Three Major Festivals – 2015 :

Festival of Easter

Aries full moon –  Saturday 4th April 2015

Festival of Wesak

Taurus full moon –  Sunday 4th May 2015

Festival of Goodwill

Gemini full moon – Tuesday 2nd June 2015.


“The soul’s meditation is rhythmic and cyclic in its nature as is all else in the cosmos. The soul breathes and its form lives thereby. The rhythmic nature of the soul’s meditation must not be overlooked in the life of the aspirant. There is an ebb and flow in all nature, and in the tides of the ocean we have a wonderful picture of an eternal law… the idea of a cyclic response to soul impulses lies back of the activities of a morning meditation, a noonday recollection, and an evening review. A larger ebb and flow is also indicated in the two aspects of the full moon and the new moon.” (Alice A. Bailey)

Our twelve months of the year are conditioned by the twelve zodiacal signs or twelve major types of universal energies. Indeed is our spiritual life and unfoldment  conditioned by the numerical significance of the number twelve. Our Master Jesus Christ working as Teacher two thousand years ago assembled to Himself the twelve Disciples or Apostles each corresponding to one of the twelve constellations. The heart chakra thru which the energy of love flows is said to be in the form of a twelve-petalled lotus. Christ, the Avatar of Love came to show us the way to God’s  heart is thru love. He works by means of meditation centered within the sacred twelve-petalled heart lotus.

We live, move and have our being in a sea of energies and the flow of spiritual energies reaches a peak during each of a twelve-fold full moon period. However, there are three full moons which are of the greatest spiritual importance; concentrated in three consecutive months and leading to a prolonged annual spiritual effort which sets the energy for the remainder of the year. This triple sequence, which marks the beginning of the spiritual new year, is referred to as ‘Three Major Spiritual Festivals’. During these times great expansions of consciousness become possible which are not possible at other times. “It is as if a door were suddenly opened wide, which at other times stands closed. Through that door, aspirants and disciples can contact energies which are otherwise not easily available. Through that door, approach can be made to Those Who guide the race and to truth and reality, which at other times is not possible.”


The first three Full Moons of our spiritual year commences with the full moon of Aries and is the great Western and Christian Festival. It is the festival of the Christ, the spiritual Leader of the West and is followed by the Wesak festival at the Full Moon of Taurus. The Wesak festival is the festival of the Buddha, the spiritual Leader of the East. Both festivals are dedicated to these two Sons of our Planetary Life whose teachings have swayed our world for several centuries. The third Festival of Goodwill fuses the energies of Love and Wisdom demonstrating as Goodwill bringing eventually peace on Earth.

 This 2015 Easter Full Moon of Aries is significant and auspicious as it occurs during an Eclipse of the Moon in the sign of Balance – the Scales of Libra. This lunar eclipse in Libra took place on Saturday, April 4th.2015.  The full Moon and total lunar eclipse occur in Libra, directly opposite the Sun and Uranus in Aries in challenging square to Pluto in Capricorn. Libra demanding balance and right relationship urges also balance between our material and spiritual values.

Eclipses occur when the lunar nodes align with the Sun and Moon, and because the lunar nodes are connected to the journey of our destiny from past to future there is a fated quality to eclipses in which something which has been hidden is revealed. This Full Moon in Libra also opposes the Aries Sun setting off a polarity between Self (Aries) and Other (Libra).  The Libra Moon asks for harmony and balance whilst the Aries Sun desires self-actualization so in this Full Moon we must strike a balance between these two opposites. Libra demands right relations and the growth of unselfishness thru the development of self-control. We should strive for balance, poise and harmony in our relationships, aware of all points of view we learn to compromise.

 If you have your Sun sign or Rising sign or some planets in the mid-degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn), you’re pretty much guaranteed to find yourself in some kind of struggle, if not totally wrapped around some conflict or crisis . This is not to scare you, but to prepare and empower you to make that change. This is a time when the mind must be open in order to take in the higher vibration information that is available to us this year.  This eclipse offers an opportunity to complete the shift of the past seven years and close the door on the past while building a strong and powerfully creative future.

 This is a most auspicious spiritual year as it begins with a Grand Trine in the Fire signs. The three Fires  are the fires of which all things are made manifest. For all is fire and fire is all. Fire purifies our lives and offers opportunity to improve our lives on various levels by purifying our thoughts, motives and feelings,  asking us to strive and attain that balance we yearn for and which we know we can reach. As the Easter Full Moon approached and Uranus’ last square to  Pluto arrives, six  planets of our Solar System occupy fire signs: Uranus, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn and the Sun are placed in the fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

 This Full Moon lunar Eclipse involves the final seventh Uranus Pluto Square that has been transforming our lives since 2012. These two powerhouses have dominated everyone’s lives–since June 2012, when they made their first of seven significant alignments, challenging us to a spiritual rebirth, individually and globally.


 It is said that ‘the goal of all the religious teaching in the world will be the Resurrection of the spirit in mankind; the emphasis will be  upon the livingness of the Christ nature in every human being and upon the use of the  will in bringing about the living transfiguration of the lower nature.’

This Easter Full Moon on April 4 2015 witnessed  a final Uranus-Pluto echo  and comes our way with a a total Lunar Eclipse in Libra, directly opposite Sun with Uranus square Pluto. This last transformative energies urge us to release what must leave our life now so  we can become free to enter a new era. This configuration was preceded by the Spring Equinox accentuated by a Solar Eclipse which highlights Pisces. Pisces is the sign of Sacrifice and Renunciation, and also the sign of the world Saviour. The Pisces person who has gone thru some personal suffering or sacrifice is in a position to feel sympathy or compassion for others. In solitude Pisces comes to understand and combats unconscious forces and learns that there  is no end which is not followed by a new beginning.

These themes underlie the 2015 Easter festival. The Easter festival is the festival of Resurrection of the spirit in man, in the family or group, in the nation, in humanity and in the planet as a whole. It is said that the greatest gift from Christ, the Master of the Masters, the Teacher of all men and the Angels is the concept of Resurrection, which was given in the constellation of Aries. Aries is the sign of beginning, as well as the end, Aries opens up new cycles which, like a spiral of fire, gives birth to a new expression of spirit. The whole Christian family celebrates the resurrection of Christ during the Easter festival and is always celebrated at the  Full moon of Aries. Resurrection of the spirit in man, in all forms, in all kingdoms, in all of our planet seem to be the objective of the entire evolutionary process and it involves liberation from materialism and selfishness, from extremism, violence and brutality.

Uranus in Aries

Uranus is the Awakener and Liberator.  It has occupied Aries, the leading Fire sign since March 2011. During this time, we may been pushed to look at Aries themes such as our identity, our passion, and our potential for both negative and constructive action. Ultimately, we may have been  forced to undergo change and to awaken  to who we really are and to have the courage to begin to be that true Self , our inner and Higher Self. Uranus placed in Aries has been in challenging and transformative relationship with Pluto placed in Capricorn, emphasizing the need for change and a reprogramming of our attitudes and ways of life. We are asked to reset or reboot our way of life!
 Anne Nordhaus-Bike from her ANB Communications on this final 7th Uranus Pluto Square comments that “If you’ve handled this energy appropriately, then you may well have experienced losses, having to let go of outdated ways of being, old ideas of who you are, and outworn roles you no longer want to play. Like old shoes that no longer fit our feet comfortably, our former selves simply don’t fit anymore and must be left behind. Yet every loss, however painful, has brought liberation. Freed from constricting patterns and personas, we’re ready to expand into better feeling ways and better times and to step into new and wonderful shoes. This Easter FM brings to climax the revolutionary Uranus square Pluto and we are asked to use this climax of the Uranus-Pluto saga to make the final shifts we must make but may have put off. Use your intuition to guide you to what is right for you.”

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto is the Empowerer and Enricher, the Phoenix, the Spirit of Resurrection.  Pluto brings intensity and focus to our lives. Pluto breaks through illusions, in search of the utter truth. These are not Saturn truths, when we see things for what they are in a mundane or material sense. Pluto probes much deeper, shining light on our darkness. Transiting Pluto offers us the chance to evolve and to rebirth. Pluto acts to strip away what is unnecessary or superficial in our lives. Pluto wants deep experience, of the transformational kind. Things that are not working for us, whether they are thought processes or lifestyles, undergo a transformation. Pluto transits bring about rebirths of sorts in the areas of life affected. Pluto transits are about letting go of things that are holding us back from deep and meaningful experience.

Again  Anne Nordhaus-Bike from her ANB Communications continues to counsel : “Pluto has occupied Capricorn since November 2008. Since then, we’ve had to look at Capricorn themes such as ambition, career, and hierarchies of all kinds.  While Uranus awakens with electric jolts of inspiration or sudden changes, Pluto plows down anything in its way to force necessary change.  Often, we experience this as an emotional storm or even some kind of physical destruction, followed by an opportunity to create something more soul-supporting from the rubble. ….. If you’ve handled this energy well, you’ve had to cope with relentless pressure to change and to transform your life to be more in line with your soul’s desires. …Now, take time to look back over the last three years. Recall your life before 2012. How is your life different now? How are YOU different now?”

The final Uranus square Pluto may bring us the final inner battle: this may feel like a last struggle to decide which way to go on something major in your life.   If you had felt edgy, jittery, or impatient, you were likely been asked to make that shift in your life. Can you rise like the phoenix,  from the ashes of the past?

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune is the Saviour, the Mediator between man and God and the Redeemer. Neptune is the esoteric name for Christ , whether the individual, planetary or cosmic Christ. The positive aspects of the Path of Love and devotion trod by the Masters of the past are humility, self-sacrifice, renunciation, sympathy, charity, awareness of inner unity arrived thru meditation or some kind of transcendental experience. Neptune can be the Saint helping the poor and needy , healing the troubled and the ill or could be the drug addict or the hopeless sinner.

Christ, the World Teacher, that Great Being  Whom the Christians call Christ and also known as the Bodhisattva and as Lord Maitreya in the East  came  and gave out to the world three major truths: first the fact of the existence of the human Soul within the outward personality. This is the evolutionary force to which is given the name ‘Christ Consciousness’, the potency latent in every human heart described by St. Paul as ‘Christ in you, the hope of glory’ and is that which makes a man or woman a child of God  and which brings a man eventually into the Kingdom of God and drives him to attain ‘the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ’. He reminded men that  we are all the children of God in the same sense that He was. The truth of the Christ/Soul/Higher Self indwelling every man and woman is revealed in perfection thru the historical Christ and His great brothers down the ages.  Christ as the human Soul, the inner man of the heart and the historical Christ are planetary facts that need serious attention.

You can use this climax of the Uranus-Pluto saga to make the final shift you must make but may have put off. You can birth the inner and higher Self, the Christ Consciousness and bring the livingness of the Christ nature to heal your situation. Let yourself turn that corner, overcome the obstacle, and move on to a better life on the wings of the awakened Christ consciousness.

“Christ could be born a thousand 

times in Bethlehem — but all in vain

 until He is born in me.”

Angelus Silesius (1624 – 1677)

Secondly, He gave  to humanity the new command to love one another. God is love as the goal and objective of creation, love as the basic principle of right relationship and love as the factor which make us citizens of the kingdom of God. He inaugurated the era of love which has blossomed today in the United Nations attending to World welfare and embodying the spirit of international cooperation for the good of all nations. Love is the greatest force for good and is the Christ energy which generates at-one-ment between the higher and lower aspects of the soul in manifestation, and is expressed as loving understanding and goodwill; it is the energy of the second aspect of Divinity.

The objective of all these conflicts may be to invoke the Soul of humanity and to bring about its freer expression upon the physical plane. The stimulation of the souls of men everywhere by the increased inflow of the Christ principle of love will express itself in world understanding, goodwill, cooperation and will eventually bring peace on Earth. The Soul or higher Self whose nature is love and light and inclusive understanding is born from the conflicts, strains and struggles of life.

Love is the greatest
force for Good

Lastly Christ outlined the system of service as a mode of establishing right relationship- to one’s fellowmen and to God. He emphasized that service is the key to the life of liberation. He taught the technique of service thru His life of doing good, healing the sick and feeding the hungry, both physically and spiritually. He taught, loved and lived the life of the divine Exemplar leaving us to follow His steps. There has been a proliferation of NGOs, CSOs around the world in the past forty years. These various groups have sprung up fighting for the Soul of humanity in various fields, in the arts, sciences government, law, education, the healing fields etc They offer their service in their various fields and they answer the call to love and serve and uplift their brother.

This Uranus-Pluto configuration embodies first ray energy. There is the acceleration or hastening of consciousness on our Earth due to the inflow of this first ray energy. First ray energy embodies the will of God which always work for the highest good for the greatest number. The power of God becomes the messenger of His will,  it His will to step up or raise up our consciousness.

As www.esotericstudies.net elucidates in the deeper meanings of the World Prayer ”Our relationship to the divine will seems to enter a new phase in modern times. In the past, speaking generally, humanity’s highest approach was mainly characterized by submission, a surrendering to the inscrutable will of God. Today, a new attitude within humanity is becoming possible, a conscious acquiescence with that divine Will. Acquiescence has in it the element of an understanding intelligence, and this marks a great step forward. Thus, from a passive submission to that Will, humanity can now move on to a positive acquiescence and even a joyous cooperation with the ‘center where the Will of God is known.”

From the center which we call the human race

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Free up your schedule as much as possible during this year so you have extra time for rest and reflection as this cosmic storm front sweep away worn-out attitudes and structures and bring in new conditions of life.  We step onto the metaphoric “spiritual path,” with hopes to lead a life of greater fulfillment, it is like entering a new relationship. We are excited by fresh inspiration as we desire to begin to live a new life despite all drawbacks!


We as individual souls are beings of light and love and are influenced by the ocean of energies in which we live and move and express ourselves.  Our action and reactions to these energies are determined by our sensitivity or our level or quality  of consciousness. Energies are coming into our solar system from various constellations. Energies are coming from the twelve signs of the zodiac. Energies are always coming from the Sun, planets and from our own planetary energy centers. All these energies have their ebb and flow and affect us all in one way or the other.  As individual members of humanity evolve and develop we become more sensitive to the higher aspects of the incoming energies which offer opportunities and possibilities for the expansion of consciousness. If these energies are handled in the right way, there can be  collectively the unfoldment of a greater culture and civilization of beauty and harmony on Earth but if they are not handled properly we could witness social degeneration manifesting as hatred or homophobia or xenophobia, separativeness, social crimes or crimes against humanity or some other harmful and destructive attitudes. Unless people are able to handle the flow of incoming energies positively in their physical, emotional and mental nature we may be heading for disaster.

Our Sun transmits the energies of the zodiac to Earth providing opportunities for the harmonious development for all kingdoms of nature, including the human kingdom. At the time of each full moon a bridge of contact and communication  is established between humanity and higher centers. Each month our Sun enters into the electromagnetic field of one of the signs of the zodiac and transmits its energy directly to Earth via the ruling planets of that sign. Each full moon has its own keynote  but it all depends on the sensitivity of the individual. The response of the average man or woman will be different from the response of the disciple on the path.  Because of the average stage of evolution of the average person s/he will respond thru his lower centers in solely materialistic ways. He will be driven to fight and feed and reproduce. Disciples on the path will respond thru their higher centers. They would turn their backs to temporary happiness, material comfort and security and walk the path; they will seek to seek the true, the good and the beautiful and bring these qualities into their lives. They will direct their energies toward solving the myriad problems of humanity by the offer of some practical help.  The average person can be in any position and in any nation of the world. His/her school or university degree does not necessarily make him an advanced person. An advanced man or disciple is spiritually unfolding Christ-consciousness. The nature of Christ-consciousness is love peace and truth.  The Christ-conscious man or woman is one who lives a life of virtue and sacrificial service to others.  The New Age disciple is a “follower of Christ” and by this we refer to all those who love their fellowmen irrespective of country, colour, creed or religion. We are all brothers, being children of the One God and Father of all.

The keynote of Aries for the average man is: “And the Word said: Let form again be sought”. Because of his average stage of evolution, he will respond to the strong charge of the Aries Full Moon thru his lower centers; materialistic tendencies will be emphasized; there may be greater involvement with the form aspect of life and strong pursuit of materialistic goals;  they may change their personal possessions, perhaps buy a new car or move into a bigger new home or even change spouse; they can be more involved in the form side of life than in its spirit, driven by their ambitions and desires.

The keynote of Aries for disciples is : “I come forth and from the plane of Mind I rule”. The mental plane herein refereed to is the higher mind of pure thought and reason, of logic and clear thinking thru which the life will be ruled free from glamour, delusions and illusions. It is on the higher mental planes that the will energy of Aries is contacted and can be used properly for human progress. At this Full Moon of Aries the disciples of the world will try to resurrect humanity from the darkness of mental  slavery and lead them to a greater light. They will reorient themselves toward true spiritual values in the field of religion, philosophy, science or the arts or wherever they choose to serve . The element of the Mental plane is Fire, they will use the purification energies of fire to uplift, transform and heal our world in their respective fields.


Consider and examine the problem areas of your life that demand reorientation. What are the worn-out negative attitudes  or reactions that you express or attract which need to be replaced or transformed?

Recite the World Prayer with the aim of bringing more spiritual light and love to your situation.

Part 2: The 2015 Wesak Festival of the Full Moon of Taurus


In the period of a year we can have twelve or thirteen full moons. Three of them are major full moons  viz: the full moon of Aries, of Taurus and of Gemini. At the time of the Aries Full Moon our Sun is in the zodiacal sign of Aries whilst at the Taurus and Gemini Full Moons our Sun is in the sign of Taurus and Gemini respectively.  Aries represents the Cardinal Cross of the Spirit or the Risen Christ  whilst Taurus represents the Fixed Cross of Discipleship which is representative of  the present Solar System.  Gemini represents the Mutable Common Cross of Humanity, that which can transform animal-man into an aspirant for freedom.

The Festival of Easter

This is the festival of the risen living Christ, the Teacher of all men and the Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy. He is the Expression of the Love of God. On this day the spiritual Hierarchy, which He guides and directs, is recognized and the nature of God’s Love is emphasized. This festival is determined always by the date of the first full moon of Aries and is the great Western and Christian festival.  

The Festival of Wesak

This is the festival of the Buddha, the Spiritual Intermediary between the highest spiritual centre, Shamballa, and the Hierarchy. The Buddha is the Expression of the Wisdom of God, the Embodiment of Light and the Indicator of the divine purpose. This festival takes place at the full moon of Taurus. It is the great Eastern Festival.  

The Festival of Goodwill

This is the festival of the spirit of humanity aspiring towards God, seeking conformity with the Will of God and dedicated to the expression of right human relations. It takes place at the full moon of Gemini. It is a day whereon the spiritual and divine nature of mankind is recognized

 These three festivals are already being kept throughout the world, although referred to under differing names across various traditions. “In the future world, all men of spiritual inclination and intention everywhere will keep the same holy days. This will bring about a pooling of spiritual resources, and a united spiritual effort, plus a simultaneous spiritual invocation. The potency of this will be apparent.” 

The Easter and Wesak Festivals celebrate the lives and inspiration of two of the greatest spiritual leaders and avatars. The time has now come for the East and West to “gather together spiritually in one great Festival and communion of souls. In unison with each other, and under the guidance of the Buddha Who came to bring light to the East, and of the Christ Who came to bring light to the West, they can demand and evoke such a blessing and spiritual revelation that the immediate future can demonstrate what is so sorely needed- peace on earth, good will to men. Thus we can usher in an era of brotherhood and understanding which will enable each man to have more time, free from fear, to find God for himself.”


Right Steps to True Happiness

The Buddha, the Light Bearer from the East expounded for us the right steps to happiness. His four noble Truths exposed for us the causes of human trouble and suffering and also pointed the cure. He counseled: Cease to identify yourselves with material things or with your desires: Cease regarding possessions and earthly existence as of major importance; gain a proper sense of values by following the Noble Eight-fold which is the Path of right relations- right relations to God and right relations to your fellowmen-and thus become happy.

The steps on this Path of Discipleship are:

  • Right Values,
  • Right Aspiration,
  • Right Speech,
  • Right Conduct,
  • Right Modes of Living,
  • Right Effort,
  • Right Thinking leading to
  •  Right Rapture or happiness.

The message  of the right steps to true happiness is still valid and is needed today as it was 2600 years ago for it delineates the cause of all sorrow and woe is the misuse of desire –desire for that which is material and transitory.  The Full Moon of Taurus takes place in the sign of Scorpio, the sign wherein desire  can be transformed to aspiration and eventually conformation to the will of God.: Scorpio is the sign of the death of the desire for material or earthly possessions.

 This 2015 Wesak festival highlights the Fixed Cross of the Heavens -as Jupiter symbol of the Soul is in Leo and  straddles both Sun and Moon placed in Taurus and Scorpio respectively. The Fixed Cross is the Cross of Light or Cross of the Soul. ‘And playing thru this Cross all the time and emanating from Leo are the fires of God -cosmic, solar and planetary- producing purification, the intensification of the light and eventual Revelation’. This is a special Wesak as Jupiter the World Soul is placed in Leo wielding the regenerative and healing preserving fire of Love. We as souls of the One Soul can unite to heal our World with light and love.

The Wesak Festival – Buddha – The Taurus Full Moon in May

It is said that the Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and left the Earth on the Full Moon of Taurus. Each year this great being returns to help humanity toward enlightenment.

Wesak is the time of the gathering of Great Beings Who are the Custodians on Earth of God’s Divine Plan for our planet and for humanity.  Wesak is the time when we are blessed to be a part of Their energy and take part in Their service for the whole of humanity.  From the spiritual point of view the Wesak Festival is said to be the greatest event upon our planet. It has always been there, but unknown and unrecognized. The time has now come for the East and West to recognize and celebrate this great spiritual event. During the Wesak meditation a great down pouring of energy takes place and all those meditating with intent at that time help to be the custodians of that energy.  As the Buddha sends down the divine energy the Great Invocation is sounded forth. This power is further distributed by the Christ, the World Teacher and the “holarchy” of guiding Elders of the human race at the following Full Moon Festival of Humanity.

Thus at each Wesak Full Moon the energies of Light, Freedom and Will are flooding the higher  spheres of our planet and charging disciples and initiates more positively.   At the time of the Wesak Full Moon, we are offered a great opportunity to clean our etheric, emotional and mental bodies and free our souls of unwanted baggage. We are asked to crack and sweep away the age-long accumulation of superstitions, prejudices, glamour, illusions and the heavy cloud of our ignorance, pride, greed, and vanities. We can clean dark and blind urges from within our etheric body, the glamors or negative emotions and suppressions from our astral body, muddy thinking or illusions of our minds and to learn to stand in the new light of spiritual awareness. At the time of the Full Moon Taurus it is as if a window opens thru which the spiritual man can reach very high level of realization as it is possible that a new revelation is given. The festival is that of the Lord Buddha as the previous festival is that of Lord Maitreya, the Christ. Lord Buddha is called the Lord of Compassion and understanding-the Enlightened One,  Love is pure reason enlightenment and pure understanding. Lord Buddha draws His energy from the constellation of Taurus. At the time of Wesak it is said that He descend onto the intuitional plane and builds a bridge for us to make  a greater contact with the Forces of Light or Enlightenment.

Actually, the Wesak Festival is said to be a great labor of building a communication line between spirit and matter, or between the seven planes of existence. Thus the festival is one of building a golden bridge between the physical, emotional, mental, intuitional, atmic or spiritual, monadic or universals and divine planes. Thru this bridge of light the energy of the Will-to Good is precipitated.

This is a powerful energy emanating from the Center where the Will of God is known or from the Father’s House, as Christ calls it. This energy can be attracted by those who have prepared for it and used by all those who love their fellow human beings and who because they are filled with compassion toward life as a whole. When a spiritual man receives this energy, he becomes a man of goodwill and lives a life of right human relations. Disciples of the world can receive this energy of the Will-to-Good by due preparation of increasing the dynamic heart quality of love and cleansing from all negative emotions and separative thoughts.

The energies of Taurus actually the force of Shamballa brings enlightenment as well as it can remove  many obstacles in individuals, nations and in humanity as a whole. The Will of God is the divine will-to-good, to peace thru understanding, and to right relations between men and between nations. The Wesak Festival is the festival of liberation and its awakening potency  enables us to begin the journey back home.

Taurus Keynotes

The 2015 Wesak Festival has the signs of the Fixed Cross highlighted with the triple Fires of which all things are made still in the background.  The keynote of Taurus for the average man is :“And the Word said: Let struggle be undismayed”. The struggle that average men engage in is the struggle for money, power, property, sex,  all expressions of personality force or desire. The  disciple to safeguard himself from falling into the traps of crass materialism must struggle upward towards liberation.  The keynote of Taurus for disciples is : “I see and when the Eye is opened all is illumined”.  There is no illumination except when the Eye is opened. The disciples of the world are asked to struggle towards the greater light. The inner eye must be developed  to see more of the divine plan and purpose and also the true needs of humanity and perhaps come forward with better solutions or answers to its myriad of problems. Those born with the Sun in the sign of Taurus or Taurus rising or involved in a significant configuration are more sensitive to the  energies the sign offers. At this Taurus Full Moon called the Festival of Illumination and Enlightenment, disciples can contact the higher vision  which presented to the average people will enable them to see thru their vanities, glamour, hang-ups, illusions and delusions giving them deeper insights, enabling the attainment of a higher or greater  spiritual future.

The Wesak Festival is a unique opportunity for initiation or expansion of consciousness because tremendous systemic and extra-systemic energies are made available. Its effect is twofold: “It produces in certain nations, races and individuals, a welling up of the self-will or of the will-to-power which is characteristic of the developed lower nature, the personality aspect of integrated selfhood. It produces -though less readily – a stimulation of the will-to-serve the plan as it is grasped by the world aspirants, the world disciples and initiates.”

The basic quality of the Taurean influence demonstrates as Desire in the mass of men or as Will or directed purpose in the disciple or initiate. It can manifest as stubbornness in the average man, which is literally adherence to personality aims or as intelligently expressed will – actuated by love – in the advanced man, which in essence is adherence to soul purpose.

It all depends on which centers are  used in response to the incoming forces and energies. There are seven centers of energies in the human system called Chakras. We live and move and have our being in a great ocean of energies. The registration, the assimilation and the radiation of these energies depend upon the condition of the centers in our etheric body. When a man is focused within the lower centers, below the diaphragm, these centers will be  oriented towards solely material living and achievement.  When the higher centers are more active, one can expand to encompass greater relationships and better communications and because of this can have more power, more energy, more enlightenment and more love. If we make the needed preparation at these full moons we can really expand  our consciousness because we can see things more clearly and in better perspective on levels beyond  the three levels of human endeavor, the physical, emotional and mental fields.

The energy of Taurus awakens  desire. If this energy is received by the lower centers it is expressed as desire  for material things, as greed, , selfishness, hatred, jealousy and separation. If it  is registered by the higher centers it would be the desire for illumination, spiritualization, cooperation and synthesis.  Taurus being the symbol of desire in all its phases stands to be transformed to aspiration and conformity to the will of God and cooperation with the plan.  When allowed the Taurus energy can also remove many obstacles in individuals,  in nations and in humanity as a whole.


Thus once a year, at the full moon of Taurus, humanity is charged with energies of the Great Ones, and a rare opportunity is presented to all sincere disciples to expand their consciousness and consequently serve their fellow man.

 Awareness is the first step to change. The first step toward transformation is discovering your false self belief and the pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that grow from it. On the personal and individual level this period can give a deeper understanding of our Life Purpose.  Where are you now on the Path?  Where do you want to be? And how do you get there?  What are the dark areas in your life that need more light?  What are the various glamors, illusions, hang-ups with gray areas that could benefit from the energy of more light and love?  What are the obstacles or hindrances that block you from the attainment of your goals?  What are your fears that block your moving forward?

These questions can only be answered in the Light of the divine plan, and the Three Spiritual Festivals provide the most auspicious time for anchoring and directing the Light in accordance with one’s purpose.  The key to success in the next few years is to face your fears and keep moving forward. This is the time to break bad habits and old patterns, and be open to the coming changes. It all starts with the individual — if you and you and YOU change the way you think and see the world, the world will change for the better, too.

 On a global level eradicating selfishness and separativeness among men would lead to world peace. The forces anchored particularly during the living, breathing, spiritual event known as Wesak manifests as Synthesis, an energy that fosters Fusion, Unity and the Will-to-do-Good, leading to right human relations among ALL people. Thus is World Peace produced.

If you and you and YOU change 
the way you think and see the world,
the world will change 
for the better, too.

Part 3: THE  2015  FESTIVAL OF GOODWILL –  The Gemini Full Moon of June

World Invocation Day falls on 2 June 2015 and brings to climax the three Major Festivals of 2015. These three festivals are already being kept throughout the world, although referred to under differing names across various traditions. “In the future world, all men of spiritual inclination and intention everywhere will keep the same holy days. This will bring about a pooling of spiritual resources, and a united spiritual effort, plus a simultaneous spiritual invocation. The potency of this will be apparent.” ²

The Easter and Wesak Festivals celebrate the lives and inspiration of two of the greatest spiritual leaders and avatars. The time has now come for the East and West to “gather together spiritually in one great Festival and communion of souls. In unison with each other, and under the guidance of the Buddha Who came to bring light to the East, and of the Christ Who came to bring light to the West, they can demand and evoke such a blessing and spiritual revelation that the immediate future can demonstrate what is so sorely needed- peace on earth, good will to men. Thus we can usher in an era of brotherhood and understanding which will enable each man to have more time, free from fear, to find God for himself.”

The Festival of Goodwill  follows on from the Wesak Festival when the Spiritual Brotherhood of our planet  or the ‘Holarchy’ of liberated Souls guided by The Christ downpours the Will-To-Good upon the planet.  This is the Festival of the spirit of humanity aspiring towards God, seeking conformity with the will of God and dedicated to the expression of right human relations. The Festival is fixed annually in relation to the Full Moon of June. It is a day whereon the spiritual and divine nature of mankind is recognised. On this Festival for two thousand years the Christ has represented humanity and has stood before the Hierarchy and in the sight of Shamballa as the God-man, the leader of his people and “the eldest in a great family of brothers” (Romans VIII:29). Each year at this time he has preached the last sermon of the Buddha before the assembled Hierarchy. This is, therefore, a Festival of deep invocation and appeal, of a basic aspiration towards fellowship, of human and spiritual unity; it represents the effect in human consciousness of the work of the Buddha and of the Christ. This Festival is also observed as World Invocation Day.


It is said that in the month of June and particularly at the June Full Moon each year, the love of God, the spiritual essence of solar fire reaches its highest point of expression. For at this June Full Moon the complete victory of life over form and of spirit over matter is consummated and celebrated. The saving principle of pure love finds its expression during this month. The work of God the Preserver(The Son or Vishnu aspect) is carried out by two highest Representative of the second divine aspects – the Buddha and the Christ; the Buddha, the expression of the Wisdom of God and that of Christ, the expression of the Love of God.

These  two greatest revealing Agents Who have ever come to our Earth gave to humanity outstanding revelations more of value today.  They revealed that the cause of all human suffering is desire and personal selfishness. Give up selfish desire and you will be free. It profits a man nothing to gain the whole world and lose his soul.  There is a way of liberation and it is the way of love and sacrifice. Christ’s teachings emphasized that every human being is a Son of God and that the development of the Christ spirit and consciousness is the goal for all members of the human family. These are central themes which when followed leads out of darkness into light and from form life to the Centre of all life itself.


Challenging and Provoking Alignments – Big Energies & Great Chances for Change

Underlying these 2015 three Major Festivals is the series of momentous Uranus square Pluto configuration affecting all living within the ocean of energies of our universe. Astrologers and other social commentators worldwide have been generating a lot of buzz about the current series of epic Uranus-Pluto squares. This series of seven exact squares between Uranus, the planet of radical change, and Pluto, the planet of transformation which began in  2012 , signals a period of great change on a personal and global scale. But what is Uranus square Pluto?  A square is a 90-degree aspect between two planets, and when this happens it creates conflict — or as an esoteric Astrologer would like to call it, an opportunity for much-needed change. When revolutionary Uranus squares transformative Pluto in the zodiac signs of Aries and Capricorn, the primary effect is the sweeping out of old ways of thinking and doing things, and creates an environment of revolution — and eventually a rebirth to a new way of life. On a personal level, it’s time to connect to your real desires and get your true spiritual needs met. On a global level, one possible outcome of these squares is the break-down of corrupt social policies and systems so we can create new, more viable structures that would serve the common good.  

To recapitulate: These series of seven squares between Uranus, the planet of revolution and awakening and Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth and evolution began in 2012 and continues through March 2015.  All seven squares take place in the cardinal signs of Capricorn, our collective social structures, and Aries, our personal identity and vision.  Some of our cultural institutions should die (Pluto) and we ourselves have to wake up to our personal mission in life (Uranus).  Cardinal signs indicate crucial situations that can’t be put off.  They require immediate attention, since cardinal signs signal the change of seasons they also impulse towards change.  The wheel of life keeps turning for all, no matter what!  If we fail to take responsible action, there will be consequences.  These planets first came together to begin a new cycle of evolution and revolution in the mid-60s in Virgo (the sign of purification and healing), beginning the revolution that is continuing today regarding the environment, women’s rights, civil rights, holistic health, healthy foods, workers’ rights and spiritual awareness.  During the 60s, these energies gave rise to new ideas and beliefs which went against the grain of the culture.  This time they drive  them home for Neptune, the symbol of Christ as the world Healer and Saviour is placed in Pisces. Pisces energy reminds us of the collective and humanity’s oneness so that we use our passions to fuel change that supports and empowers everyone.

The Solar Fire of Love

The triple signs of Fire are also still in the background at this 2015 Goodwill Festival, offering us the opportunity for us to focus our minds for the much needed transformation delineated by the Uranus square Pluto configuration. ‘Be ye transformed by the renewal of the mind’. It is fire that makes the renewal and transformation possible. Our Sun is the source of all fires;  the Fire of all fires. The Wisdom of the Ages informs us that there are three suns in one. One is the visible Sun and there is the Heart of the Sun and then the Central Spiritual Sun, the body of which is our visible sun These three suns emanate three kinds of Fire or Electricity. They are known as planetary Fire or  Fire by friction, solar Fire and fire Electric. At the Full Moon of Gemini we are told that the Heart of the Great Being, called our Sun, opens and radiates solar fire toward our planet.   This fire is the energy which is called Love, and the Christ is the embodiment of this Solar love which He channels thru the Hierarchy at this June Full Moon. It is with this energy at the June Full Moon that ‘the complete victory of life over form and of spirit over matter is consummated and celebrated’.  Fire signs fill us with passion and excitement and inspire us to take action based on our ideals. Fire liberates us from the shackles of our imprisonment. The Full Moon of Gemini takes place with the Moon in Sagittarius, the fire sign of Discipleship, suggesting the need for a one-pointed directing soul  life. The Soul, the inner man expresses  thru the personality and inspires the personality life. If we use this Sagittarius energy to let our minds be filled with high ideals, and new dreams of wonders and miracles, we’ll have the emotional fuel to help create the new era,  the new world.

Goodwill Energy is Constructive, Positive and Creative

To celebrate the festival of Humanity means to recognize the Divine Presence in each human being, and admit that “the Sons of men are one  and I am one with them“.  At the time of the June Full Moon, a most powerful and creative energy is transmitted to our Earth, the energy of Love. At the first major Full Moon the Community of Souls receive the great voltage of Will energy from Shamballa, that mythical city, the New Jerusalem, the Crown center of our planet Earth, “the center where the will of God is known” whilst at the second major Full Moon this ‘Holarchy’ of Elders of the race absorb the energy of Enlightenment and accumulate these energies until they receive the energy of Love at this third major full moon. At this time,  the combination of these energies produce the energy of Goodwill which  is released to all.  Goodwill is an energy which is constructive, positive and creative; it is the energy which can heal cleavages , emotional and mental barriers and can lead to total understanding.  Goodwill is a great mighty force that can be used to work towards international understanding and global unity and thus heal the world.

The June Full Moon coincides with the Pentecost which is celebrated fifty days or seven weeks after the Easter Full Moon.  This day became especially significant for Christians because, seven weeks after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, His disciples were “baptized with fire”: ‘Twelve balls, that seemed like balls of fire, fell from heaven – a ball from every sign of all the circle of the heavens, and on the head of each apostle there appeared a flaming ball of fire” ( Aquarian Gospel, Levi) During the Jewish or Christian celebration of Shavuot or Pentecost, the Holy Spirit was poured out upon His first followers, thus empowering them for their mission and gathering them together as a church.  Both Jewish and Christian faiths began fifty (penta) days after Passover/Easter. King Arthur was crowned and he Round Table was formed on Pentecost

Similarly at this third major full moon, the Festival of Goodwill, also called the Festival of Christ celebrated as the World Invocation Day, energies contacted and accumulated as streams of light, love and power are distributed to bring about right human relations, goodwill, understanding and cooperation among people, among all nations everywhere.  The energies received especially at this Full Moon are radiated toward all humanity through seven groups of Leaders of the Spiritual Hierarchy or the Community of Souls. As a result, the seven branches of human endeavor-namely, the political, educational, philosophical, artistic, scientific, religious and financial fields- are stimulated and energized and the possibility given to them to orient and adjust themselves to the plan through the energy of Goodwill. The divine energy focused the Wesak Festival now flows thru the world. This healing power is easier to receive with a quiet mind turned toward high ideals and can be channeled not only to individual needs but also to heal our World of its many inequalities, distortions and illusions.

The Gemini Full Moon Keynote

The Mutable Cross or the Common Cross of Humanity is highlighted at this full moon just as the Fixed Cross of Discipleship was the one highlighted at the last full moon. This is the Cross of the four major energies which produce the conditioning circumstances which transform animal-man into an aspirant for freedom.  This is the festival of the spirit of humanity aspiring towards God, seeking conformity with the Love and Will of God and dedicated to the expression of right human relations. It takes place at the full moon of Gemini. It is a day whereon the spiritual and divine nature of mankind is recognized.  The Gemini Full Moon Keynote for the average man or woman living thru their lower chakras is: “And the word said: Let instability do its work”.  The energies that are released in this full moon can create instability in the physical, emotional and mental spheres of average people. This instability can eventually awaken one to the real values of life if one strives for them.

The keynote for the  disciple is ” I recognise my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow.”  The energy of Gemini gives an opportunity for disciples to see the other self. The outer self that they were identified with, the physical body, emotional body, mental body and the thousand and one demands are now seen as a separate self, and the real inner Self, the real I grow and glows because of that detachment and realization. The inner man grows and glows with increasing light and love whilst the outer man is decreasing in light and its demands wanes. This is the full moon in which the victory over matter is achieved by the Soul, the spiritual man, for are we not beings of the Spirit?  With the light of the heart of Gemini the disciple can discriminate between  the real and the unreal and thus liberate himself.

At this June Full Moon also called the Christ’s Full Moon the Heart of the Sun projects a direct current of love energies to the kingdoms of nature and more specifically the kingdom of humanity. Disciples of the World are asked to work with the energy of love and not the energy of desire, the reflection or is it the distortion of love.  Spiritual love is neither emotional nor sentimental for it is intensely practical and expresses itself in service and cooperative activity. Love is all there is and love grows as we pray and meditate together for “if we love one another, God lives in us and His love is perfected in us.” (1John4.12)  For God is Love and love signifies Giving and Sacrifice in our universe.

By meditation on the World Prayer or the Great Invocation together we help to precipitate the light and love the world needs to bring peace, progress and prosperity to all.


 We know O Lord of Life and Love about the need,

Touch our hearts anew that we too can love and give.

Full Moons can bring high energies as well as remarkable insights: be aware of the potential and give yourself time for meditation to make the most of it. The issues of this Gemini Full Moon highlight the need for Love and Peace in our World.


Love can work out as kindness and consideration for others. It can express itself as a desire to end abuses and to bring about happier and just material world conditions. Love can show itself as motherly protective love and as love and caring among family and friends as well as among groups and nations. Love is the theme of the Christian Teaching and love is the energy that can transform and save the world. Christ was the expression of both the Light and Love of God. Christ energy is an energy which generates at-one-ment, loving understanding and goodwill. Love is essentially an impersonal energy which pouring upon the selfish and self-centered material nature it will enhance desire and promote increased acquisitiveness and aggression. But pouring upon the selfless and the pure in heart it will foster right human relationship, loving understanding,……. and true love….the saving principle of pure love finds expression at the June FM

From http://www.esotericstudies.net we read about Love:

Here the Heart of God as the source of Love is evoked. Love is an energy that must flood human hearts with the quality of loving understanding, a combination of love and intelligence. Humanity needs loving understanding as a basis for right human relations. It was this need that brought the Christ to us before and, whether we believe that He was a human being who lived divinely or a divine being who lived humanly, we all agree that, in His life, He expressed most perfectly the divine quality of loving-understanding.

The return of the Christ means an active flowering of His quality of consciousness among humanity; He will let loose into the world the potency and the distinctive energy of intuitive love. The results of the distribution of this energy of love will be twofold:

The active energy of loving understanding will mobilize a tremendous reaction against the potency of hate. To hate, to be separative, and to be exclusive will come to be regarded as the only “sin,” for it will be recognized that all that we call sin stems from hate or from its product, the anti-social consciousness.

Countless of us in every land will work together in groups to establish right human relations. Our number will be so great that we will form the largest and most influential force in the world.”

If Uranus has freed us from old baggage and the dead husks of what we no longer wanted and Pluto has empowered us to make our own choices and live by our souls we are prepared for the new life. As we heal ourselves, we begin to heal our world. And from Simon at Wakeup-World <http://wakeup-world.com/2015/03/17/7th-pluto-uranus-square-alignment-final-shift/  we read:

So, in order to heal the world we began to heal ourselves and our connection to Mother Earth. This healing happens on many levels; emotional, physical and mental. It has been part of the natural process to nurture our physical bodies in a natural way and to clear chemicals and non-organic based materials from our environment; to connect deeper to ourselves allow the emotional body to release all emotional debris that are distorting our view of ourselves and others; and strengthen our connection to our heart and our inner child and quieten the mind.

2015 ~ The Final Shift

With this final alignment on the 16/17th of March 2015, we are being asked to become a living embodiment of what we have awakened to over the last two and a half years. The change you wish to see in the world begins from within but must at some point be reflected outwards in order for us to actually see that change.

Those who continue seeking to see the progression of our collective awakening powered from the outside will be met with the past, as our outer world is a reflection of what and who we were and not what we are now. Energetically, we have crossed into new uncharted territory that is not yet reflected by the constructs of our outer world, and the future may seem unsure as we are literally paving the way before us as we break new ground. We must bravely walk the new direction and allow our hearts to guide us.

Embrace your essence and allow a sense of sovereignty to guide your actions. Free yourself from the limitations of self-doubt and the disempowering beliefs created by fear-based propaganda. Find the perfect harmony available when you disconnect from the matrix and re-connect with Source.

Right now, it is up to us to create the world we want to live in. Those of you reading this are the change! You are the pioneers of a new paradigm! It can be an isolating experience, but really, it is impossible for the totality of the collective consciousness to awaken at once. The madness that would be be unleashed would be all too much. Insanity would reign! So remember…You are a light being, awakened now to embody the change that then, through following your own heart-centered, creative life-force, will lead the change that will then eventually bring about the collective awakening. There is nothing complex about it other than to embody the change. You know what to do 

The natural cycle will unfold in beautiful synchronicity.

Humanity is at one of the most important times in its linear timeline. You are a soul that is a living personification of the changes that will bring about the Shift in the collective. Your role is to simply listen to what your heart is guiding you to do and to anchor the truth of your essence into every aspect of your being.



Courtesy:  www.sedonacrystalrainbow.com

Radiance Mantram

             May the light that always has been be seen,

The love that never ceases be realized,

And the radiance, deep concealed, break forth into Being.


” Love one another and help others to rise to the

higher levels, simply by pouring out love.

 Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy. “~ Sai Baba


“Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when

we touch them with compassion.” ~ Buddha

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