We live in a sea of subtle energies.  We can become conscious of them and learn to use
them to upgrade our consciousness

Happy New Year to all who subscribe or visit this site of natural health and holistic living. What a New Year that starts with a beautiful Full Moon on which to set sail in 2018?  It is not only a Full Moon but also a Supermoon on the very first day of the year. Supermoons happen when the moon’s perigee — its closest approach to Earth in a single orbit — coincides with a full moon when its pull is strongest on our feelings and emotions. It’s a Cancer Full Moon involved in a beautiful Grand Water Trine.

But this opening month of January unveils two Supermoons. The first full moon of January takes place on the night of Jan. 1 or the morning of Jan. 2, depending on your location on the planet. The second full moon which is a lunar eclipse will occur on the night of Jan. 31 or the morning of Feb. 1 in some places. But the Supermoon will take place on the night of Jan. 30, which is technically one day before the moon reaches peak fullness, but even NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, America’s space agency is willing to call the event a Supermoon nonetheless.

2018 Supermoon & Bluemoon Lunar Eclipse

The real star of the show for moon watchers this opening month of 2018 is the lunar eclipse on Jan. 31. The Supermoon (when the moon reaches its closest point to Earth in this orbit) will be the day before, on Jan. 30 at 4:58 a.m. EST (0958 GMT). The moon will be 223,068 miles (358,994 kilometers) from Earth, compared to the average distance of 238,855 miles (384,400 km), according to NASA.

So 2018 will be starting off with not one, but two Supermoons and an eclipse. As already mentioned Supermoons are full moons at their closest orbital points to Earth, and appear 14 percent closer and 30 percent larger than when they are at their furthest in the orbit. The first Supermoon, a so-called “wolf moon,” will appear on January 1, and it will be followed on January 31 by a “blue moon.” The name “blue moon” refers to the second full moon of a month. The January 31 blue moon will be extra-special as it also coincides with a total lunar eclipse.

This eclipse also involves a Supermoon, when the Moon is as close as it ever gets to the Earth, and it’s in a straight alignment with the Sun and Earth. The SuperMoon makes this Lunar Eclipse extra potent and important. Please also note 2018’s first Full Moon is no ordinary Super Moon, because Earth is also approaching ‘Perihelion’, which means the Earth is closest to the Sun, while the Moon is closest to the Earth, making Earth, Sun and Moon the closest they are going to be for the entire year. Up close and together the alignment suggests a rebirth of some kind. The Earth is at its perihelion –closest to the Sun –when the Sun is in Capricorn traditionally celebrated as the “festival of Light” or Epiphany when divinity is manifest thru and to individuals. This divine influx may disrupt the established order, especially outmoded social patterns and habits, prelude to the rebirth. What an interesting coincidence and challenge for 2018! It also portends a variety of geophysical activity such as floods and earthquakes to be activated and heightened during this year.

These two Supermoons that greet 2018 follow two previous Supermoons, which appeared on November 4 and December 3, 2017. While Supermoons are themselves not rare, five in a row certainly are and they provide the impetus for acceleration in our planetary consciousness.

What does this all mean?

Energy runs high during a SUPERMOON and you may feel more emotional, electric, experience sleep disturbances or have expressive or lucid dreams during this period. You may also find your intuition is heightened, synchronicity more pronounced and you become more aware or sensitive to the energy of the environment / people / plants / animals… actually everything !

The best way to balance with this highly charged water energy is to Earth yourself and this the Sun does for us. He helps us by preventing us from being swamped in water with Capricorn energy. The Sun symbolises the highest principle of Love and placed in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn, conscientiousness and devotion to duty and active service are hallmarks. But Saturn is placed in the sign she rules emphasizing responsibility and social service, we should as souls become increasingly conscious of the needs of the whole community in which we live. Although Saturn is the great disciplinarian, she is also the bringer of harmony and beauty, for it is said that there can be no beauty without discipline and devotion. Fortunately for us we have Venus the Planet of Love, Beauty and Harmony placed alongside the Sun, bringing to birth Christ consciousness love, peace and joy. The Sun’s entry into Capricorn at the winter solstice is the great solar festival of the year, which celebrates the birth of the Sun, the light of Eternity in man’s heart, the illumination of the Christ Sun is revealed for us this year.


The Moon controls the oceans and tides.  Our bodies are more than sixty percent water.  You will feel this powerful Lunar Eclipse in your physical body and in the Earth below your feet as well as in your Emotional body and Mental body. It will affect the way we feel and think, for better or worse. It all depends on you!

Whilst Full Moons and Super Moons have been shown to affect the tides on the Earth’s surface as well as the inner core (the eruption of volcanoes, earthquakes etc) humans also made up of over 60% water are also affected by the gravitation pull of the Moon!

Supermoons amplify and affect our physical, emotion & mental states of being.  Based on the Supermoons alignments with other planets, constellations & energetic bodies within our cosmos as well as the SUPERMOONS’ position within our own Charts, SUPERMOONS affect each individual differently.  But what can generally be said is that SUPERMOONS are amplifiers of our energy fields and awaken higher potentials of the current planetary alignments that are associated with them.


The sensitive water element features strongly in this first Full Moon of 2018, which is also a numerological magical 11:11 portal. Crossing over this New Year’s threshold into Twenty-Eighteen could be quite a profound and demanding, emotional yet entertaining, shape-shifting affair. This Full Moon is also the largest of two Super Moons in a row, and a double whammy Moon-ruled, watery Cancer Moon.

It’s a Cancer Full Moon in a beautiful Grand Water Trine as well as a Grand Fire Trine. With the Full Moon in Cancer forming an opposition to the Sun, Venus and Pluto in the opposite sign Capricorn, it is safe to say we are in for a huge energetic period of transformation and transmutation. We can begin to see how we can change and upgrade our lives this season, Fire and Water can boil!


We live in a sea of subtle energies.  We can become conscious of them and learn to use them to upgrade our consciousness. Ancient cultures understood that we live in a vast sea of energy.  They understood that the planets and stars are conscious beings who communicate with each other and can inspire us.  They believed that the trees serve as antennas, which allow natural subtle energies and information to flow up from the Earth to the stars and planets, and from all other celestial bodies into the Earth. We live in a world that constitutes of four Elements synthesized by a fifth viz. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Aether. In fact Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the oldest documented Medicine on our planet speaks of the Five Elements which underlie our human psyche and universe.

In traditional Chinese medicine, emotions and physical health are intimately connected. Please go to a previous article Toxic-emotions-and-your-health.  Sadness, nervous tension and anger, worry, fear, and overwork are each associated with a particular organ in the body. For example, irritability and inappropriate anger can affect the liver and result in menstrual pain, headache, and redness of the face and eyes, dizziness and dry mouth. A diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine is highly individualized. Once an organ system is identified, the unique symptoms of the patient determine the practitioner’s treatment approach. TCM believes that certain organs are related to emotional activities, i.e. the heart is related to joy, the liver to anger, the spleen to pensiveness, the lungs to anxiety and the kidneys to fear


The emotions are considered the major internal causes of disease in TCM. Emotional activity is seen as a normal, internal, physiological response to stimuli from the external environment. Within normal limits, emotions cause no disease or weakness in the body. However, when emotions become so powerful that they become uncontrollable and overwhelm or possess a person, then they can cause serious injury to the internal organs and open the door to disease. It is not the intensity as much as the prolonged duration or an extreme emotion, which causes damage. While Western physicians tend to stress the psychological aspects of psychosomatic ailments, the pathological damage to the internal organs is very real indeed and is of primary concern of the TCM practitioner.  Watch your emotions this season, don’t let them boil over!

What is blocking you from:

  • Loving and fulfilling relationships?
  • Financial freedom and abundance?
  • Perfect health and sense of vitality?
  • Effortless creativity and excellence?
  • Heightened intuition and imagination?

It may be your wrong emotional and mental attitudes which now stand for review.  ‘EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE NOW – OWN YOUR POWER’ by connecting with the unlimited source of divine love and intelligence within you, so that you can experience unending joy and non-stop success.

What Energies are you working with in 2018? How should we handle the Grand Water & Fire Trines?

Have you been having problems with your emotions? Has anger and resentment been undermining your relationships?  Has anxiety and fear blocked your progress in life? All this can begin to change for you this year. The Water Trine lesson is to find Peace. At the deepest level of creation, all beings seek peace. On the path to Perfection Man must attain peace of Body, of Mind and of Soul. The Lesson of Peace of Body, Soul and Spirit is learned in the Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.


The Water signs relate to the Astral plane of Desire from where liberation is sought. The Peace that the Soul must learn is that which passes all understanding and this comes thru finding God within ourselves. The turmoil of the Astral or Emotional plane if not controlled by the mind can wreak havoc on the health of the physical body. The emotions of the Water signs have a very trying and tearing effect on the physical body and the aspirant for freedom must learn the necessity for mental control of the emotions or else various sickness and lowered vitality result.

The first Full Moon and Supermoon of 2018 also involves a Grand Fire Trine suggesting the need for true Love – kindly thoughts and actions, selfless in their motives can help heal our wounds, our relationships  and our world. The Fire signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius and their lesson of Love can help us transmute the Astral or Desire Body to something finer and more refined.

Full-Person Renewal & Baptism

The Fire and Water Elements help us transmute and transform and uplift to our Higher Self. In order to enter the new state -the Kingdom of God or Nirvana-we must begin to purify the aberrations in our three outer bodies. In many cultures all over the world Water is always a purifying agent. Water is the symbol of purification, especially of our errant desires and feelings.

As we go through the full process of being born again into the new state we must be baptized with water, the Holy Spirit, and fire, by Jesus Christ, who represents our Higher Self. He cleanses our actions, our thoughts, and our desires. In other words, He cleanses us completely, from head to toe and from the outside in if only we cooperate in the process.

This process continues throughout our lifetime here on earth and we are offered opportunity this year to be uplifted higher. And since even “the heavens are not clean in God’s sight” (Job 15:15), we continue to be purified and perfected in heaven to all eternity.

In essence:

  • Baptism with water is the cleansing of our outward speech and behavior from evil actions and lies.
  • Baptism with the Holy Spirit is the cleansing of our mind and spirit from falsity and error.
  • Baptism with fire is the cleansing of our heart from evil impulses and desires, and from the pleasure we used to derive from them. Fire carries forward the purification process which Water has started.

Baptism with fire

In Christianity, baptism takes the place of all the Old Testament rituals of washing and purification. Luke 3:16 and Matthew 3:11 speak of three forms of baptism:

  • with water
  • with the Holy Spirit
  • with fire

Since baptism in general represents a cleansing of Christian believers from evil, falsity, and sin, each of these forms of baptism represent a cleansing at a different level in the life of a disciple of Christ.

The third and final form of baptism mentioned in Matthew 3:11 and Luke 3:16 is baptism with fire.  Since ancient times, in all cultures, fire with its warmth has been seen as a symbol of love. When Jesus Christ baptizes us with fire, it is a baptism with spiritual and divine love.

Having had our outward behavior cleansed with the baptism of water, and our mind cleansed with the spirit of truth, the third baptism is to have our heart cleansed with the baptism of the fire of God’s love. And then we can enter the new state This is the Gift of the Grace of God for us this year.


Love & Peace & Joy to all.

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