July 2019 was the month that brought to culmination the subtle energies generated in the three major festivals of our 2019 spiritual year which started in April 2019.  July housed two Eclipses and a third lunation as well, at the very end of it.  It all started with the Solar Eclipse on 2nd. July 2019 which culminated in  a Lunar Eclipse on the 16th. July, ending with a New Moon on the 31st. July, the very last day of the month. What a month for us all, the effects of which will unfold in the ensuing months and years.

The eclipses of July 2019 complement the eclipses at the very  beginning of the 2019 year. The eclipses of 5 Jan. 2019 was a partial Solar Eclipse ( the Sun and Moon and Earth were conjunct in 16 Capricorn) whilst the Full Moon Eclipse of 21 Jan. was at 1st. degree Leo.

The eclipses of July highlighted the Cancer/Capricorn axis of our circle of zodiacal energies for the whole year; the Mother/Father polarity called for our attention. The Solar Eclipse on Tues. 2nd July was focused in the 11th. Degree of Cancer (not too far from the great Star Sirius, the Star of Sensitivity and of Initiation) whilst the lunar eclipse of Tues. July 16 was eclipsed out on the 25th. Degree Capricorn. The July 16 Lunar Eclipse complements themes found in the  July 2nd.  Solar Eclipse, forming an eclipse cycle which started at the very beginning of the year and which will last  and culminate in the coming Solar Eclipse on Boxing day 26th. 2019.

Eclipses mark times of change for the collective as well as for the individual. You can begin to change your life for the better this year because you have the backing of the universe.



The 2019 Eclipse season followed immediately after the three major Spiritual festivals  of the year, the festivals of Aries, Taurus and Gemini called the Festivals of Resurrection, of Enlightenment and of Love. The dual eclipses of July sought to ground the energies of the three major festivals. The energies of the  eclipses offer fantastic  opportunities for burning or resolving old karma or any negative bindings or bondage since Saturn, Lord of Karma is conjunct the South Node of our Moon. But it is a matter of the tests of faith in the goodness of life, Jupiter the ruler of faith, truth and wisdom gained from a higher source is in challenging aspect with Neptune, both are rulers of Pisces, the sign of faith and salvation thru sacrifice. Whether  a follower of Christ or the Buddha or the prophet Mohammed or Lord Krishna your faith is put to test to resolve your freedom from all that holds you back from success, love, joy and peace.


From all historical and astrological observations out there, Eclipses are by far the most fated, ‘karmic’ or life-changing periods in life. If you keep track of eclipses and how they influence your natal chart or your life, you will notice that the most important events or things in your life tend to happen around the Eclipses. An Eclipse is like a power outage or a Reset; The light of the Sun or Moon is blocked, and the sky goes dark. We have a Cosmic Reboot; you have an opportunity to REBOOT your life!


If you seek to turn your life around, this is the year you can begin to do so. The year is loaded with energies that could begin to free you from the chains of ill-health, backwardness in aspects of your life pertaining to your work, career or profession, or the way you walk and work your life. If you have had health challenges or habits that enchain, you can improve and uplift and free yourself from such ill-health and backwardness this year. You are impelled to move out of your comfort zone (South Node) and move on up away from those binding and limiting past tendencies. There will be copious opportunities for you to take your life to the next level(North Node).   Eclipses are known to be karmic or life-transforming. But karma doesn’t have to be all bad or negative. Because Karma means consequences, it can be good also. They can be good or bad, it depends on you. It’s the law of action and reaction of Life. You get in life what you put in. The philosophy of Astrology at its core is based on the principle of karma and freewill. Your soul incarnates at the time and place most propitious to your life tendencies and the lessons you need to learn on the path of Life. There is no good or bad but lessons. Please see Rules for being Human handed down from ancient times below.


The Lunar Nodes And Karma

An Eclipse happens when the Sun or the Moon in their dance around each other conjunct one of the Nodes of the Moon. There are two Nodes of the Moon: the Head of the dragon, pointing towards our future (North Node) and the Tail of the dragon, pointing towards our past (the South Node).  The North Node and the South Node always come in pairs, and they are always opposite each other. The past and the future adjust to each other in the unfoldment of our lives in the present. Our actions in the past influence the present and what we do or not do now influence the future. Whatever you chose to do – or not to do – influences the script of your life. The Nodes of the Moon are called the compass of the soul. They always guide us in the right direction to go. Eclipses come to help us realign ourselves with the path of our true purpose in life. Eclipses are a Karmic reset, a cosmic readjustment so you can actualize your mission in this life. There is nothing to fear about eclipses, for eclipses are fundamentally positive astrological events which can point you in the right direction you have to go.  You can move away from your comfort zone and move on away from binding and limiting past on the impulses of an eclipse. You are asked to : Get up; stand up; stand up for your right. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.


The solar Eclipse of 2 July was a super-powered New Moon which kicked off a chain of events whilst the 16 July eclipse was like a super-powered full moon that culminates the intent of the solar eclipse. All lunar eclipses are like super-powered full  moons and the  Moon rules our feminine aspect. The Moon rules women in general and also our collective unconscious or the mood of the people in general. Assaults to our feminine side are highlighted. We need to balance our masculine and feminine sides on our planet for us to live in harmony and peace on Earth.

We need to treat each other with love, kindness and respect to make a better world. Treating others with love, kindness and respect is a tenet of many religions and belief systems. We need to express the Soul or Christ or Buddhic energy of love, tolerance and understanding for peace to reign on Earth.

The Cancer/Capricorn polarity focuses our attention on our emotions, intimate relationships, our home and family. We all have a place we call home. It may not be a physical place, bit it may be somewhere that makes us feel secure and happy. We fight for this place whatever the domineering influence of authorities.

The July eclipses speak liberation. The #MeToo movement got stronger, feminine assaults were revealed and are still being brought out to the open; witness the protests In New york, Hong Kong, Sudan and elsewhere. Saudi Arabia women got some freedom, child or minority molestation are highlighted all over the world.



People seek freedom, they want justice and they resent oppressive government institutions that oppress and suppress them….Sudan, Algeria, Hong Kong, USA and gun control issues are examples of the people and the government; Sun in Cancer opposition Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn urges the need to balance  family and home with career and long term goals.  There are power struggles, gun control issues; we need to work on our Shadows, deep shadow work is necessary to liberate us from our past. Examine your past in order to learn from it in the present.


Full moons are associated with relationships and the turbo-charged Full Moon at the middle of July had to do with letting go of an old way of life or attitudes that do not serve you anymore.  Karmic bonds or traumatic  bonds can be broken. You have to let go and let your God show you the way you have to go so you can move on and make a new start, perhaps into more nurturing relationships or partnerships… You can resolve negative karma into active present good.

That Full Moon total eclipse was conjunct All-mighty Pluto, thus empowering women and the disadvantaged to take their stand against oppression…Sudan, Hong Kong, Ghana, Nigeria, Su kin’s country Myanmar, Saudi Arabia women, etc

Saturn still conjunct the Moon’s South Node as it was in the sola eclipse beckons us to leave the past and look forward to a brighter future.  The lesson to the peoples of the world is that they be careful of the leader they choose, wrong leaders like a dominating and bullying superior can wreak havoc and instability in the nation, office or the collective psyche.

Whilst the effects of a lunar eclipse can last several months  the effects of a solar eclipse can last several years but both offer a time of clearing and healing and rebirthing.


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