“Let Light and Love Restore the Plan on Earth”

May 2018 just ended with a Full Moon announcing the third of the three great annual planetary Festivals.  The third major Planetary festival is celebrated at the Gemini full Moon when the Love of God is poured forth into the hearts and minds and souls of all humanity. The energy of Love is the energy needed for the transformation and regeneration or the healing of all infirmities and maladies that assail mankind.  All healing consists of the restoration of peace to the soul of the patient and the energies of love-wisdom focused in this Full Moon enables all manner of healing.

The great Teacher of Light and Love, known as the Christ in the West and as Lord Maitreya in the East supervises the divine inflow of love into the hearts and souls of human kind each year. This duty delegated by the God of Peace Himself to the World Teacher and Master of all Masters, the Lord Christ is to distribute love and light into the hearts and souls of all humanity, irrespective of gender, race or religion. He cares not what your faith is so long as the objective is love of God of and of humanity. The Christ has no religious barriers in His consciousness which would block the flow of the healing energy of love to all, rather it is us that should remove the blocks to the entry of light and love.  

Opportunity is offered to the sick and suffering from either body, mind or soul ailments to heal themselves. Thus love energies when flowing thru us soothes any pain, calms any turmoil of mind and soul, changes sorrow into joy, converts fear into courage and can uplift despair into hope. This love expanding every joy, transforms weakness into power and confidence, illness and sickness into wholeness of body, mind and spirit.

Christ, Lord of Love and Peace is the Distributor of love and peace in this festival just as the Buddha, the lord of Wisdom is the Distributor of the energies of Enlightenment at the Wesak, ushered in at the end of last April. They both are responsible for the outpouring of the dual energies of love and wisdom into human hearts and minds that can heal and liberate mankind from bondage and lead them from darkness into light. God is love and love brings harmony and harmony begets peace in body, mind and spirit. The great Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet, the Christ, the great Teacher of Angels and Men with His Associates supervise this process of precipitation of love and goodwill. He is the embodied Soul of All Reality and when evoked can bring all disease and ailments to an end. We have mentioned that 2018 is the year of breakthroughs: “2018 is a momentous year for all who want to upgrade and better their life conditions. Many social commentators across the globe have foretold that 2018 is the year of global spiritual awakening. We concur that 2018 continue the transformations commenced in 2017. In 2017 we commenced a Fresh New Cycle in which BREAKTHROUGHS began. But in 2018 it’s time to UPGRADE your consciousness; it is time to begin to experience Total Health of body, soul and spirit. There are abundant opportunities for all who seek better health as well as peace and prosperity in their lives this year.” <>


May 2018 just ended with the Gemini Full Moon just as April ended with the Full Moon of Enlightenment. Whilst you should have Reboot if you had started to upgrade or turn around your life trends as we indicated in TIME TO CHANGE & UPGRADE in May,( please go to during the following weeks you can infuse and uplift your consciousness and free yourself of any baggage of outdated and negative attitudes that may be weighing you down and preventing your progress in life by getting to upgrade your life with the energy Of Goodwill.  This third major full moon is called the Festival of Christ or Festival of Humanity. It is also known as the Festival of Goodwill and celebrated as the World Invocation Day. This Gemini Solar Festival has many names – Festival of Humanity, Festival of Goodwill, of Unification & of Humanity and World Invocation Day.


But what is Goodwill?  Goodwill is an energy which is constructive, positive and creative. It is the energy which heals all.
Goodwill is Love-in-action.

But what is Goodwill?  Goodwill is an energy which is constructive, positive and creative. It is the energy which heals cleavages, emotional and mental barriers, and leads to total understanding. This energy can heal not only individual persons but is also a mighty force which can bring international understanding and global unity. In the core of every man or woman this energy is to be found. The task of men and woman of goodwill is to find ways to release that energy within themselves for the good of all.

It is said that at the Gemini full moon, “the love of God, the spiritual essence of solar fire reaches its highest point of expression” and the Christ is the Embodiment and Distributor of this Solar Love which emanates from the Heart of the Sun and which gives ”victory of Life over form and of spirit over matter.”

For each planet, a Master holds the office that represents the universal Christ or Soul consciousness for that planet. Lord Maitreya holds this office for our planet Earth. He is the Christ, the Aquarian World Teacher, also expected as the Imam Mahdi, the expected one for followers of Islam. He is also related to the historical Lord Maitreya. Maitreya is worshiped in Tibet, Mongolia, China, and Japan and throughout Asia, where he is revered by Buddhists as “the Compassionate One” and as the coming Buddha. While Maitreya is accepted by all Buddhists, he does take on a variety of roles in different cultures and religious sects. These roles include the guardian and restorer of the Dharma; intercessor and protector; a guru who personally communes with, initiates and teaches his devotees; a messiah who descends when the world is in turmoil; a messenger sent by the Divine Mother to rescue her children. He and His Associates with the Communion of Saints direct these energies of love, light and peace at this great World festival.


We all have access to this Energy of Love and Goodwill to employ in the coming weeks after this Full Moon. The Energy of Love and Goodwill first permeates the Souls of men and women of goodwill around the globe and then penetrates to our mental, emotional and etheric bodies transforming thoughts, words, emotional reactions, and activities and relationships and eventually uplifting us to a higher ground. This energy of love and goodwill can upgrade our consciousness. This energy can be attracted and used by all those who love their fellow human beings and who filled with compassion become a life-giver, joy-giver, giver of health, love and beauty.


As Reverend Michael Bruce Curry echoed in the Royal Wedding Sermon of Prince “God is Love.” Whether or not you watched the Royal Wedding, you may have heard about the powerful sermon delivered by the Reverend Michael Bruce Curry, the African-American head of the Episcopal Church on May 19 in St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle. In an impassioned homily, Curry reminded us that there is no more powerful force than love—because, put simply, God is love. While Curry’s sermon received wide praise, a few naysayers complained it went on for too long, nevertheless he emphasised the power of love that brought the wedding couple together and the millions who watched across the globe. It’s a great speech, made all the more remarkable by the fact it was witnessed by hundreds of millions worldwide.


A great tide of Love thus flows around and into the Earth around the time of this great festival. This light brings forth Goodwill, right conditions and harmony, unifying Heaven and Earth. A synthesis occurs between whatever is opposed and/or separated. Everything becomes One again.  Goodwill is the keynote, the “touchstone that can transform the world.” Intentions for Goodwill create Right Human Relations which creates Peace in our world…it is the only Way. World peace begins with love. Divine love, both unconditional and universal, is like a magnet that draws the good, the beautiful and the true and we must each draw upon it.

When you are touched by this energy of Love and Goodwill and you accept it, you become a man or woman of goodwill and you begin to live a life of right human relations and can spread peace into your world. You can never be the same again when you receive this high voltage energy. You can receive this energy of the Will-to-Good by increasing your dynamic heart vibrations and cleansing yourself from all separative thoughts and negative emotions. This way you actively join the network of Peacemakers  —-those men and women of Goodwill dedicated and united in the Protection of the Environment and All Creatures on Earth and so bring PEACE on Earth.

Let us dedicate ourselves to the Protection of the Environment & All Creatures on Earth (P.E.A.C.E.) thru Love & Goodwill.



The Mantram of Unification

The following mantram is called the Mantram of Unification. It could well be called the Mantram of the New Group of World Servers or PEACEMAKERS.

Together We can make a Better World

A mantram is a combination of sounds, words and phrases which, through virtue of certain rhythmic effects, achieve results, such as spiritual transformation.  The Mantram of Unification is a meditation and a prayer that at first affirms the unity of all men and the Brotherhood of Man based on the Fatherhood of God.  The Mantram of Unification declares two realities. First, that the user is one with all humanity and second, that humanity as a whole responds to the divine Plan. Five aspects of this Plan are dealt with:

  1. The reward of human suffering.
  2. The control of human life by the soul.
  3. Precipitation of the vision, revealing the future.
  4. The demonstration of the inner unity of all humanity.
  5. Humanity dominated by love.

Here we have a marvelous summation of the divine Plan for man. To whatever extent we, as individuals, understand it and live by it, we aid the whole of humanity. It brings meaning and purpose to our lives.

This mantram is a source of strength for all disciples active in spiritual work.  This great mantra gives the spiritual worker an opportunity to realize that he or she is one with the forces of Light and Love.

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