At last a panel of experts reporting to the World Health Organization (WHO) announced at the end of May 2011 that Cell phones may cause brain cancer. After reviewing dozens of studies that explored a possible link between cancer and the ubiquitous hand-held phones, the experts at WHO classified cell phones as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” and placed them in the same category as the pesticide DDT and gasoline engine exhaust.

In a news release the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a WHO agency, made the announcement in Lyons, France, based on the work of 31 scientists from 14 countries.  The international experts behind May’s announcement met for eight days to review exposure data, studies of cancer in humans and in experimental animals, and other relevant data, looking for associations between cancer and the type of electromagnetic radiation found in cell phones, televisions and microwaves. Dr. Christopher Wild, director of the Agency, said this new paper is important “first and foremost just because of the large number of users worldwide that have access now to this technology.”   Globally, it’s estimated that 5 billion cell-phones are in use.  “The number of users is large and growing, particularly among young adults and children”, heissued on the last Tuesday of May.  The experts said children are especially vulnerable to the damaging effects of electromagnetic radiation fields from cellphones. 

Children’s skulls and scalps are thinner. So the radiation can penetrate deeper into the brain of children and young adults. Their cells are dividing at a faster rate, so the impact of radiation can be much larger,” Dr. Keith Black, chairman of neurology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, told CNN; he also presented the Center’s findings to the WHO. Until May’s announcement, the WHO had said that cell phones were safe to use.

As little as 10 minutes on a cell phone can trigger changes in brain cells linked to cell division and cancer

Previously, advocates of cell-phone safety have maintained that the phones cannot cause brain damage because the microwave radiation that they emit is at a level too low to heat the body’s cells. But in the new study, it was noted that changes in biological processes began at an energy level even lower than that used by a typical phone, even without heating occurring.  As little as 10 minutes on a cell phone can trigger changes in brain cells linked to cell division and cancer, suggests a new study conducted by researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel and published in the Biochemical Journal.

Safety guidelines assume [that] health effects from mobiles can only occur when significant heating of body tissue occurs. [But] this study shows biological changes in response to low-level mobile phone radiation — something that could potentially have implications for health”,  said Graham Philips of the British nonprofit PowerWatch

Common Sources of Radio-waves Radiation

Just as your well-being can get aggressed through a virus or bacterial infection you also can get aggressed by electromagnetic gadgets. These electromagnetic gadgets include your cell phone, computer, iPod, Wi-Fi, cell phone towers, and many kinds of radio waves from space. Your space is filled with millions of cell phone radiations in wave forms. Radiation side effects from the earth, outer space, your building, office can aggress your health, and even your medicines can be a source of your toxicity.


Common sources of Radio Waves Radiation Outdoors

  • Broadcast antennas (fixed);
  • Broadcast antennas (mobile);
  • Radar stations (fixed);
  • Radar devices (mobile);
  • Television cables;
  • Satellites;
  • Satellite receiving dishes;
  • Satellite sending dishes;
  • Cell phones,
  • Pagers,
  • Two-way radios.


  • Cordless telephone base units;
  • cordless telephones;
  • wireless computers and their base units;
  • wired computers;
  • televisions;
  • microwave ovens;
  • dimmer switches;
  • security systems;
  • remote controls;
  • fax machines,
  • answering machines,
  • CD players and other digital equipment;
  • (in automobiles) ignition systems;
  • (in theatres) assistive listening systems and devices for the hearing impaired; (In theatres) wireless microphones.

Harmful Radiations Can Destroy Your Health
You are continuously bombarded by one aggression or another. Spying satellites, Cell phones, x-Rays, cathode rays, computer monitors, micro waves, and even your credit cards, can harm you with offensive radiations. These radiations afflict your body and mind. They constantly weaken, sap and zap your vitality and rob your body defense. This sets the scenario to weaken your immune system, and develop chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer and other auto-immune diseases.

Harmful Radiations Cause Inexplicable Diseases
Radiation side effects can also be caused by leaking electricity from cell-phone towers and from the concealed wiring in your office and house besides thousands of radio channels which surround you by signals.   When such electromagnetic signals which surround you invade, and overwhelm your brain, they afflict your brain’s own signals. Your brain is confused and it also affects your self-healing powers and you get what are eventually designated inexplicable diseases

Protect Yourself 
We at Cosmos Total Health have recognized the health dangers of radiations from modern age gadgets such as the cell phones, microwave ovens, etc. and have been treating since 2005 patients with illnesses from Cell-phones, microwave ovens and other damaging radiations. We urge you to take advantage of our service by getting a Bio-Dynamic Test & Analysis which includes a check on Radiation damage.
You can avail yourself the opportunity to run a Health check…..Bio-Dynamic Test & Analysis……also called is a Bio-Energetic Test & Analysis of Your Bio-energetic system!
A Bio-Dynamic Test & Analysis, also called Bio-Energetic Analysis REVEALS HEALTH-EFFECTS OF CONTINUED EXPOSURE TO RADIATION FROM CELL-PHONES, MICROWAVE OVENS….etc as well as other disease-causing factors.


You constantly lose your health by exposure to computers, cell phones, and other radiations. For this, we have developed effective remedies which are Counter Waves to offset the effects of these evil radiations. GET OUR QUANTUM PENDANTS TODAY!  Once you wear it for a few weeks, it begins to cancel the radiation that triggers reactions in your brain. And you are no longer affected. Thereafter you can use your computer or cell phone without fear of losing your health.

Radiation Side Effects Cause Inexplicable Diseases

Radiation side effects afflict you when the capacity to defend yourself is impaired. When this happens, you get a disease or degenerative illness. It happens when you are aggressed by radiation from all kinds of external sources.  From the time when you were in your mother’s womb you have been aggressed by radiations from food, water, air, vaccines, medicines, and ambient surroundings. These radiations afflict your self’s healing powers.

Affects Your Energy 

To know how radiation affects your body, you must know that it runs by electromagnetic signals(EM).
It is proved that your brain’s EM coordination happens only with proper energy circulation.
This circulation should be proper throughout your body. Then only can you enjoy abundant health.




Blocks Resource Energy

When we measure the vibes from cell phones, we found that they block resource energy and management energies. Resource energy is the inflowing new energy to vitalize your body cells and other vital organs.

Blocks Life Energy We also found that one of the harmful effects of radiation from cell phones is that it also blocks your life energy. In essence it cuts the energy flowing thru your channels. As a result of the harmful effects of radiation, your energy readings can drop.

Cuts Energy Channels
When you are bombarded by radiations, the radiation side-effects cut your energy channels, disrupt energy flow in your energy meridians, and deflects the axis of your energy fields away from your body’s center

Inhibits Healing

Only when there is proper energy circulation throughout your body, can it cure itself in times of illness. This capacity for self healing is inbuilt in you. Radiation inhibits these healing powers and slowly robs your life.

Blocks Healing Energy

We also found it blocked our out flowing healing energy. This results in accumulation of toxins and prevention of natural cures. Your body uses this energy for cellular regeneration and evacuation of dead cells.

Radiation Causes Brain Confusion

These waves interfere and disturb your brain-body communications also. Sensing the danger your body protests and complains to your brain. And your brain releases defenses against the aggressing radiation. The effects of these calamities and how you suffered are in your brain’s registry. When you are exposed to aggressive radiations, your brain checks its registry scanning for similar wave lengths in its past records. If its wave length matches a catastrophe, it starts protection, spends energy needed for vital functions, and neglects your essential needs. 
It actually causes brain confusion. It confuses the aggressive radiation with a calamity which occurred in the past. It defends against an imagined aggression. It results in many of your radiation side effects.
It stops your vital energy flows in certain Meridians or energy Channels, and deflects these energy flows to manage an imagined emergency. It results in starving the energy needs of many of your organs, regions, and body functions.

DNA damage, cellular death, and degenerative diseases

It affects your toxin elimination, cellular regeneration, and basic cell formation. It results in endocrine dysfunctions, DNA damage, cellular death, and degenerative diseases.  It leads to many other radiation side-effects presently unknown.

Harmful Effects confirmed !

From our own files, research and in consultation with creditable experts globally ….confirm…… 
We consulted other scientists and sought their opinion. They proved that cell phone harms by its harmful effects of mobile radiation. None used cell phones extensively. They said that it slowly kills any one’s life energies.

What are the general symptoms of radio wave sickness?

  • Neurological:  headaches, dizziness, nausea, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, irritability, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, weakness, tremors, muscle spasms, numbness, tingling, altered reflexes, muscle and joint pain, leg/foot pain, “Flue-like” symptoms, fever.  More severe reactions can include seizures, paralysis, psychosis and stroke.
  • Cardiac:  palpitations, arrhythmias, pain or pressure in the chest, low or high blood pressure, slow or fast heart rate, shortness of breath.
  • Respiratory:  sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma.
  • Dermatological:  skin rash, itching, burning, facial flushing.
  • Ophthalmologic:  pain or burning in the eyes, pressure in/behind the eyes, deteriorating vision, floaters, cataracts.
  • Others:  digestive problems; abdominal pain; enlarged thyroid, testicular/ovarian pain; dryness of lips, tongue, mouth, eyes; great thirst; dehydration; nosebleeds; internal bleeding; altered sugar metabolism; immune system abnormalities; redistribution of metals within the body; hair loss; pain in the teeth; deteriorating fillings; impaired sense of smell; ringing in the ears.

We have over the years treated and observed in our patients:
Subjective complaints
Here are subjective complaints of persons working in RF fields (from “Electromagnetic Fields and the Life Environment” by Karel Marha, Jan Musil, and Hana Tuha.  Published by San Francisco Press, Inc.  Page 30, with references):

  • Workers complain of headaches and eyestrain, together with a flow of tears, of fatigue derived from over-all weakness, and dizziness after prolonged standing.
  • At night their sleep is disturbed and superficial and they are sleepy in daytime.
  • Such person are moody, frequently irritated, even unsociable.
  • They manifest hypochondriac reactions and a feeling of fear. Sometimes they perceive nervous tension or, on the contrary, mental depression combined with deterioration of intellectual functions (notably memory impairment).
  • Over a longer period, definite sluggishness and inability to make decisions result.
  • Those affected complain of a pulling sensation in the scalp and on the brow, loss of hair, pain in the muscles and in the heart region (together with a pounding of the heart), and breathing difficulties.
  • Not infrequently they complain of difficulties in their sex life.
  • It is moreover possible to observe slight trembling of the eyelids, the tongue, and the fingers, increased perspiration of the extremities, dermographism, and brittleness of fingernails. A single irradiation may cause a drop in the resistance of the organism.
  • With regard to the dependence of the effect of rf field on sex, women are generally more sensitive to this factor than men.
  • Reference has been made to a decrease of lactation in nursing mothers.

How to Protect Yourself From Cell Phones EM Radiation

Protect Yourself
  You constantly lose your health by exposure to computers, cell phones, and other radiations. For this, we have developed effective remedies which are Counter Waves to offset the effects of these harmful radiations.  WE OFFER QUANTUM PENDANTS, BRACELETS, FLASKS AND OTHER DEVICES
Once you wear it for a few weeks, it cancels the radiation that triggers reactions in your brain and nervous system. And you are no longer affected. Thereafter you can use your computer or cell phone without fear of losing your health.

The Remedy

Cosmos Total Health has come out to help you with various solutions to offset these harmful effects of radiation. It diagnoses you and identifies the evil vibes. It also offers effective solutions to counter their evil effects.

Scientific Help

Allopathy or Orthodox Medicine cannot help!  One or the other EM aggression can sap your vitality, and can make you suffer diabetes, or some other chronic disease. Ensure your safety by Energy Diagnosis and Energy Treatment, from Cosmos Total Health.

The Counter Wave

We market radiation shields to ward off these radiations. Our Quantum Energy devices counter and neutralize several harmful radiations and protect your nervous system and other systems, most especially your brain. It removes the brain confusions caused by these radiations. As a result your brains functions and self healing powers are restored.

The Remedy
Request for a Bio-Dynamic or Bioenergetics Analysis. It helps you with various solutions to offset these harmful effects of radiation. It diagnoses you and identifies the evil vibes. It also offers effective solutions to counter their harmful and evil effects.

Bio-Energetic/Bio-Dynamic Diagnosis Probes Into Your Energy Fields


Energy Diagnosis is a diagnosis different from orthodox conventional practice. If you fall sick, your doctor does on you an allopathic diagnosis. He diagnoses your pulse, heartbeat, and blood pressure. He analyzes your blood, urine, semen, and feces. He interprets the results, gives some medicines, and continues treatment till the results are back to normal.
Our Bio-Energetic diagnosis is quite different. We study your energy body. An allopathic doctor diagnoses your physical body. Here we diagnose your ethereal/etheric body or energy body. It exists as an invisible aura inside and around you. In this diagnosis, we study your energy channels, meridians, energy fields, chakras, and command points. We use scientific instruments like energy tester for meridians and Lecher Antenna to scan your energy fields.

Your Energy Analysis & Diagnosis is the latest from scientific researches in bioenergetics. It is based on quantum physics and molecular biology. It uses advanced scientific instruments like the Lecher Antenna to scan your energy fields and ………

Definition: What is Bioenergetics?

Bioenergetics is the science of life. It deals with your body energies. It uses vibrations to cure your disease.  Bio-Energetics and molecular biology are based on the fundamental macro molecule of our life, the DNA. It explains the scientific workings of your body, mind, and intelligence. It tells you how to cure your diseases.
It scans into the energy fields within your energy body. This is where your intelligence resides. If you enjoy perfect health, these energy fields have perfect symmetry. If your health is poor, this symmetry is affected.

Energy Diagnosis
Your Energetic Diagnosis reveals if your energy fields have lost their symmetry. Every physical illness has a corresponding energy disorder within your energy fields. This diagnosis finds it out, measures it, and reveals what is wrong.
Whenever the energy flows are in deficit, it affects the symmetry. At that time the axis of an energy field shifts from its center to the right or left to cope up with the change. This shift reveals the extent of your disease.

Intelligence Guides
E Diagnosis measures this shift with the Antenna. It is done with the help of your intelligence. When we scan with the Lecher Antenna at specific wave lengths, your intelligence gives us this feed back.
When we expose certain beneficial wave lengths to the energy body, your intelligence responds by approving or disapproving the selected vibration. We use this facility to find out what vibes you need to cure your disease.

Ting Point Readings
E diagnosis also measures your Ting Points with the Bio Energy Tester. It gives 24 Energy Readings. It reveals energy flows in 24 energy meridians. Any blockages in these energy channels are clearly revealed by these readings.

Root Cause Disorders
The field shifts discovered by the antenna and the blockages from Ting Point measurements reveal the root cause disorders behind your disease. As and when these are cleared, a climate for natural cure develops in you.

Scientific Diagnosis
These disorders are never found in allopathic diagnosis. E Diagnosis alone is equipped to find them. Its findings form the basis for our E Treatment by which we remove these root disorders and cure your disease. 
E Diagnosis is scientific. It is based on the most modern sciences. It taps into your energy body, extract the answers, identify the root causes, and discover solutions to resolve these defects and cure your disease. 
No Radiations
In this new diagnosis, we do not use any magnets, electricity, oral medicines, or injections. We do not apply acupuncture. We do not employ any harmful radiations. There are absolutely no harmful side effects.

E Diagnosis finds out your command points which had lost their polarities. These points are in the plus or minus state of polarity for continuous energy flow. Your body uses them to reduce, or reroute energy flows.
If due to continued aggression such points had lost their polarities, energy flows in those meridians are permanently affected. These points are like blown fuses to use an analogy from electricity. These need to be fixed.
Fixing Blown Fuses
E diagnosis finds out these blown fuses in your energy body. These develop due to aging, and attacks by cell phones, television, computer monitors, X Rays, geopathic stress, and other EM aggressions or disruptions.
It identifies your energy field disruptions or disorders caused by leaking electricity, virus and bacterial infections, harmful radiation from earth, satellite signals, and radio activity, besides what you suffer by air, water, and food pollutions.

Sample Reports 
Want To See Reports of Remote E-Diagnosis? There are many new scientific procedures. Click here to see the First Five Detailed Reports.

Not In Allopathy
Allopathic Testing Methods, are not able to find out these energy related weaknesses, unless and until they learn and use our methods. Their diagnosis is not equipped to find these root causes. They miss out a lot!
That is why, allopathic and other methods fail to get, a lot valuable information in their diagnosis. Such undetected root causes, needing special attention, are revealed only by E Diagnosis in bioenergetics.

Mobile Analogy 
In allopathy, they do not scan your energy fields or signals. E Diagnosis scans and transmits these signals to diagnose, treat and heal you.Compare this. TV and cell phone vibrations travel in space through out this universe. If you are able to intercept and receive these signals, you can hear a long distance call or see a holly wood super hit cinema in your TV! 
In the same way, we do remote scanning by e-diagnosis. We use advanced instruments. We follow highly scientific procedures. We use the feed back knowledge to design and effect a perfect energy treatment.

Future Methods Now!
E Diagnosis and E Treatment are the pre requisites for any correct diagnosis and treatment. Just like email replaced the postal mail, E Treatment will precede any diabetes treatment as a basic requirement. 
Both e-diagnosis and e-treatment are highly scientific procedures of the modern times. When compared to E Treatment, others like allopathic and homeopathic treatments look like secondary, first aid medical measures.

Findings of E-Diagnosis
In our new energy diagnosis, we find out loss of symmetry in your energy fields. We measure your toxin elimination efficiency in six ganglion levels. We also measure energy blockages in the important twenty four meridians.
E Diagnosis finds out mistakes in the + or – charges of your energy channels and in their strengths. This new energy diagnosis also examines chakras in your crown, forehead, throat, solar plexus, and abdomen.
These measurements of e-diagnosis enable us to quickly and accurately identify the toxin blockages, which are the root causes for your diabetes. This kind of complete diagnosis is possible only in this energy treatment.

Personal or Remote?

If you are living far away from Ghana, you can have both e diagnosis and e treatment by remote methods. Both are effective. We do remote diagnosis and treatments for diabetes and other diseases with astonishing success! Take the first step in your life to attain perfect health! You can have e diagnosis in the special offer for less than the cost of a good lunch. Apply for it here and confirm your appointments. Apply for Your Bio-Dynamic Diagnosis Today! It will definitely save Your Life!

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