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The full moon of Gemini on 9 June 2017 brings to a climax the three major festivals of 2017. This is the Christ Festival that channels the love of God and in this year also carries the energies of beneficial transformation. We invite all to participate this year in precipitating and cooperating in bringing in these energies to heal hearts and minds that suffer from the ravages of violence, terrorism, and the various social upheaval and unrest in the world today.


We highlight each year the three major world festivals of the New world religion at the full Moons of Aries, Taurus and Gemini but this is a unique year replete with the positive energies of transformation. We can reboot our system to make it work better after we have cleaned out our act!


Our June 9/10 Full Moon is the GOODWILL Full Moon, being the first Full Moon in GEMINI- whereby the Moon reflects the light of the Sun in GEMINI.   The Goodwill Full Moon is the THIRD of three powerful full moons as follows:

1. Christ Full Moon – April 10/11, 2017   (Sun in Aries)

Honour of the Christ within all of us & within all of Creation

2. Wesak Full Moon – May 10/11, 2017  (Sun in Taurus)

Buddha’s birthday, honoring the God within all of us & within all of Creation.

3. Goodwill / World Invocation Day Full Moon – June 9/10, 2017 (Sun in Gemini). Honouring of Spiritual Unity in humanity.


This Full Moon is called the FESTIVAL OF HUMANITY, the World Day of Spiritual invocation or the Festival of Goodwill. The divine energy focused thru Wesak now can flow thru the world. This healing power of love can be received with a quiet mind turned towards high spiritual ideals. Each festival covers a special period of five days (two days preceding, the day of the Festival, and the two following days), with the climax on the day of the Festival itself, when women and men of goodwill can cooperate much more effectively than at other times, in meditation and through the direction of energy, with the spiritual Hierarchy and those who stand behind the evolution of consciousness of our planet.

The Healing Power of Light and Love can Transform Us and Our World.

The healing power of light and love generated at these festivals can transform us and our world if we let and cooperate with them. You can heal yourself of all manner of illness especially at these times. What helps us to heal is for us to surrender our fears and negative patterns, relax and let go thru prayer and meditation and tune in to the inner and wiser Christ Self and consciousness within. This helps increase endorphins – those blissful neurochemicals that promote healing within the physical body.

The flow of spiritual energies reaches a peak during the full moon period. At these times we can – particularly as a group – touch spiritual realities and energies that are normally not so easily available. The Full Moon is like a pitcher pouring out a healing elixir. The celestial dispensation continues for three days following the day of the Full Moon. Calm and balance, deep breathing, meditation, yoga, rhythmic music and dancing help for receiving the blessings of heaven.



The three powerful Full Moons form a trinity, a sacred trine of potential for birthing a vision into physical form.  Our Goodwill Full Moon is also referred to as the Festival of the Spirit of Humanity or World Invocation Day – in celebration of the highest ideals, goals & aspirations of a compassionate, kind & loving human race.  At the time of the Goodwill Full Moon, we are called from a place of ‘goodwill’ to focus on our true nature, to embrace the truth of who we are and what connects us and choose to serve the grandest version of the greatest vision of a United Humanity.


In April 1945, a world prayer entitled ‘The Great Invocation‘ was gifted to Alice Bailey by Djwhal Khul.  Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan Teacher is described as being a member of the ‘Masters of the Ancient Wisdom’, often referred as the spiritual guide of mankind. Djwhal Khul is a teacher of ancient cosmological, metaphysical, and esoteric principles that form the origin of all the world’s great philosophies, mythologies and spiritual traditions.   The channeled wisdoms from Djwhal Khul formed the teachings within Alice Bailey’s 24 books.

Today, ‘The Great Invocation‘ has been translated into over 80 languages and is a world prayer for uniting humanity in a collective vision through the Goodwill of the Heart of Humanity.   You can read more about the significance of the Great Invocation Prayer here>

Since 1952 (when Eleanor Roosevelt read The Great Invocation as part of a live radio broadcast at the United Nations) people everywhere have celebrated the Goodwill Full Moon / World Invocation Day, to be an active part in co-creating a greater potential for an awakened & enlightened Humanity through the one-heart.

As mentioned previously, we live in a changing field of energies and the lunations or cycles of new and full moons offer us opportunities for growth and change. A lunation cycle establishes a period of approximately thirty days during which the relationship between the Sun and the Moon passes through a cycle of changes, and the Moon undergoes a series of transformations which we witness as the phases of the moon. 


At the Full Moon, the Moon and Sun are opposite. At Full Moon, you can bring things to a head, completing, finishing, and bringing to public attention, projecting or put on display. It can be a time when problems come to a head or the short fall becomes visible. Full Moons tend to be more emotionally charged than a New Moon due to the tense opposition aspect between the Sun and Moon. What we privately began at New Moon now comes out into the open. The reactions and responses from others generate certain responses in us. As the Full Moon begins to wane, it’s time to release what isn’t needed for the next part of the cycle.  Often the full moon is a time when we reap what we sowed at the New Moon, for good or for ill. You can experience a brilliant breakthrough or breakdown! The veils between the worlds are thinnest around a full Moon, so be very careful what you invite in.

You can use the full Moon period to raise your vibrations. Increasing your frequency will change your attitude, behavior and increase your creative power and this begins your healing and transformation.

It all started at the Eclipses earlier in the year. The February 10th/11th Lunar (Full Moon) Eclipse in Leo represents the opening of a new gateway and a starting point into the energies of 2017 but the following New Moon eclipse of 27 Feb. gives us the last opportunity to ‘let go and let God’, thru the Christ Consciousness within us take control.


You can Accelerate your Journey to Wholeness & Freedom thru Your Transformation: the power to change our lives unfolds from within & now lies in our hands and hearts.

The world has witnessed in the past few months much violence, terror and confusion; there is so much fear and apprehension in the world being driven by chaos, anger, judgement, hurt, uncertainty & disillusionment, as ‘external events’ have dimmed the light in so many.  When we allow outer events to cloud our vision we shield ourselves from reality; we not only further the divide between each other, but we also block ourselves from LOVE. Love builds a protective shield around us which the dark forces, ugly and negative thoughtforms, destructive intents cannot penetrate. Building love shields around us deactivates demonic tendencies around us. Love is life and freedom and Joy!.  During this Goodwill Full Moon, we have an opportunity to raise ourselves higher and shift the global conversation to a more loving trend.   As we release bitterness and judgement of what is ‘out there’ and instead focus on the richness, the joy, the creativity, the passion, the kindness, the beauty and the blissful expansion of the LOVE that exists within, we awaken to something far more beautiful.   We awaken ourselves to our true natures, we embrace the truth of who we are, what connects us and we choose to BE the grandest version of the greatest vision of a United Humanity.  May we hold within our hearts peace, compassion & kindness during this Goodwill Full Moon.


Any individual or group that has been bedeviled with ill-health, misfortune, oppression or suppression can find relief and freedom this year by simply opening up and cooperating with this divine inflow  during this  Gemini Full Moon of 9 June 2017.   Your illness and suffering may be a message that you have done wrong and these times offer you the opportunity to turn things around, to learn from your mistakes and move on to a higher ground.

During the SAGITTARIUS Full Moon, the moon is reflecting the light of the SUN in GEMINI. This is a great full moon to acknowledge that being and living spiritually need not be depressing or boring… you can actually have fun and enjoy the journey. Sag encourages us  to reach out for a higher consciousness, moving us along, vibrating with zeal and enthusiasm to  a higher ground.

How about coming together with your friends for a full moon gathering, meditation evening… and honour the joy & bliss of being alive.  Celebrate how far you have come on your journey of life and marvel at how these experiences have created magical lessons/wisdoms in your growth & expansion. Remember that this Full Moon is all about Goodwill and brotherhood and sisterhood!



We invite you this Goodwill Full Moon, to connect in sacred prayer/meditation and dream the dream of a new Earth, transcend the limiting beliefs of our physical world and open our hearts and minds to the miracles that are created through the power of LOVE through the ONE HEART.

  1. During this  JUNE 9/10 Goodwill Full Moon, find a quiet place, light a candle, burn some incense or use your favourite essential oil and then whilst holding your favourite Crystal to your Heart;
  2. Hold a vision of peace and harmony for the world in your mind and begin to pray:


I pray for peace in myself, in my community and in the World.

Peace in the world begins with love in my heart.

I open my mind and heart to peace, love and understanding.

The energy of love and compassion moves thru me and blesses all humanity.

I open my hands and my heart and mind to light and love to  make a difference in the world.

I place my faith in the Invisible Infinite Spirit of Peace, Power and Joy.

I pray knowing we are all one family in Spirit for all mothers, all fathers,

all sisters and all brothers in some form of pain or suffering or turmoil.

As peace and love flow thru me my prayer for the world is abundant

health, wealth and joy for all.

Love ripples out bringing peaceful solutions where disharmony once thrived

I pray this in the name of the living loving Christ Presence within.


3. Then pray and meditate on The Great Invocation below.


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