Welcome to a life-changing year of 2019. How is your 2019 looking so far, in terms of your total health of body, mind and spirit? Most people like to begin the New Year with great resolutions that don’t often last or stick beyond the first few months. But this year could be different!

This being the second month of the New Year, the New Year’s resolutions may seem like an afterthought. The reason they often don’t stick is because we often list lofty goals without actually breaking down how to achieve those goals with manageable habits from day to day. Habits should support our goals, but ultimately we need to think of habits as the way to reach a certain overarching goal. It’s important to take stock of the habits that block your progress. 

But if you are serious about improving your health situation this year, you have cosmic help and assistance. The brand new year started with two Eclipses offering opportunities to change and upgrade your life. The first Eclipse this year on 6 January was a Solar Eclipse bringing serious and practical Capricorn energies into focus whilst the second Eclipse on 21 January was a full Moon Lunar Eclipse of Aquarius in Leo. Scientists now confirm that we live and move in a sea of fluctuating energies. We are influenced whether we know it or not by pulsating electromagnetic fields that surround us for good or bad, all depending on our level of consciousness. It is of our best interest to learn to respond positively to these energies if we wish to progress in life. The lunation cycle has been shown to influence biological systems and this is particularly true for us humans, hence the word LUNATIC, when some of us tick in response to the vibrations of a full moon.

We read from “The sun’s magnetic field envelops the entire solar system in a bubble that scientists call the “heliosphere.” The heliosphere extends 50 to 100 astronomical units (AU) beyond the orbit of Pluto. Inside it is the solar system ~ outside is interstellar space. Changes in the sun’s magnetic field are carried outward through the heliosphere by the solar wind. Because the sun rotates (once every 27 days), solar magnetic fields corkscrew outwards in the shape of an Archimedian spiral. Far above the poles the magnetic fields twist around like a child’s Slinky toy.  The magnetic fields that surround humans constantly change due to a wide variety of influences. When solar flares (*) occur on the Sun the incoming charged particles disrupt the Earth’s magnetic field which, in turn, affects the human fields. On a daily basis Earth’s magnetic field reverses four times and, of course, affects our magnetic polarity as well. Even our clothing changes our magnetic field. As you may have already noticed, a nylon blouse feels very different from one made from cotton, or silk, linen, etc. This is more than merely a tactile sensation ~ certain fabrics “breathe” while others don’t because of their ability to hold a charge. Wearing metal such as watches or jewelry, as well as being inside anything metal (a car or an elevator, for instance), will also change your magnetic field. Large steel buildings, even areas with large iron deposits in the ground, will change people’s fields.”

January also started with Mars, the Stimulator, the planet of drive, energy and will-power entering its home sign Aries on January 1. After paddling around in Pisces for the previous two months, Mars enters its territory and initiates the year for us. points to us that this transit is a perfect kick start to the year, giving us all the motivation and courage needed to go after our goals. Those who have New Year resolutions may find it easier to stick to their guns and for all of us, somewhere in our lives, there’s a burning desire to get things moving. Mars will be in Aries for 6 weeks until mid-February, so we have plenty of time to spring forward. As with every transit, there is always a shadow side so what we need to watch during this time is a tendency to push TOO hard.”

The Solar Eclipse on the January 6th in Capricorn took place just as Uranus was turning direct, marking a clear ending and new beginning on many levels for many of us. Those with natal planets at 15º Capricorn (+/-3º) or in the other cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra) could be most dramatically influenced during this year. You may begin a new professional role at work or in business, you can also begin to let go of old patterns or habits that block your way of progress. Disruptions in family dynamics could usher in a new generation of lifestyles, needs, and dreams. We are impulsed for change in this new year!


If you found January wasn’t the start to 2019 you were expecting, don’t worry. February is the new January and this week’s New Moon on February 4th is a great date to set your intentions and get things moving.  February 2019 kick starts with a lunation New Moon in the middle of zodiacal reforming Aquarius. This lunation also signals the start of the Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig.  This is the first New Moon of 2019 that’s not an eclipse. January was an eclipse month and eclipses are times wherein tremendous energetic transformations can begin to be effected, February the Love month carries the theme forward.

This New Moon of February takes place right in the middle of zodiacal Aquarius and targets the future, the future is now, says Aquarius. It’s a symbol of new beginnings and ideal for starting afresh. Aquarius is one of the star signs most closely linked to the future and looking ahead. Aquarius’ nature is objective and collaborative, the inward and outward flow from the heart of life-giving uplifting vibrations. Also is this New Moon the start of the Chinese New Year of the Pig, which begins officially on February 5th.

The Pig is the twelfth of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. In the continuous sexagenary cycle of sixty years, every twelfth year corresponds to hai, 亥; this re-recurring twelfth year is commonly called the Year of the Pig.

We have mentioned previously that the New Moon and Full Moon in the lunation cycle are the footprints of God’s intention for us, most times pointing the way we should go, if we heed. For the Chinese, this marks the start of the Spring Festival and an important date in the year. But we can all take advantage of this forward-moving vibes and inject fresh energy into our lives in all areas. The Cosmos will complement all genuine efforts to make your life work better again. But then you must first determine what is blocking you or rather what is lowering your vibrations and then seek to raise them. It’s all a matter of raising your vibrations!

Low energy vibration causes sickness in the body, mind and spirit. In fact, illness shows up in the energy body first before it shows up in the physical body. There are many types of bio-energy scans and energy testing modalities today that can detect energy changes or hot spots that represent illness or where illness is going to show up soon, if changes are not made. These days, we have a lot of options beneficial to our health, that don’t fit the “package” of chemical drugs and invasive treatments.  In order to be healthy and happy you need to take steps to identify and eliminate and protect yourself from things, people and events that lower your vibration. You have to learn to do things that raise your vibrations rather than lower them.

What could be lowering your vibrations?

  • Eating a bad diet. Some of the many foods that lower your vibration and  make you sick include:highly processed foods, fast foods, deep fried foods, hydrogenated fats, foods containing processed white sugars (cookies, candy, ice cream), GMOs, eating gluten, too much alcohol etc.; drinking too much alcohol can make you sick and sucks out your energy.

  • Exposure to chemicals and toxins in our food, soda, water, the environment, house cleaning chemicals, pesticides, and much more can damage your health. Limit your exposure to chemicals and toxins and do a regular de-tox on your body systems to get rid of them.

  • Smoking or taking drugs, whether recreational or prescribed drugs can deteriorate your health and vibrations without you knowing it.

  • Watching violent crime based T.V. shows and movies or horror with blood and gore and violent scenes distorts your auric fields.

  • Electro Magnetic Frequencies EMF’s from cell phones, computers, electronic devices, T.V.’s and other sources. (a.k.a. Electro-smog) can damage your health, particularly lowering your immune system or your power to fight infections. Minimize your exposure to these radiations from cell phones, computers, etc.

  • Negative energy from vampire or negatively-charged people can suck out your energies, identify them and protect yourself from invasions from these negative spirits or influences.

  • Stress and negative thoughts and beliefs can also lower your vibes. All negative thoughts and beliefs vibrate at a low energy frequency which cause illness in the body and are also stored in your cellular memory if prolonged. Negative thinking also releases cortisol stress hormone into your body. You must learn to manage stress and reprogram your thoughts from negative destructive ones to positive uplifting vibrations.

  • Negative speech can hurt – whenever you judge, criticize or say anything negative to or about anyone, you are lowering your own vibration.

  • Arguing, fighting and negative speech – Every time you argue or fight with someone, your vibration is lowered. Watching others argue and fight also lowers vibration. Get relationships counseling if this is a problem you identify with. Holding onto grudges or unforgiveness can be damaging. Not only do all these lower your vibrations but they can negatively impact your heart, breast, lungs and circulatory systems. Chinese medicine tell us that negative emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, prolonged sadness depression, etc impact on vital organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys etc. Find out where you stand on all these issues.

The life we create for ourselves is a reflection of our inner state of being, and the world we create together is the collective reflection of our inner states of being. What is your vibrational status? To create change in your own life and collectively on the planet, your mindset and daily focus need to revolve around self-awareness and self-actualization. You will need to revise your ways. Get Your Vibrational Assessment & Analysis (VHAA) profile from us.

Your Vibrational Assessment & Analysis (VHAA) profile @ Cosmos Total Health provides you with a Vibrational perspective of your health problems and challenges and the best ways and means to overcome them. 




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