Energy Governs Everything And We Control It With The Power Of Our Thoughts

The vernal or Spring Equinox is one of the four most powerful solar points of the year for us.  With this equinox we are blessed with a Full Moon/SuperMoon marking and expanding that fertile point of new beginnings, the zero Aries point.  We begin the new year and a new cycle of the zodiac wheel backed by the full energetic power of the Super Full Moon. 

Natural systems of healing tell us that the key towards health is to balance the subtle energies that flow into our bodies.  Our being is made up of three components, namely the body, soul and spirit. Replace soul with mind/thought and you will realize that we can control our bodies or our life outcomes thru the thoughts that emanate from our minds. You are what you think is a spiritual maxim.  The human body, the flesh, the bones, the muscle, the tissue, all of it is simply a vessel thru which our thoughts and emotions stream thru. Imagine working out in a gym or driving your vehicle. If you simply cut the connection between your mind and your body, would you know what to do with a dumbbell or where you are driving to? It is said that you have lost your mind when you don’t know where you are going!

The knowledge that you create your own reality gives you  control and power over yourself which helps you move forward  in life.  At our core, we know that we are Spiritual beings  and we as souls can control our lives with our minds.

We live in a sea of energies that are part of the earth we live on. Most people are not aware of these energies or that they hold many gifts. These gifts help us to heal, balance, expand consciousness (awareness), and support spiritual evolution. Our ancestors knew the gifts of Mother Earth and used these energies to support their lives and spirituality in many ways. We, modern humans, have mostly forgotten that these energies exist. Astrological energies are the big picture, and they affect us on both a collective consciousness level and on an individual level whether we like it or not. These are truths which orthodox religions have kept away from the masses.  Thoughts are things; thoughts create an energy pattern and frequency, and this frequency needs to be in a healthy state for worlwide peace.

Let us not forget that  earth energies are around us all the time; that is energies from our environment, energies from animals and energies from other people especially who we share our lives has unseen consequences that affect our energies and therefore our lives in many different ways. These ‘ways’ can be both positive and negative.

Even if we cannot see it, our aura or energetic field is always with us, surrounding us. It consists of the sum of its parts. Our seven main chakras that run along the spine are a powerful lens through which to view our subtle body and invisible, yet tangible, energies. The key towards health is to balance the subtle energies that flow into our bodies thru these chakras or energy centers. Remember that we are Spirit. Be still. Listen. Know. Connect with the One and be Whole and healthy.

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