THE August 2017 New Moon Solar Eclipse

August 2017 was indeed an august month to be remembered. Most of the month of August normally hosts zodiacal Leo which this year also hosts two New Moons and two Eclipses. The Solar Eclipse of 21st. August 2017 preceded by the earlier Full Moon Eclipse of 7th August is the pair of celestial events of 2017 that offer tremendous opportunity for change and transformation. Eclipses are from ancient times viewed with fear, but we now understand them in totally different ways. An eclipse is like a vortex that can take you out of your ‘normal’ perceptions of life and leave you with a different view. Just think what happens during a total solar eclipse. When the Sun goes DARK, we see not only its crown of light (its corona) but also the Universe. During the eclipse, something dies and something is born; kings may pass away and princes may be born. Eclipses have always been held in fear and awe and were considered harbingers of the “deaths of Kings and leaders” and major indications of change. Now we know that as the electromagnetic energy of the earth changes and fluctuates during an eclipse we receive downloads and initiations of new radiant energy from the sun and beyond. We are transformed and enlightened in the dark. 

Solar Eclipse August 2017 

It’s been hyped as “The Great American Eclipse” but it’s a milestone for all of us, in its path or not. It’s an Eclipse that comes with ‘a heart-opening energy’  according to Vivienne Micalief-Browne, Empower Astrology. This is the year’s second new Moon in Leo, the sign of courage, warm-heartedness and a flair for self-expression bordering on divine right.  This long awaited total solar eclipse spans all of the U.S.A, moving from the west coast to the east coast. The eclipse path goes through Red states and especially the South. This could intensify the controversy and conflict between the extreme left and extreme right.

Solar Eclipse August 2017 Map []
For once astrologers and astronomers agree – this month is a big deal because there will be a total solar eclipse coast-to-coast across the United States which hasn’t happened in such a magnitude for almost 100 years. On August 21st between 12:19-12:21 CDST, over 12 million Americans were in the ‘black-out belt” and another 125 million were almost in totality of the eclipse. It was astronomical fireworks with circus-like atmosphere around the eclipse as most media around the world including BBC, CNN et al highlighted the celestial event almost all day. But what is the big astrological meaning of this astronomical phenomenon? Well, it was the most super-charged New Moon you can imagine, and it’s going to bring significant changes to the area of the world that it most effects (that’s USA, folks) and in the people’s lives who are most affected by it.  We already are witness to the effects in the storms caused by hurricane Harvey in the USA as well floods in Bangladesh, North India as well as in the Caribbean. it is the eclipse that triggered the hurricane and caused other natural disasters around the world.   Typically, the people most affected by a solar eclipse are those who desire change in their lives. It’s a great time to use the one thousand spiritual multiplier that the solar eclipse brought us in the month of August to transform our lives for good during the next months ahead.

What is the meaning of this monumental ECLIPSE?

Christina of Zodiac Poetry calls it: ‘-A fiery new beginning on a collective and personal level as the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Leo awakens the Spirit Within.‘ It is an invitation to awaken to our creative essence! It’s a gift from the cosmos at this most chaotic time.  If you have any planets at 26*-30* of Leo and Aquarius as well as Taurus and Scorpio, this eclipse is calling to you to make innovative changes in your life. Yes. You. Ready or not, it’s time for blast off. All the sparks you’ve been feeling building are igniting with the Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse. Life will never be the same if you begin to change aspects of your life you do not like! The universe will back you up; the spiritual weather supports you for positive change!

Total, Partial, Annular & Hybrid Solar Eclipses

The solar eclipse on Monday August 21, 2017 is at 29° Leo conjunct the first Magnitude Star, Regulus, home of our Solar Logos, the Grand Heavenly Man of our Universe. This solar eclipse points to bold, confident changes leading to long term success. Determined and sustained effort will bring the growth and happiness you desire.

“The Sun and Moon, conjoined in Leo are urging us to explore our hearts and brings warmth and light, to encourage us to stand up for what we believe in.”

“The New Moon / Eclipse is also powered up by the trine with Uranus, ruler of the South Node, and of the Aquarius Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse that happened on August 7. This suggests we find a connection with the themes that surfaced at the time of the Full Moon: liberation, revolution, finding our “tribe” and cutting ties with a toxic, oppressive, restrictive past.” adds Christina, Zodiac Poetry “Moon trine Uranus brings out an abundance of radical and innovative energy. Rebels won’t give a fig about conforming to the status quo. This aspect should bring to fruition personal freedom, revolution and electric genius. For those touched by the Uranus transit the more outlandish they behave, the more the public seems to lap it up. This is an artistic aspect that supports original and eccentric minds. This Solar Eclipse favors innovators and inventors that think outside the box.”  says Marina Macario, of Darkstar Astrology.

“A solar eclipse with Regulus gives success, power, authority, influence, honor and wealth. However, envy and hatred from enemies can lead to trouble, violence and downfall.”    writes Jamie Partridge, of Astrology King.

In essence, this is an excellent solar eclipse to change destructive or outdated behaviors such as prejudices and addictions. A strong desire to succeed together with dignity and faith in the good and beautiful will break bad habits or jinx and provide unexpected new interests and directions to replace obsolete ways and patterns. Impulses that have been simmering can explode and bring rapid, radical, exhilarating changes. Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride. You can fly through your storm. It takes your own special sparkle. Let your own special light shine.

Finally, TRANSFORMATIONAL TOOLS  counsels us to: “Steer with your heart. Follow the energy that blazes within, that pushes you, that beckons you on. Leave timing to celestial clockwork. The gears will be moving for months, likely till the next eclipse in February. With the Moon & Sun in Leo during this New Moon TOTAL Solar Eclipse, we are being called to see the world through our Hearts, the eyes of LOVE.   Leo, the big-hearted, wise & courageous lion is calling us to be vulnerable, open our Hearts to a world more beautiful and BE courageous enough to be a revolutionary pioneer by CHOOSING to ‘see’ a greater potential for humanity through LOVE.” The New Moon August 2017 Eclipse aligns with the major fixed star Regulus to give ambition and adventure. A positive link to Uranus makes this a six-month eclipse phase of anticipation, excitement and positive change if you wish to break away from any rut you find yourself.

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