiter.
  • January 12, 2020: Saturn–Pluto new cycle conjunction at 22° Capricorn, in a tight conjunction with the Sun, Mercury, and Ceres. Saturn and Pluto conjoin while also on their respective South Nodes; the South Node of Pluto will be at 20° Capricorn, and the South Node of Saturn at 23° Capricorn.
  • Jupiter conjoins the South Node of the Moon at 8°–9° Capricorn at the 10 January Eclipse commemorating the Saturn/Pluto conjunction.
  • April 5, 2020: Jupiter–Pluto new cycle conjunction at 24° Capricorn, still conjunct the South Node of Pluto at 23° Capricorn. The conjunction recurs on June 30.
  • By May 5, 2020, the North Node and South Node enter in new signs
  • June 21, 2020: solar eclipse at 0° Cancer (solstice point), with a loose Jupiter–Saturn–Pluto conjunction sextile Mars and Neptune in the background.
  • Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse July 5, 2020, at 13° Capricorn 38′
  • August – December 2020: Mars moves through Aries, direct and then retrograde, squaring the ongoing conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto.
  • September 9, 2020: Mars turns retrograde at 28° Aries and on November 13, 2020: Mars turns direct at 15° Aries.
  • Final Jupiter–Pluto conjunction at 22° Capricorn, also conjunct Saturn.
  • Mars in Aries squares Pluto at 23° Capricorn.
  • December 21, 2020: Jupiter–Saturn conjunction at 0° Aquarius.

Eclipses in 2020

  • Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse January 10, 2020, at 20° Cancer 00′
  • Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse June 5, 2020, at 15° Sagittarius 34′
  • Annular SOLAR Eclipse June 21, 2020, at 0° Cancer 21′
  • Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse July 5, 2020, at 13° Capricorn 38′
  • Penumbral LUNAR Eclipse November 30, 2020,at 8° Gemini 38′
  • Total SOLAR Eclipse December 14, 2020, at 23° at Sagittarius 08′

The Jupiter-Saturn–Pluto Cycle

The Saturn–Pluto cycle occurs roughly every 33 to 38 years, varying according to Pluto’s highly elliptical orbit. This meeting of forces represents, among other things, the redistribution of power in the world or some kind of Restructure or Realignment.

The 3 Planets Saturn, Pluto & Jupiter are individually strong archetypal energies, but with these 3 Planets dancing in close proximity to each other in Capricorn for most of 2020 and conjunctions at various times of the year…. 2020 will certainly be a year to remember.  The epochal 20-year Jupiter/Saturn conjunction on the very first degree of Aquarius on December 21 2020 on the winter solstice ushers us and confirms we are indeed in the long-awaited Age of Aquarius. Are you ready to begin to live the new Aquarian ideals?

New Era 2020:  You can change your Altitude if you change your Attitude

Are you ready to make the most of 2020? The universe invites you to change your LIFE Course. 2020 is about life reclamation and restructure and Realignment. You can restructure your life or the fate you have brought upon yourself this year.  You can put your life back in sync with divine harmony and beauty. Radical healing is promised with the ensuing deep sense of inner-peace & sacred purpose if you work on yourself and your attitudes towards life. You can change your altitude if you change your attitude. You can change the way you experience every aspect of your life, emboldening yourself to radiantly thrive in sacred resonance with the Earth beginning this 2020. You can make 2020, the beginning of a new decade, the start of a whole new way of being – body, mind & soul in sync with divine harmony and beauty.


The first lunar eclipse of the year and decade was at 20°0′ Cancer on 10 Jan and has the Moon in Cancer opposing five planets in Capricorn. The Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Saturn and Pluto are tightly conjunct, all within three degrees of each other. It was an energized Full Moon.  A lunar eclipse is like a Full Moon on steroids. It was in Cancer, which has five major themes: emotions, family, home, security and shadow work. What releases or adjustments in these areas would make your life more wonderful?   The old order is ending and the new is commencing. What do you need to let go of in your life that isn’t serving your soul purpose? Can you use the positive force of destruction to clear, declutter and give away old dead weight, customs and traditions of the way it’s always been done.  Plan out and begin to build a strong foundation based on universal principles of peace, goodwill, harmony, responsibility and justice, one that will last the tests of time. Start thinking about long term goals of some form of service to humanity as humanitarian Aquarius is highlighted. We should be more concerned with the good of the whole rather than only our own limited issues We shall help  you as the year unfold surf these life-changing times safely. Stay tuned!

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