Discover the Transformation Power of Eclipses and how to use them for Conscious Growth & to UPGRADE YOUR LIFE



If 2017 initiated a new cycle of renewal of body, mind and soul in which we began to work for our liberation from oppressive states of being and life, 2018 offers the opportunity in which to REBOOT your life-trends, to let go of those attitudes or ways of being that block your achievement of total health of body, mind and spirit.

2018 started with 2 Supermoons that offered opportunity and prompted many to take their  life to another level. What is blocking you from perfect health?…from financial freedom and abundance?…from a fulfilling career and loving relationships?

The power of transformation that this year’s eclipses bring can be used to alter your direction in life. There can be major breakthroughs or breakdowns. It depends on your choices you make.  It is the year to rid yourself of toxic emotions and negative thought patterns and unwholesome attitudes. We have mentioned that in 2018 every good thing is possible! 2018 started with 2 SUPER FULL MOONS… SUPERMOONS are amplifiers of our energy fields and awaken higher potentials of the current planetary alignments that they are associated with them.  The ensuing trinity of Eclipses of July-August gives the final impetus to take your life to the next level. Eclipses energize the energy bodies of all; witness the recent earthquakes and floods. Eclipses can portend also quakes in human consciousness; you can rejuvenate and free yourself if you choose.


We live and move and have our being in a sea of energies which we must learn to swim or sink in utter ignorance and despair. The dance of the luminaries, the Sun and Moon around us, called the Lunation cycle maps out the flow of energies around us. New Moons occur as the Moon returns to meet the Sun once each month. New Moons are dark, invisible to many; it’s a time of endings and new beginnings whereas Full Moons are peaks, some kind of fulfillment, for good or bad. A Full Moon is a peak, and many feel the buzz. It’s a crescendo and sometimes brings on a reckoning…a moment of truth. It’s associated with illumination since it lights up the landscape. At the Full Moon, the luminaries — Sun and Moon — are always in opposite Zodiac signs. The polarity brings heightened tension, as balance is sought between the two extremes. 

A Solar Eclipse occurs on the New Moon, whereby the Moon moves between the Earth and Sun, obscuring Earth’s view of the Sun temporarily.  The energy of a Solar Eclipse ‘obscures’ our vision forward, such that we can take time to reflect on the past and truthfully see how this relates to our present. The insights gained are not about dragging up old energy, or reliving painful events or experiences, but rather to positively reassess where you have been and use this knowledge to make quantum leaps on your path moving forward in the present.  

Psychologically,   Lunar Eclipse being a supercharged full Moon provides a quantum opportunity to release deep-seated wounds and enables one move beyond old fears and to transcend negative patterns or traits within the lower shadow self.  It is time to ECLIPSE anything that maybe holding you back at a lunar eclipse.


A Solar Eclipse feels like a mega-amplified New Moon and ….. the energy building has been VERY intense, but (and there is always a but) it depends on you as the period has the  potential to be wildly transformational or liberating,  should we choose to surrender to the eclipses greater potential. 

A solar eclipse is just like a regular new moon where the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. However, a solar eclipse is more powerful because the Moon darkens the face of the Sun. The Solar eclipse of July13 2018 is a partial solar eclipse, so most of the Sun will still be visible. The new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. A new moon influence lasts for four weeks but a solar eclipse usually lasts about six months. However, there are two solar eclipses in this eclipse series, separated by a Lunar Eclipse  on July 27 2018, said to be the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st. century. Lunar eclipse is like a regular full moon but more intense.  Eclipses have the effect of pushing us to transform and uplift our game of life; the choice comes into being as to whether you choose to do this in fear or trepidation or with grace & ease, let go and let the evolutionary forces of liberation uplift you.

Solar and Lunar eclipses offer opportunities to REBOOT our life trends. You can break out of habitual negative behaviour that impedes your progress in life.   You can free yourself, mind and heart from bondage to anger, envy, jealousy, unforgiveness, depression etc. You can free yourself from toxic attachments and relationships; it depends on your choice.

We have just gone past 180 days, the half-way point in the year and you are offered another opportunity during the following months to restructure or upgrade your life-trends. The Solar and Lunar eclipses of July 13, July 27 and August 11, 2018 –another partial Solar Eclipse …….can trigger another urge to break away from what has been holding you back!  The July 27 full Moon is a SuperMoon lunar Eclipse tucked between the two Solar eclipses of rejuvenation.

Discover the Transformation power of Eclipses and how to use them for Conscious growth & UPGRADE YOUR LIFE

Your past is still present in the now. It makes itself felt through blocks that can interfere with your present physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual well-being.  For just as people carry the pain they suffered earlier in their current life to their later years, people carry unresolved pain with them from one life to another. You can break from the past using the eclipse period to reprogram your life. Kathy Biehl, philosopher-astrologer of https://empowermentunlimited.net/2018-cancer-new-moon-solar-eclipse/   explains the effect of a Solar Eclipse:   “A solar eclipse temporarily blots out the light, then brings it back up. Symbolically it’s akin to rebooting a computer system to install updates. Programs shut down, the computer shuts down and restarts, and when it comes back up, some files are gone, some programs are new, and some are in different form. As a solar eclipse resets areas of your life, priorities, situations and people depart – and new come in.”

The energy of a Solar Eclipse enables us take time to reflect on the present and truthfully see how this relates to our past. The insights gained should not be about dragging up old energy, or reliving painful events or experiences, but rather to positively reassess where we have been and use this knowledge to make quantum leaps on our path of moving forward.  Whilst a Solar Eclipse can create upheaval in our lives, the ‘forced’ opportunity to reassess or re-evaluate our life provides a profound opportunity to leap into a new sphere of existence beyond your perceived limitations.

You can find solutions for various aspects of blockages in your life concerning your: Health, Career, Wealth, Relationships, spiritual unfoldment and Enlightenment.  Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful and UPGRADE your life!

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The human body is surrounded by energy fields that are called the aura which are layered and interpenetrating.  There are many layers to the aura but the ones which I deal with as part of the Vibrational Assessment are the etheric field, which is a three or four inch aura which surrounds the body, fits it like a glove and is an energetic duplicate of the body; the emotional body which is associated with feelings; the mental body which is associated with our ideas and thoughts; and the spiritual body which is associated with spiritual aspects of the individual.

 Many factors can affect the various fields of the aura creating holes, breaks in connections, imbalances, and various types of blockages and distortions.  Traumas, repressed emotions, negative thought patterns, certain types of emotions, smoking, and the excessive use of drugs and alcohol (including second hand smoke) can affect the vital vibration and effective functioning of the different bodies of the aura.   It is a well-known fact that smoking and drinking create blockages in auras and chakras.

The life we create for ourselves is a reflection of our inner state of being, and the world we create together is the collective reflection of our inner states of being. What is your vibration status? To create change in your own life and collectively on the planet, your mindset and daily focus need to revolve around self-awareness and self-actualization.

Your Vibrational Assessment & Analysis (VHAA) profile @ CTH provides you with a Vibrational perspective of your health problems and challenges and the best ways and means to overcome them. 


You can always re-create your life. One with God all things are possible. You can repossess YOUR POWER to uplift yourself by connecting with the unlimited Source of divine power, love and intelligence within you, so that you can experience unending joy and non-stop success. If EVERY GOOD THING IS POSSIBLE when with God you can re-create your life pattern to give you.

  • Perfect health and sense of vitality
  • Loving and fulfilling relationships
  • Financial freedom and abundance
  • Effortless creativity and excellence
  • Heightened intuition and imagination



Is one or the other chronic illness your challenge? Your illness that refuses to go may be telling you a message.  Barbara Brennan a well-known spiritual healer, and teacher working in the field of energy healing said it best: “it is essential that we deal with the deeper meaning of our illnesses. We need to ask, what does this illness mean to me? What can I learn from this illness? Illness can be seen as simply a message from your body to you that says, ‘Wait a minute: something is wrong. You are not listening to your whole self; you are ignoring something that is very important to you’ A return to health requires more personal work and change than simply taking pills prescribed by a doctor. Without personal change, you will eventually create another problem to lead you back to the source that caused the disease in the first place.


Do you find yourself in toxic relationships? Or are you having challenges holding fulfilling relationships with others? Maybe you need to cultivate a spirit of love and goodwill. Maybe you can be more caring and forgiving. Maybe you should forgive everyone everything and move on.

Or is your need for financial freedom and abundance continually being frustrated or thwarted?  Maybe you are in the wrong place and in the wrong time?





I use faith and forgiveness to dissolve negative energies and attitudes

that have been slowing me on my spiritual path of freedom.

I dissolve all thoughts and attitudes that block me from Freedom.

I affirm health, harmony, life and abundance.

I give thanks for the goodness of God expressing in my life

I am grateful for the very breath that animates me daily

I give thanks for the joy, love and peace that are gifts of God

I give thanks for the goodness/ blessing of God expressing in my life

When I acknowledge the Good, the Beautiful and Truth,

I shift myself into a consciousness of love.

I act and react from the heart, the place of love

 I let a higher order unfold in my life

Register for your VHAA which will show you the way to go. Please go http://www.cosmostotalhealth.org/but-what-is-a-vibrational-health-assessment-analysis-vhaa/

Your VHAA can tell you what may be blocking you that you may not be aware of!

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